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Published on
February 17, 2024
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March 13, 2024

What do customers think about Bespoke Flooring & Carpets Liverpool?

The reputation of Bespoke Flooring & Carpets Liverpool is mixed based on the provided customer reviews. A pattern of dissatisfaction emerges from some customers regarding after-sale service, communication, and the quality of fitting. Complaints include unprofessional behavior, missed appointments, and substandard installation leading to product failure within a short period. However, other customers have reported a high level of satisfaction, praising the company for its quick service, professional staff, and quality of work. The disparities in experiences suggest inconsistency in service delivery that could affect the company's overall reputation.

Positive Feedback

Positive responses received for Bespoke Flooring & Carpets Liverpool highlight several key aspects: customers are pleased with the swift and efficient service, especially in urgent situations like repairing damage due to leaks. Praises are directed towards professional and helpful staff in both the shop and on-site fitting teams. The final results of the provided services, such as the appearance and quality of floors when well installed, are highly appreciated. These reviews convey trust in the company's ability to deliver good quality products and services at competitive prices.

Concerns and Threads

Key negative feedback for Bespoke Flooring & Carpets Liverpool centers around poor quality of service, implying deficiencies in areas like communication, organization, and professional conduct. Customers have reported issues with after-sale support, such as delays, missed appointments, lack of communication, and rude behavior. Installation quality has also been criticized, with reports of hasty work leading to flooring coming apart or bouncing, and inadequate underlay installation. Some customers have experienced a lack of resolution to their problems, exacerbating the frustration and impacting their willingness to recommend the company’s services.

Frequently asked questions about Bespoke Flooring & Carpets Liverpool

Does Bespoke Flooring & Carpets Liverpool provide removal services for old carpets and flooring before installation?

Customers are advised to clarify expectations about old carpet and flooring removal when scheduling their service, as experiences indicate that it may be the customer's responsibility to prepare the area before the fitters arrive.

Can I expect Bespoke Flooring & Carpets Liverpool to move heavy appliances before installing flooring?

You should discuss and confirm all preparatory tasks, including the moving of heavy appliances like washing machines and fridges, with Bespoke Flooring & Carpets Liverpool beforehand to avoid any misunderstandings or last-minute complications.

What is the quality assurance provided for the flooring installation services by Bespoke Flooring & Carpets Liverpool?

The company's quality assurance appears to vary, with some customers satisfied and others discontented with the installation quality. It is recommended to inquire about guarantees, warranties, and after-installation support prior to agreeing to the service.

What are customers saying about Bespoke Flooring & Carpets Liverpool

Bespoke Flooring & Carpets Liverpool
4 months ago
Worst service ever. The quality of carpet itself is fine. But one of the worst after sale service. Fitting was to be done over two days and on the day I was told to empty rooms which I did. At 4 pm the fitters called saying sorry I can't come I will do this tomorrow. Not much that I could do at the time. Next day they arrived and told me to rip the old carpets off from stairs at very last minute. No one communicates. And the cherry on top is that they shipped wrong carpet for stairs and landing. So they left leaving old grippers out just to Injure you. Then after multiple calls they arrived 3 days later to fit the rest. And honest to God they created such a mess. Even left their old disposable coffee cups in my house. Even the fitting is not of the best quality and apparently shop doesn't take any responsibility for this. But they were apologetic about it. I had referred them to a friend and he was about to put an order in but the shopkeepers were rude to him and even he backed out.
Bespoke Flooring & Carpets Liverpool
Jackie Neil
4 months ago
I cannot express how pleased I was with my experience with Bespoke Flooring & Carpets Liverpool. They stood out amid the competitors when I was looking for a contractor to install new flooring in my home. Their expertise and professionalism were unparalleled, and their references spoke volumes about the calibre of their work. The installation went well, and the floor they put in my kitchen, living room, and hall is just lovely. I am delighted with the outcome and appreciative for their assistance. I wholeheartedly suggest Bespoke Flooring & Carpets Liverpool for any of your flooring requirements.
Bespoke Flooring & Carpets Liverpool
Anthony Holden
7 months ago
Cheap but not cheerful 😡. In hindsight should have paid the extra and went with someone else. Had herringbone flooring fitted in my living room. Went with bespoke because I heard they was cheap and also good quality. Only had the flooring 9 months and it’s starting to come apart already. Be lucky to get 2 years out of it. Recently had the hall done with someone else same flooring and they said the job they have done is shocking. I thought it wasn’t great but that confirmed it for. He glued some of the flooring for me and told them to contact them immediately. Staff in the shop were lovely but there was no organisation there or communication you could never get a straight answer from them and felt like they didn’t know what they was doing. Felt like if you asked them what year it was they wouldn’t know the answer. That wasn’t all but some. Girl in the shop was on the ball and was relieved whenever she answered the phone. Had a bed delivered of them also they delivered the wrong bed 3 times!! The 3rd time tried to convince me that was the bed I ordered until I showed them the messages. There was another 3 times they never turned up. Heard the van had broke down once and other 2 just never turned up so 6 in total. I’d just moved into my house so you can imagine how stressed I was. When they come to look at the living room for the flooring the fella who’s based in the shop told me I had to take one side of the scurtain boards up then when they came to do the flooring the lads who are sub contractor told me all the scurtain boards had to be removed. My head was spinning with them. Tbf though the beds were good quality and cheap when they finally came so wasn’t all bad. All the staff were sound too but some of them were ineffective. Floor is bouncing also which is not meant to happen, that’s why I paid the 250 for the timber underneath hence why the floor is popping. Would never recommend them in a million years there not all bad but on the most rubbish.
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