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As of Jan 10, 2024, 1175 customers have reviewed this business and rated it 4.9 Star out of 5. The following report provides an in-depth analysis of customer reviews collected.

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Carpet Bright Uk's customer reviews analysis

The collection of reviews for Carpet Bright UK reveals a highly favorable company reputation, marked by numerous instances of customer satisfaction regarding service quality, technician professionalism, and outcomes of the cleaning processes. Customers routinely praise the technicians by name, suggesting a personalized touch and accountability, and note the transformation in cleanliness of their carpets and upholstery. While the majority of feedback is positive, highlighting punctuality, courteous behavior, expertise, as well as the effectiveness of the cleaning services, there are concerns regarding service booking protocols and clarity of pricing. A pattern of dissatisfaction exists where expectations regarding service scheduling, response to customer issues, and additional service costs were not effectively managed. These negative experiences, however, seem to be exceptions rather than the rule.

Positive Feedback

Positive feedback from Carpet Bright UK's clientele primarily centers on the professionalism and expertise of its technicians. Customers express appreciation for the technicians' punctuality, attention to detail, and willingness to go above and beyond in providing advice and addressing difficult stains. The technicians are often referenced by name in the reviews, emphasizing a sense of personal investment in the job performed. Additionally, clients frequently report that the finished results meet or exceed their expectations, with carpets, sofas, and rugs described as looking 'like new' after cleaning. The ability of the technicians to effectively remove odors and stains, including those caused by pets, is a repeatedly commended aspect of the service.

Concerns and Threads

Critical feedback for Carpet Bright UK highlights several areas for potential improvement. Some customers report frustration with the administrative aspects of the service, such as difficulty in booking appointments, a lack of prompt communication via email, and inadequate confirmation procedures for scheduled services. The incident of a forgotten appointment amidst an unforeseen personal emergency underscores the need for a more accommodating customer service approach, especially when addressing unique circumstances. Furthermore, the issue of transparency around pricing is brought up, with a customer perceiving the offer of additional protective treatments as a 'cheeky' hidden cost, rather than a value-added option. Lastly, there is a narrative of comparison implying that competitors may be offering better service or results, suggesting that Carpet Bright UK could benefit from a thorough analysis of market competition.

Frequently asked questions about Carpet Bright Uk

Does Carpet Bright UK offer any guarantees for stain removal?

Carpet Bright UK has numerous customer testimonials commending their ability to remove tough stains and odors. While specific guarantees aren't mentioned in the reviews provided, customer satisfaction with stain removal is a recurring theme.

Can I expect my furniture to be moved during the cleaning process?

Some reviews specifically mention technicians assisting with moving pieces of furniture that were too heavy for the customer, suggesting that they provide service beyond just cleaning, although this may depend on the individual technician or the company's policies.

Is response time to customer issues an area where Carpet Bright UK can improve?

Based on the feedback, Carpet Bright UK does seem to face challenges in regard to responding promptly to customer communications, particularly emails. This has been a point of dissatisfaction for some clients and could be an area of improvement for the company.

Recent customer reviews and testimonials for Carpet Bright Uk

Carpet Bright Uk
julia fox
4 days ago
John did an amazing job to clean my carpets. He arrived on time and was polite and courteous. I would definitely recommend this company again!! My carpets look like new. Thank you so much John.
Carpet Bright Uk
Jen D
a month ago
It was quite easy to book an appointment we had to wait about 3 weeks to get our carpet cleaned. The guy came with all his equipment. He had to leave the door open and that day it was pretty cold. He used our water from the kitchen no issues with that. Our carpet was brownish yellow when he finished his job. Thought my carpet was maybe used despite we have been in our new house for 2 years and half. We had our sofa cleaned as well and 2 chairs who were left dirty. I put few pictures. I noticed the day afterwards and called the agency. I had to phone few times because they weren’t responding to my email. After 3 phone calls, I booked another appointment. This time, they didn’t send me any appointment to confirm my appointment. 10days after on the day, we were stock at airport due for strike. Our fly were delayed about 3 days and on the day we were under strike. Due to all this agitation, I forgot about this appointment. After explaining our circumstances, they wanted to charge us £60 for coming and doing the work. As well, on the day the guy asked if we wanted a protection on our carpet. After paying about £200 plus I said no because thought that would be included in the price. Thought it was a bit cheeky from the company. We know use Experts cleaning in Milton Keynes. The next day, they came and cleaned my carpet. And it came like how we bought the house like new. Glad I trusted my gut and use another independent business.
Carpet Bright Uk
Simon West
2 months ago
Alvin was fantastic! A brilliant service from start to finish, with tips/ tricks and going beyond the extra mile, including removing hot glue from the carpet - it’s SO much better. The next time I need a carpet cleaning, I’m asking for him personally. Highly recommend. He even let me borrow his phone tripod so we could record a time lapse! Thanks so much Services: Carpet steam cleaning, Upholstery cleaning, General carpet cleaning
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Carpet Bright UK are the most recommended carpet cleaning business in the South East of England. Located in the heart of Bromley, Kent, we offer exceptional carpet and rug cleaning, curtain and upholstery cleaning services to domestic and commercial customers across London, Kent, Surrey, East Sussex, West Sussex, Essex, Hertfordshire and Buckinghamshire.