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What do customers say about Christian Brothers Automotive Midway?

As of Feb 17, 2024, 886 customers have reviewed this business and rated it 4.8 Star out of 5. The following report provides an in-depth analysis of customer reviews collected.

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February 17, 2024
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March 13, 2024

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Christian Brothers Automotive Midway's customer reviews analysis

Reviewing the customer testimonials for Christian Brothers Automotive Midway reveals a clear pattern of appreciation towards the company's customer service and efficiency. Customers regularly highlight the staff's friendliness, politeness, and professionalism, which resonate as a significant factor contributing to positive experiences. The convenience offered by the shuttle service is often praised, alongside the company's ability to deliver quick and seamless service. However, a notable concern regarding parking and access, particularly due to area construction, has been mentioned. Another point of contention for some customers pertains to the pricing, which may be considered high relative to competing service shops. Despite the largely positive sentiment, there has been an isolated incident of questionable service where a customer challenged the necessity and cost of recommended brake services.

Positive Feedback

Positive customer feedback for Christian Brothers Automotive Midway is largely centered around their superior customer service, efficiency, and reliable shuttle service. Customers describe interactions with staff as highly accommodating, with commendations for the professionalism witnessed across various touchpoints. The expedience and convenience of service are particularly lauded, as customers value same-day solutions and appreciate the seamless process from vehicle drop-off to pick-up. There’s a sense of trust fostered by the transparency in diagnostics and communication, which, coupled with competitive pricing for some, augments the reputation for integrity. For repeat customers, the consistency in service quality over time is noteworthy.

Concerns and Threads

Despite the prevalent positive feedback, Christian Brothers Automotive Midway faces criticism on a few fronts, primarily concerning their pricing and service integrity. A minority of customers perceive their diagnostic and repair costs to be steep when compared to other service shops. This notion becomes even more poignant when customers receive contrasting service recommendations and prices from different shops, casting doubt on the necessity and fairness of the services proposed. Additionally, issues with parking and ease of access due to the single narrow drive and external construction contribute to a less than ideal overall customer experience. Such logistical challenges may serve as a deterrent for potential new customers.

Frequently asked questions about Christian Brothers Automotive Midway

Does Christian Brothers Automotive Midway offer a shuttle service?

Yes, Christian Brothers Automotive Midway offers a shuttle service that can take customers to their work or home and pick them up once their vehicles are serviced.

Are diagnostic services at Christian Brothers Automotive Midway free of charge?

Diagnostic services may incur a fee, but in some instances, such as when the issue is identified as a recall problem, the diagnostics may be offered at no charge.

How does Christian Brothers Automotive Midway compare to other service shops in terms of pricing?

The pricing at Christian Brothers Automotive Midway can be higher than some other service shops, as some customers have noted. It is recommended that potential customers inquire about service costs beforehand and perhaps get a second opinion if uncertain.

Recent customer reviews and testimonials for Christian Brothers Automotive Midway

Christian Brothers Automotive Midway
Wade Callender
a month ago
I had a fantastic experience. My car displayed an engine light and I dropped my car the next day after located them through a Google search. The convenience of their shuttle service to my job and the pick-up after my car was completed was truly exceptional. The staff exhibited excellent customer service, being not only friendly but also very polite. It’s refreshing to receive such top-notch service in the auto care industry. Highly recommended for their efficiency and customer-focused approach.
Christian Brothers Automotive Midway
Tracy McFadden
3 weeks ago
The service and professionalism are absolutely excellent. They communicated well and performed the diagnostics and work quickly and efficiently. I will return to CB but may find one with better parking and access. The parking and access are nerve wracking. They are too busy to have one long narrow drive. Maybe when the construction in the area is done access will be easier.
Christian Brothers Automotive Midway
Danna Houk
a month ago
The entire experience. Reed was very accommodating from the beginning, helping me get to the shop when I could not reach the tow company, arriving very quickly, getting me an estimate quickly and same-day service. They took me to work and then picked me up when my vehicle was finished. The entire process was seamless. I have never had a better experience with any auto-repair shop in 30 years. 10/10 highly recommend.
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Since 1982, Christian Brothers Automotive has sought to change the way customers think about auto service by providing knowledgeable, honest, and genuine car repairs. For over 36 years and across 29 states our guiding principle of “Love Your Neighbor As Yourself” has pathed the way for exemplary customer service. Every guest is approached with transparency, integrity, and compassion to make auto repair easy for every car owner! For auto repair services you can trust, choose Christian Brothers Automotive