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Published on
January 25, 2024
Last updated
March 13, 2024

What do customers think about Camden Beauty Spa?

Camden Beauty Spa's reputation from recent customer feedback appears predominantly positive with some areas requiring attention. Customers repeatedly commend the service quality, notably the laser hair removal treatments, the skill and attention to detail of the manicurists, and the friendly and supportive staff. Reviews emphasize the personalized care provided by staff members, such as therapists willingly executing custom nail designs and offering informative assistance for first-timers. The positive atmosphere and cleanliness add to the favorable customer experience. However, notable concerns were raised regarding the unexpected price increase for a regular service, which led at least one long-term customer to reconsider their loyalty. Additionally, the temperature in treatment rooms has been mentioned as uncomfortably cold, which, despite being explained as necessary for equipment operation, detracted from the overall comfort of the sessions.

Positive Feedback

Positive aspects of Camden Beauty Spa include the staff's professionalism and friendliness, the quality of manicures with durability and customization options, and the effectiveness of laser hair removal treatments for numerous clients. The spa seems to excel in providing a comfortable and assuring environment, especially important for those new to the experience. Regular customers have shown high appreciation for the therapist's approach to beauty and skincare, such as providing thorough aftercare advice. These experiences culminate in both client satisfaction and repeat visitation. Rooms and machinery are praised for their cleanliness and design, which further highlights their commitment to a quality customer experience.

Concerns and Threads

The key negative aspects revolve around pricing and comfort during treatments. A sudden significant price increase for laser treatments has caused dissatisfaction among some clients, who perceive it as unfair and a reason to seek services elsewhere. This highlights a concern for the spa's transparency and customer retention strategies. Furthermore, the temperature within the spa has been described as uncomfortably cold, which undermines the comfort of clients despite being a technical necessity. These negative experiences may impact the overall reputation of Camden Beauty Spa and could suggest the need for better communication with clients regarding price changes and how to maintain comfort during services.

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What are customers saying about Camden Beauty Spa

Camden Beauty Spa
3 months ago
I didn't expect my first manicure experience was in the UK! The manicurists here are so patient and lovely, I asked for a yin-yang symbol ☯️ on my thumb, and she immediately painted it for me! Even added cute jams🤩 Have a great time at Camden Beauty Shop!
Camden Beauty Spa
Tirza Saenz
3 months ago
Started doing underarms, legs and hollywood. On my second session but I can already see a difference ❤️ Therapists are all very sweet and kind. The only thing is the rooms can get quite cold ( therapists explained its to keep the machine running smoothly) so I would recommend bringing a sweater. Also did my nails with Andi, super pretty colors!
Camden Beauty Spa
Jaylia Tian
3 months ago
I’ve been coming here for just under a year now and I’m thrilled with the service I’ve received. I’ve had 8 sessions of laser hair removal on my arms and I haven't thought about shaving for months (gel is cold and uncomfortable)! I’ve recently did my nails with Marcsi here and received many compliments! :) Services: Acrylic nails, Laser hair removal
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Camden Beauty Spa is the epitome of quality and convenience. We understand that time is precious, so we make having Beauty & Medical Spa treatments easy, offering the possibility to have treatments early mornings and late evenings, seven days a week, with no-appointment-needed services and access to online bookings.