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As of Feb 28, 2024, 380 customers have reviewed this business and rated it 4.7 Star out of 5. The following report provides an in-depth analysis of customer reviews collected.

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Broken Clock Cafe & Patisserie's customer reviews analysis

Broken Clock Cafe & Patisserie enjoys a reputation as a hidden gem in Glasgow, distinguished by its impressive selection of pastries and warm ambiance. Praise is specifically directed at the quality and taste of its baked goods, with items like the pastrami sandwich, Mexican chicken sandwich, and various croissants being highlighted as particularly noteworthy. The cafe's aesthetic design and comfortable atmosphere contribute positively to the customer experience, further enhanced by friendly staff and commendable service. An important aspect of the experience noted by several customers is the value for money and reasonable pricing despite some perceptions of premium costs. However, some negative feedback addresses the lack of filling in some pastries, inconsistencies in the freshness of the selections later in the day, and an occasional lack of atmosphere within the establishment.

Positive Feedback

Customers frequently celebrate the high quality of the pastries, with the white chocolate and pistachio croissant, and the cardamom bun receiving special mentions. The craftsmanship and flavor profile of the cakes are also points of high praise. Aside from the delights of the menu, the cafe's ambiance is described as cozy and aesthetically pleasing, promoting a peaceful environment for dining alone or with companions. Furthermore, the staff at Broken Clock Cafe & Patisserie are noted for their friendly and helpful service, contributing to an overall positive guest experience. The fact that the cafe is dog friendly also enhances its appeal to animal lovers. These aspects collectively paint Broken Clock Cafe & Patisserie as an establishment that prioritizes quality and customer satisfaction.

Concerns and Threads

While the cafe receives much acclaim, certain shortcomings are apparent from customer reviews. One customer's experience with an insufficiently filled pistachio croissant that was also served cold detracts from the general satisfaction with the baked goods. The concern of goods not being freshly available throughout the day has been raised, indicating inconsistency that could affect the cafe's reputation among more discerning patrons. The cafe's atmosphere, although generally found to be bright and clean, is perceived by some as lacking, which might impact the establishment's charm for individuals who value a vibrant atmosphere. Additionally, the refusal to heat sandwiches and Danish was not well-received by at least one customer, signaling a possible area of customer service that could be improved.

Frequently asked questions about Broken Clock Cafe & Patisserie

What are the popular items at Broken Clock Cafe & Patisserie?

Popular items include their pastrami sandwich, Mexican chicken sandwich, various croissants, cardamom bun, and their assortment of cakes, all praised for their rich flavors and artistry.

Is the cafe dog-friendly?

Yes, Broken Clock Cafe & Patisserie is dog-friendly, allowing patrons to enjoy their offerings in the company of their pets.

Are the items at Broken Clock Cafe & Patisserie considered reasonably priced?

Opinions on pricing differ among customers, but the consensus is that, despite some items being perceived as pricey, the quality of the food justifies the expense. Customers generally find the prices to be reasonable for the value they receive.

Recent customer reviews and testimonials for Broken Clock Cafe & Patisserie

Broken Clock Cafe & Patisserie
Ahmed Alrowaili
a month ago
Just around the corner of great western road this hidden gem serves one of the best patisseries in town. Try the pastrami sandwich and the mexican chicken sandwich as well as the cinammon roll. They never failed to impress me. The place is cute and the prices are decent
Broken Clock Cafe & Patisserie
Dennis Smalley
3 months ago
Excellent small patisserie/ cafe on Park Rd just off Gt Western Rd.near Kelvinbridge. Emphasis is on small, around 10 tables with a cosy atmosphere , Friendly staff and really good service. A lovely Cinnamon bun and a Flat white coffee cost around £6.50. No blaring music, so great for peace and quiet, if you are either alone or with company.
Broken Clock Cafe & Patisserie
Karyna Terepishcha
4 months ago
The place looks very aesthetic and cozy. I ordered a pistachio croissant, I expected some filling, but there was nothing inside of the croissant, 6/10, because it was cold. Compared to the croissant, the coffee was good!🌸
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