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As of Mar 15, 2024, 536 customers have reviewed this business and rated it 4.7 Star out of 5. The following report provides an in-depth analysis of customer reviews collected.

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City Residential's customer reviews analysis

An analytical review of customer testimonials indicates that City Residential has established a strong reputation for offering professional and responsive service across different facets of property transactions, including purchasing, renting, and property management. Clients consistently commend the personalized support they receive, which seems to be a mix of proactive communication and efficient handling of paperwork and maintenance issues. Positive experiences center on helpful staff members who are routinely acknowledged by name, suggesting that the agency places a strong emphasis on individual customer care. There appears to be an appreciation for the company’s efficiency in finding tenants and the ease of onboarding processes for new landlords. Long-term clients, such as international fund managers, have expressed gratitude for years of satisfactory service, illustrating a level of trust and consistency in the company's operations.

Positive Feedback

City Residential’s positive feedback is underpinned by several key aspects of customer experience. Evidently, the company excels in maintaining proactive and frequent communication with clients, keeping them informed and involved throughout their property dealings. The staff, including Sam, Joanne, Harry, Cindy, Stephen, Sophie, Mia, and Shola, receive specific recognition for their professional and kind demeanor. Their quick responsiveness and thorough support during viewings, management, and transition processes are particularly noted. Additionally, City Residential's ability to quickly match landlords with tenants is highlighted as a distinctive strength. Their adept handling of the technicalities of property management, such as obtaining legal certificates and facilitating repairs, further endorses their competency. These consistent narratives of positive interactions suggest the agency’s dedication to ensuring a hassle-free and supportive experience.

Concerns and Threads

While the majority of the reviews for City Residential are decidedly positive, the dataset provided lacks any overt negative feedback from customers. Without such critiques, it is difficult to offer a balanced analysis of potential shortcoming areas or specific complaints that the company might need to address. As no customer experience is universally perfect, the absence of negative reviews in the provided dataset might suggest that clients who may have had less than satisfactory experiences with the company might not have publicly shared their feedback, or that such feedback was not included in the dataset. Therefore, it is recommended to seek additional data sources for a complete understanding of any potential drawbacks of the company's services.

Frequently asked questions about City Residential

What types of property services does City Residential offer?

City Residential provides a range of services including property purchasing, renting, and property management. They assist with legal compliance, repairs, and tenant matchmaking.

How does City Residential handle communication with clients?

Clients report that City Residential maintains proactive and responsive communication. They keep clients regularly updated on their transactions and are quick to respond to emails and queries.

Are the staff at City Residential helpful and knowledgeable?

According to customer reviews, the staff at City Residential, such as Sam, Joanne, Cindy, Stephen, and Shola, are frequently mentioned for their professionalism, kindness, and expertise in property matters.

Recent customer reviews and testimonials for City Residential

City Residential
Rob Ashfield
a month ago
I recently purchased a property in Liverpool city centre and received excellent service from Sam, Joanne and Harry at the City Residential team. They were extremely helpful, responsive and proactive in keeping me updated, as well as friendly! I would certainly look to them for any future transactions and recommend them to others.
City Residential
Firas Mourtada
3 months ago
I have been renting through City Residential for over a year now, and my experience with them have been very satisfactory. They are very professional, responsive, and cooperative, and while every member of the team that I have worked with was great, I have to specifically mention Cindy who's been extremely helpful in all my viewing with City Residential (I had so many viewings with them). She has been very professional and proactive; always going above and beyond, and taking the initiative in helping us find the right apartment. I would highly recommend working with them.
City Residential
Victor Flaviu
5 months ago
I've recently started letting out my flat. First time landlord and I didn't really know where to start. City Residential have made it very easy for me. They dealt with getting the landlord licence, the electricity certificate for compliance, arranging a few minor repairs; they found a tenant in literally 1 day and just made it easy overall. The people I've dealt with Stephen and Sophie) have both been friendly and professional. They have been quick to respond to my emails, so I'm very happy with the service and so are the tenants.
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About City Residential

Property Management
City Residential are the largest and most well known Liverpool City Centre Estate Agents and City Centre Letting Agents. We are based in the heart of Liverpool city centre operating from our modern 3,000 sq ft showroom/office which is located opposite the Shankly Hotel on Victoria Street. We manage over 600 apartments and have sold over 5,000 properties in the city since being established in 2000. We have a team of over 16 staff and a management team with over 100 years experience. We are members of all the relevant professional bodies including Propertymark ARLA and NAEA. We are proud of our reputation as the leading Liverpool city centre residential agent.