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Published on
January 10, 2024
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March 13, 2024

What do customers think about Bond Construction?

Bond Construction appears to garner overwhelmingly positive reviews from customers who have utilized their services for various renovation projects, typically within residential settings, particularly in Manhattan. The praise frequently emphasizes the company's promptness, professionalism, and adherence to both time and budget constraints. Customers note the team's attention to detail, resourcefulness, and quality of work as standout attributes, highlighting the ability to manage complex co-op approval processes, provide clear and effective communication, and navigate unforeseen challenges. A recurring theme is the satisfaction with the end results and the ease of interaction with the company's owner, Ed, who is commended for his on-the-ball approach and continuous availability for consultation and updates. Despite the largely optimistic feedback, there is an instance of negative experience where improper installation led to a costly leak, indicating that while generally reliable, there may be occasional oversights in execution.

Positive Feedback

Customers frequently cite swift and clear communication as a defining positive quality, especially regarding updates and consultations provided by the company's owner, Ed. Bond Construction's ability to deliver projects on time and within budget is highly valued by clients, who also note the company's professional conduct during renovations and respect for both building rules and neighbors. The team's efficiency in completing various tasks, including several types of conversions and renovations, receives high marks. Customer satisfaction reflects the appreciation for the finesse in detail and overall work ethic, and the contractors' readiness to provide creative solutions to unexpected problems is especially appreciated. Clients who recommend Bond Construction underscore the positive outcomes of their investments in the company's services.

Concerns and Threads

Amidst the backdrop of favorable reviews, a singular account of dissatisfaction exists, revealing potential issues with the quality of some workmanship. Five years after a completed project, a customer experienced a leak due to what was described as inadequate installation practices concerning a shower base liner, resulting in a costly repair. This indicates that while Bond Construction generally upholds a high standard of quality, there might be isolated cases where attention to technical aspects demands improvement. Such incidents highlight the importance of post-service accountability and the possible need for enhanced scrutiny during project completion to prevent future recurrences of similar situations.

Frequently asked questions about Bond Construction

How does Bond Construction handle unforeseen challenges during renovation projects?

According to customer reviews, Bond Construction is adept at devising creative and effective solutions to unexpected issues that arise during renovations. They maintain clear and consistent communication with clients to navigate such challenges efficiently.

Can Bond Construction complete projects within a strict timeframe and budget?

Reviews consistently indicate that Bond Construction is capable of completing projects within the agreed timeframe and budget, with many clients reporting satisfaction in this regard and emphasizing the company's reliability on these fronts.

What level of professionalism can be expected from Bond Construction's crew during a project?

Customers report that Bond Construction's crew members are professional, friendly, and respectful of building rules and neighbors while on-site. The team's professionalism is commended along with their strong work ethic and high-quality results.

What are customers saying about Bond Construction

Bond Construction
4 years ago
We came across Bond Construction after a number of interactions with other contractors left us feeling frustrated. Ed showed up the day I reached out and came to the site to answer questions and prepare a quote. It was clear from the start that Bond Construction would be a perfect fit for this project. Ed was able to quickly navigate the arduous co-op approval process and provided guidance along the way. The project consisted of a fairly extensive renovation of a 2 bedroom co-op apartment in lower Manhattan. Bond Construction completed the following: new flooring throughout the entire apartment, patch/paint plaster walls and ceilings, skim coat where necessary, updated electrical work (fuse box to circuit breaker), open up a pass through between living room and kitchen, a complete kitchen gut and renovation, install all appliances, install cabinetry, install new baseboard and crown moldings, build two large decorative beams with recessed LED lighting in living room, remove pedestal sink and install new bathroom vanity. There are lots of other details I have left out but needless to say Ed and his team did an incredible job with this project. Ed was communicative throughout the renovation and his team was extremely resourceful, as they were able to come up with creative and effective solutions to any issues or unforeseen challenges that arose during the renovation. Everyone that worked on site was friendly, respectful of our building's rules, and our neighbors. Most importantly, the project was done ON TIME and ON BUDGET! We would highly recommend Ed and his team at Bond Construction and we look forward to working with them again in the future.
Bond Construction
lorenc nicaj
10 years ago
A friend of mine recommended Bond Construction since she had a positive experience using them. When I moved from my place in Manhattan I was in a hurry and do not really like painting so I knew I needed some assistance. I found the whole experience very positive. Their staff was professional and helpful and made my move very much less stressful! I wanted the walls in my apartment to be all painted the same color and to look nice and clean just the way they were when I first rented my place. They did a really great job and I was very satisfied! I highly recommend Bond Construction for all your apartment painting needs.
Bond Construction
Kris Lekaj
7 years ago
In my search for a general contractor, I hired Bond Construction to gut renovate my kitchen and bathroom as well as patch/paint walls throughout my apartment. Bond Construction did a terrific with the remodeling of my kitchen and bathroom. I am really pleased with their quality of work and the efficiency they offered throughout an enthusiastic working process. These guys are really good at what they do, and Ed is extremely easy to communicate with.
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