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Published on
January 18, 2024
Last updated
March 13, 2024

What do customers think about brightspeed.com?

The accumulation of customer reviews for Brightspeed.com indicates a tarnished reputation facing the company, primarily due to inconsistent service quality and customer support challenges. Consistent complaints focus on service interruptions following storms, an array of unresolved technical issues, protracted internet outages, and a general decrease in internet performance post-acquisition from CenturyLink. Moreover, interactions with customer service representatives are repeatedly characterized as frustrating, with language barriers and ineffective solutions—such as the classic modem reset—contributing to customer dissatisfaction. On a positive note, when technicians do arrive, they are praised for their professionalism and ability to rectify problems. However, this is overshadowed by the overarching difficulty in scheduling timely technician visits and the customer service's apparent ineffectiveness in expediently resolving service disruptions and communication issues.

Positive Feedback

Parsing through the customer feedback for Brightspeed.com reveals a consistent commendation of field technicians' professionalism, politeness, and technical skills. Customers appreciate the technicians' explanations, their diligence in performing installations even under adverse weather conditions, and their verified effort to ensure service functionality before departure. The literal hands-on service from these technicians is portrayed as a stark contrast to the otherwise disappointing Brightspeed experience and serves as the singular high point in an array of reviews otherwise marred by frustration and dissatisfaction.

Concerns and Threads

A critical analysis of the negatives in customer feedback for Brightspeed.com exposes severe deficiencies in their service and support. The reviews highlight frequent service outages, exacerbated by a perceived lack of proactive support from customer service representatives, who struggle to communicate effectively with customers. The transition from the previous provider to Brightspeed is notably marked by a decrease in internet speeds, with peak usage times leaving customers unable to perform bandwidth-intensive tasks. The process of scheduling service calls and technician visits is criticized for its inefficiency and inconsideration for customer time, further fuelling the perception of a company struggling to meet its service obligations.

Frequently asked questions about brightspeed.com

How reliable is Brightspeed's internet service post-storm or in inclement weather?

Based on customer reviews, Brightspeed's internet service may face reliability issues during and after storms, with some customers experiencing prolonged outages that require multiple technician visits for resolution.

What can I expect from Brightspeed's customer service team when facing service issues?

Customers have reported mixed experiences with customer service. While technicians receive praise for their skill and helpfulness, the customer service team has been criticized for lack of effective communication and efficient problem-solving, often leading to frustrating service calls.

Has the transition from CenturyLink to Brightspeed impacted the quality of internet service?

Some customers have observed a decline in internet performance since Brightspeed acquired CenturyLink, noting slower internet speeds and difficulty streaming during peak hours, suggesting a potential negative impact on service quality.

What are customers saying about brightspeed.com

Daniel Sellers
2024-01-17 23:01:51 +00:00
(NO GOOD HIGHLY RECOMMEND ANOTHER PROVIDER) I have had brightspeed from the day they changed there name.Worked well when they hook my connection for 6 months till the first storm come threw and knocked it out. I have had 5 Technician come out in the last year. Somehow everyone of them make it worse and then tell you it's fix or they don't see anything wrong crappie service. Someone really needs to put such a terrible company out of business. My wife works from home online and has done nothing but loose money because of the lack of effort brightspeed puts forth to their customers. I 2000% recommend finding another internet service before choosing brightspeed. Google fi stare link heck Hughsnet is probably better I'm beyond frustrated with them.
Jeremy Gonis
2024-01-17 03:42:40 +00:00
Mixed experience. While the problem was resolved, the entire experience was a zero star review. I was without internet for 13 days. Every time I would call, I’d get the runaround on if there was anything wrong, get told there wasn’t an outage, or there was an outage and scheduled a service call. Every phone representative was super unhelpful. Shoutout to the tech (Paul) that finally called me at 4:00 today to let me know it was fixed and what the problem actually was. He’s literally the only reason I marked this 5 stars.
2024-01-16 05:31:07 +00:00
Internet slowed down considerably after Brightspeed bought my previous provider centurylink. Same Modem, same fiber cables, same price, and worse internet. Can’t stream movies anytime after 8:00pm and it’s the only thing using internet in my house.
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