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As of Apr 17, 2024, 155 customers have reviewed this business and rated it 4.9 Star out of 5. The following report provides an in-depth analysis of customer reviews collected.

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Clouds's customer reviews analysis

The collective customer feedback for Clouds indicates a strongly positive reputation with a high level of customer satisfaction. The store is characterized by the diversity and quality of its merchandise which includes insense sticks, bath products, crystals, essential oils, and various spiritual and tranquility-focused items. Notable also is the recurring appreciation for the Customer Service quality, reflecting well-informed, friendly, and helpful staff. Customers frequently praise the shop's atmosphere, describing it as calming and relaxing, providing an oasis within a bustling environment. Many customers appear to be repeat visitors, which demonstrates the store's ability to retain customer loyalty through both service and product offerings. Furthermore, the company's ability to provide free samples is perceived as a value-add, enticing customers to return. The store's presence both online and in Manchester suggests an accessible and convenient experience for a variety of customers.

Positive Feedback

Positive customer experiences at Clouds are largely driven by the store's wide array of quality products ranging from incense and essential oils to bath bombs and crystals. The products cater to a demographic interested in spirituality, tranquility, and self-love items, making the store a niche haven. Customers repeatedly express satisfaction with the array of unique and quirky items, which appears to be a significant draw for the store. The reviews also highlight an exceptional level of customer service, marked by staff who are not only friendly and polite but also knowledgeable and willing to assist with inquiries. Prompt service, both in-store and online, further contributes to the positive feedback. The quick and beautifully packed delivery of online orders underscores their effective ecommerce capability. A standout aspect is the relaxed and calming atmosphere of the shop, offering a respite from the outside world, which is a consistent thread in the evaluations of the store experience.

Concerns and Threads

While the reviews provided are overwhelmingly positive, there are limited details on negative aspects, suggesting that any such feedback is minimal or non-existent among the reviews shared. It may be that any concerns are not prominent or frequent enough to be reflected in the evaluations. One indirect concern could be related to customer spending; a review mentions spending 'way more' than expected, which could imply that customers might sometimes feel carried away due to the appealing array of products. However, this sentiment is presented in a positive context, with the customer feeling that the expenditure was 'worth it'. Without more insights into negative experiences, potential areas for improvement within the company's operation or customer service approach remain unclear.

Frequently asked questions about Clouds

Do the products at Clouds cater to specific interests or lifestyles?

Yes, Clouds offers a wide variety of products that are particularly appealing to those interested in spirituality, self-care, and tranquility. Items including crystals, essential oils, incense, and spirituality-focused books are popular among customers seeking these themes.

Can I purchase products from Clouds if I'm not located in Manchester?

Certainly. Clouds offers an online shopping platform where a variety of their products are available for purchase. They provide quick and efficient delivery services that are complemented by careful packaging.

What is the customer service experience like at Clouds?

Customer service at Clouds is frequently described as excellent. Staff members are knowledgeable, friendly, and willing to assist with customer inquiries. The consistent positive feedback on the staff's helpfulness suggests a dedication to a high standard of customer care both in-store and online.

Recent customer reviews and testimonials for Clouds

2 months ago
Amazing staff. Amazing products. Great quality. Me and my partner came in today and purchased a whole basket of insesnce sticks. Got some free samples which I might add are extremely addictive and yes we will absolutely be back for more. Lots of love, so happy we found you. We will never use anyone else ever again. If you haven't been to this shop, get there, you won't regret it. <3
Sean. D.
4 months ago
Clouds is an oasis of calm in a mad world. The main reason I go is the extensive range of Bomb products, bath bombs, hand crafted soap etc. They have a large range of wax melts, oils, joss stick and cones plus an amazing array of burners and holders for them. There is a huge collection of crystals and ornamental objects which I find fascinating. The staff are outstanding and knowledgeable. I would heartily recommend a visit if you're in town. It's simply the best shop there.
Emma-Rose Logan
4 months ago
Fantastic range of products, brilliant for gift buying or personal use items. Fantastic to see a store like this in Manchester outside Afflecks. Staff are always friendly, chatty and helpful.
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We're a family run fragrance and gift shop based in Walkden in Manchester and we love what we do! We stock a wide range of unique items and gift ideas, including fragranced candles and scented wax melts, crystals and healing stones, incense sticks and essential oils, holistic and spiritual gifts... and much, much more!