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Published on
March 21, 2024
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March 21, 2024

What do customers think about Biziq?

The analysis of BizIQ's customer feedback portrays a primarily positive company reputation, with a focus on their efficiency in SEO services, website design, and customer account management. Clients have celebrated the company's contribution to improving their business visibility and have lauded individual account managers for their attentiveness and professionalism. A theme of personalized service recurs, with account managers such as Nate Elliot, Andrew Sitz, Ashley Atkins, and Jared receiving praise for going beyond formalities and acting as business growth partners. Despite the compliments, there is a worrying mention of a negative experience regarding customer service, which includes substantial financial dissatisfaction and issues with service delivery including poor management of Meta ads and account turnover, suggesting that the company's rapid growth may come with challenges in consistency and reliability.

Positive Feedback

Positive customer experiences with BizIQ have been strongly influenced by effective SEO improvements, high-quality website creation, and exceptional account management. Customers have reported significant enhancements in business visibility, including achieving first-page rankings and increased business influx. Clients appreciate the responsive and action-oriented communication from BizIQ representatives, exemplified by the prompt callbacks and thorough follow-ups. The account managers are particularly commended for their understanding of client needs and provision of personalized, growth-centric advice without aggressive upselling. BizIQ's ability to forge a sense of partnership with clients contributes greatly to its positive image.

Concerns and Threads

Despite the overarching positive feedback, BizIQ's reputation is not without blemishes. The most significant criticism pertains to customer service post-engagement. A client has reported a significant monetary loss without any corresponding service, compounded by difficulties in contacting the company and a frustration with high staff turnover. Problems such as delays in ad approvals and billing issues, specifically the continuation of charges post-contract cancellation, have also been cited. Furthermore, technical issues like the mishandling of website pixels leading to traffic restriction have been shared, painting a picture of operational oversights that could detract from the otherwise positive customer experience.

Frequently asked questions about Biziq

What services from BizIQ have clients found most beneficial?

Customers have specifically highlighted the benefits of BizIQ's SEO services and website design, as well as the strategic guidance provided by account managers in their reviews.

Can I expect personalized service from BizIQ according to customer feedback?

Yes, many clients have praised the personalized attention they receive from their account managers, who take the time to understand their business objectives and help them make informed decisions.

Are there any concerns I should be aware of before signing on with BizIQ?

Some customers have reported challenges with BizIQ's customer service, particularly regarding billing disputes, advertising timelines, and high turnover among account managers, which could affect the continuity and quality of the service.

What are customers saying about Biziq

Cathy Jaffer
a week ago
I had a great experience with BizIQ. They were easy to work with did a beautiful new website for me. Most importantly they got my business back on first page with the SEO.
Sam Legere
a week ago
Nate Elliot as business IQ made my experience. I had a couple people originally they said they actually had to let go, it was a little rough at the start they said they were growing fast. But they owned up on their promise and my service was absolutely phenomenal. They own up on their word. Took me from no business profile to a top ranked business in 90 days.
Stevie Cummins
2 months ago
I have to say that my Account Manager with BIZ IQ, Andrew Sitz, really deserves 10 stars, not 5 stars. (But there is not that option.) Not only does he take great care of managing my account, but he is so in tune with my business, it's needs, the demographic of our clientele, etc. because of all of the great questions he has asked. He never tries to "sell" me something I don't need, he gives amazing recommendations, & I appreciate his expertise & the way he guides me to make great decisions. I feel like I have a business partner in Andrew. He sincerely cares about our success. So thank you Andrew! You're the best! 10 Stars!!!
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