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Published on
January 18, 2024
Last updated
March 13, 2024

What do customers think about OptiContacts.com?

OptiContacts.com's reputation, as constructed from recent customer reviews, skews positively with several instances of commendation for their customer service team's responsiveness and effectiveness. Customers appreciate the staff's willingness to rectify issues swiftly, as seen in cases where shipments were lost or delayed – the company evidently prioritizes customer satisfaction by expediting replacements at no additional cost. A recurring theme is the ease of resolving incorrect prescriptions, thanks to knowledgeable service representatives who not only explain the issue but also interact with doctors for correction. However, inconsistencies in handling order cancellations and some delivery hiccups, particularly with subscription services and expedited shipping expectations, suggest areas where operational improvements could further enhance the customer experience. Overall, the firm exhibits a strong commitment to providing value through competitive pricing and bonus items with purchases, which contributes positively to its market standing.

Positive Feedback

Positive feedback for OptiContacts.com is largely centered around three main areas. Firstly, the customer service stands out as exceptional, with specific compliments directed at the helpfulness and knowledge of their representatives, who go above and beyond to resolve issues such as incorrect prescriptions and shipping errors. Secondly, the competitive pricing is frequently mentioned, highlighting the company's ability to provide the best market rates for contact lenses, potentially coupled with free additional items, such as sunglasses. Finally, the agility of their service in responding to unexpected customer needs, like expedited orders, and correcting ordering mistakes, underpins the positive customer experience. These aspects reinforce the company’s image as a customer-centered business with a sharp focus on service quality and affordability.

Concerns and Threads

Despite the favorable reviews for OptiContacts.com, some negative aspects are highlighted that could tarnish the customer experience. Issues with the subscription service are frequent, mentioning problems such as difficulty in cancelling and unauthorized shipments and charges. These point toward a potential weakness in communication or system automation. Moreover, there are concerns over inconsistent follow-ups from customer service, particularly in cases requiring returns or adjustments of orders, which creates frustration among clients who expect prompt and attentive support. Lastly, the delivery service mishaps, including delays and lack of updates on expedited shipments, appear to be a pain point, detracting from the company's otherwise well-received offerings.

Frequently asked questions about OptiContacts.com

What happens if I receive the wrong prescription for my contacts from OptiContacts?

If you receive an incorrect prescription, contact OptiContacts customer service. They are known for their knowledgeable staff who can assist in rectifying the issue, including liaising with your doctor to ensure you receive the correct prescription.

Does OptiContacts offer competitive pricing on contact lenses?

Yes, OptiContacts is frequently mentioned in reviews for offering some of the best prices on the market, often including additional bonus items with orders, such as a free pair of sunglasses.

What can I do if I need to expedite an order with OptiContacts?

You can contact their customer service to request expedited shipping. Past reviews suggest that the company is accommodating in moving up delivery schedules when possible, to meet urgent customer needs.

What are customers saying about OptiContacts.com

2024-01-17 18:18:19 +00:00
I have received wonderful customer service. Through the years, only once I didn't receive my contacts as expected. I'm not sure what actually happened, but upon calling, a kind woman looked into the hold up. I was informed there was a problem with USPS shipping. I never received the "lost" package, but regardless, a box of contacts was expedited to me via FedEx at no extra cost, and I recieved the contacts in two days.
Camily Toscano
2024-01-18 02:48:13 +00:00
I’ve been ordering from OptiContacts for a few years now, they have the best price on the market for the contacts I use. I accidentally ordered the wrong prescription and they handled the situation perfectly! One easy and quick phone call later , they sent me the return label and got the correct prescription on order!
2024-01-17 13:19:13 +00:00
My prescription was written in negative power instead of positive power by the technician at my doctor's office. When I received my contacts they were completely wrong for me. The kind, knowledgeable person (Alexandra?) I spoke to at OptiContacts customer service spent a great deal of time explaining why my prescription was incorrect and then called my doctor's office to get it corrected. She followed up and told me that my contacts would be replaced with the correct prescription. I can't say enough about the customer service I received! I've already shared this story with all of my friends who wear contacts so they, too, can try OptiContacts.
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