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Published on
February 11, 2024
Last updated
February 11, 2024

What customers think about Bowler Hat

The collective feedback on Bowler Hat indicates a highly reputable company that provides exceptional service in website design, development, and SEO management. Clients express a resounding satisfaction with Bowler Hat’s ability to deliver aesthetically pleasing, functional websites promptly and for reasonable fees. Customer experience is characterized by the attentiveness, professionalism, and patience of the staff, with special commendations for individuals such as Andrew, Marcus, and Teresa. Notably, the team members at Bowler Hat are praised for their expertise, responsiveness, and ability to work as an extension of the clients' teams. The process from conceptualization to final delivery is described as stress-free due to the seamless feedback mechanism, and clients report that Bowler Hat's advice is trustworthy and decisions are client-centered, with proactive suggestions against unnecessary services.


Customers consistently highlight various positive aspects of their interactions with Bowler Hat. The company is applauded for its ability to execute projects promptly, their attention to detail, and the remarkable ease of the entire process. The staff, particularly Andrew, Marcus, and Teresa, are credited for their patience, attentiveness, and responsiveness—qualities that contribute significantly to customer satisfaction. Andrew’s expert guidance and hands-on approach with clients ensure a product that aligns with customer expectations and industry best practices. Marcus's diagnostic skills and efficient problem-solving are also widely recognized, leading to improved website performance and customer education. Moreover, Teresa's extensive industry knowledge and warm customer approach instill confidence in clients regarding their SEO needs. The value of the free consultation offered is particularly noted, as it demonstrates Bowler Hat’s commitment to genuine customer service and integrity in business practices.


The reviews provided do not explicitly state negative experiences with Bowler Hat, resulting in a lack of identifiable issues or trends to be addressed from the data source. Clients maintain a positive tone throughout their feedback and continuously express high levels of satisfaction with Bowler Hat's services and staff. In the absence of negative reviews, it is challenging to highlight any areas of concern or aspects of the service that may require improvement. Consequently, prospective customers should consider seeking additional sources of feedback to ensure a comprehensive understanding of the company before making a purchase decision.

Frequently asked questions about Bowler Hat

How does Bowler Hat ensure that the website design process is smooth for the client?

Bowler Hat reportedly ensures a smooth design process by being attentive to client feedback, being detailed-oriented, and providing a stress-free feedback mechanism. Staff members like Andrew are commended for being patient and taking time to understand client needs, making the process positive and exciting.

Can Bowler Hat meet tight time-critical deadlines for web projects?

Yes, Bowler Hat is acknowledged for meeting tight time-critical deadlines with a positive and conscientious attitude. Reviews suggest that their team is professional and leverages their experience to ensure timely delivery.

Does Bowler Hat provide support after the completion of a web project?

While the provided reviews do not explicitly mention post-completion support, the overall satisfaction with the service and the mention of looking forward to continuing to work with Bowler Hat as an extension of their team implies ongoing support and maintenance may be part of their service offerings.

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Bowler Hat
Vicky Beercock
4 weeks ago
Thrilled with the work the team at Bowler Hat have delivered for us on our new website. The team have not only been superb to work with, the process has been a breeze from start to finish, they're all over the detail and quick to respond, they have the feedback process nailed with clients making it stress-free. The site is looking fantastic and was created in record time and for a very reasonable fee. Highly recommend giving them a shot. We look forward to continue to working with them as an extension of our team. Thanks team BH.
Bowler Hat
louisa Jane Interiors
2 weeks ago
WOW these chaps are so patient and responsive. Andrew has been an absolute star trying to understand what we want to achieve with the website. His skills and expertise have guided us through making the whole process positive and exciting. A huge thank you x
Bowler Hat
Gil Pugh
a month ago
We have been extremely impressed with the design and delivery of our website, from conceptual ideas through the build to hand over. The team at BowlerHat have been professional to work with and their experience meant that our time critical deadlines were always met with a positive and conscientious attitude. A pleasure to have worked with them.
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About Bowler Hat

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Bowler Hat is a digital marketing agency that specialises in helping small businesses get BIG RESULTS without breaking the bank. We have an affordable, no-nonsense, results orientated approach to marketing that is designed to save you time, reduce your cost and improve results - win, win, win. Services include: strategy & planning, digital marketing plan development, website design & development, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Search Engine Marketing with Google Ads PPC, Conversion Rate Optimisation and Analytics. We help you understand the marketplace, set clear goals, and create and execuate a marketing plan. No long contracts. No aggressive sales tactics. Just great work. For the right money. Digital Marketing Simplified.