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What do customers say about Brasserie Zédel?

As of Jan 09, 2024, 8142 customers have reviewed this business and rated it 4.5 Star out of 5. The following report provides an in-depth analysis of customer reviews collected.

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March 13, 2024

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Brasserie Zédel's customer reviews analysis

Brasserie Zédel showcases a reputation for providing a consistent dining experience with an appealing atmosphere, often underscored by live jazz music, and food that is generally well-regarded in terms of quality and presentation. Customers frequently praise the restaurant's ambiance, which is described as both 'opulent' and authentically French, enhancing the overall experience. Furthermore, the selection of dishes, particularly the Halibut, French staples like escargot, and desserts, receives specific commendation, although there is a call for a broader range of non-meat options. Nonetheless, certain aspects have attracted criticism, such as pricing – with both the cost of wine and a mandatory service charge being highlighted as points of contention. Some feedback also points to variability in the service quality and some dishes falling short of expectations. Overall, despite these criticisms, the volume of repeat patronage and recommendations underscores a largely positive reputation, with value for money being perceived as reasonable, especially given the central London location.

Positive Feedback

Positive feedback for Brasserie Zédel tends to focus on the restaurant's vibrant atmosphere and live music, which contributes to a dynamic and enjoyable dining experience. Customers express high regard for the quality and preparation of the food, notably praising dishes such as the perfectly cooked Halibut, the flavorful coq au vin, and indulgent desserts. The interior's opulence and the establishment's nod to classic French aesthetic have been appreciated, offering diners an immersive and authentic ambience. Reviews reflect a belief that the restaurant provides good value for money, and the prix fixe menu is highlighted as a particularly cost-effective option offering high-quality cuisine. The central location of the restaurant, coupled with its connection to French culinary tradition and the consistent quality of both food and setting, appears to be key drivers of customer satisfaction.

Concerns and Threads

Despite the positive aspects, Brasserie Zédel receives some criticism that can mildly tarnish its overall customer experience. Some guests have found the pricing, particularly for wine and the mandatory 15% service charge, to be higher than expected, which could deter those seeking a more traditional French brasserie pricing experience. The service, while generally good, has been reported as inconsistent, with at least one instance where the staff's attentiveness was questioned following an accident involving a customer. In terms of the menu, portions are occasionally perceived as small considering the price, and a desire for a greater variety of non-meat options has been expressed. Lastly, some dishes, like the cumin roasted carrots and dauphinois potatoes, were described as underwhelming, indicating room for improvement in the culinary execution for certain items.

Frequently asked questions about Brasserie Zédel

What is the price range at Brasserie Zédel, and is it considered good value for the location?

The price range at Brasserie Zédel is described as moderately priced by London standards, particularly given its central location near Piccadilly Circus. Reviews suggest that the prix fixe menu offers an affordable option, and diners are generally satisfied with the value for money.

Does Brasserie Zédel offer live music or entertainment?

Yes, Brasserie Zédel enhances its dining experience with live jazz music, contributing to a lively and authentic atmosphere reminiscent of a French brasserie.

Are there vegetarian or non-meat options available at Brasserie Zédel?

While Brasserie Zédel's menu includes classic French cuisine, some reviews suggest that the non-meat options are limited, though available. Customers have indicated a desire for the restaurant to expand its vegetarian and non-meat offerings.

Recent customer reviews and testimonials for Brasserie Zédel

Brasserie Zédel
Table 8
4 weeks ago
Always safe and reliable to eat at Brasserie Zédel so a strong four stars. Without further ado … Here’s what I liked: • Always a great atmosphere • Service generally good • Food consistent (this time I had the Halibut which was cooked perfectly and two portions of fries as they’re that good!) • The bread at the start is always moreish. This time it was warm and crisp. Very nice. • Great to host guests • Pleasant (live) jazz music • The desserts What I didn’t like: • Wine prices are too high. From £15 for a small glass is not in keeping with the French brasserie spirit at all. • Service whilst generally good can be hit and miss • Time to roll out a few more non meat options This is constructive criticism as I really enjoy going here and will continue to do so. Do I recommend going? YES Will I go again? YES Was it good value? YES Price point: $$ Excuse the photos- they don’t do the food justice but it was dark and ‘ambient’
Brasserie Zédel
Cory Gardner
2 days ago
This place is absolutely amazing! I would definitely make a reservation before going. I was lucky enough to get a seat at the bar. I got the 3 course meal and for the price, the quality was out of this world. If you’re in London, don’t pass this place up. Come for the food, stay for the live music.
Brasserie Zédel
a day ago
The food was amazing and well presented, the place looked so amazing! Everything about the place made me enjoy eating here. The reason for a 3 star is because my friend fell down the stairs and no staff members came up to her and helped her.
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Grand French art deco restaurant with classic brasserie dishes and choucroutes in 1930s building.