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As of Mar 14, 2024, 1489 customers have reviewed this business and rated it 4.6 Star out of 5. The following report provides an in-depth analysis of customer reviews collected.

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Bellhop Moving's customer reviews analysis

Bellhop Moving’s company reputation appears mixed based on the latest reviews. Some customers have praised the moving teams for their professionalism, punctuality, and hard work, which speaks positively to the individual movers’ performance and hints at a potential strength in customer service at the ground level. However, recurring issues such as no-shows, scheduling mishaps, and poor communication overshadow these positive experiences. Problems with timely refunds and dissatisfaction with conflict resolution have damaged trust for some clients. Despite some excellent individual performances by moving teams, the operational and customer service inconsistencies are significant concerns and influence the overall customer reputation negatively.

Positive Feedback

In several instances, Bellhop Moving is recognized for its efficient and professional moving teams. Customers have highlighted the punctuality, friendly demeanor, and the exceptional effort that some movers put into their work. This positive feedback often mentions movers by name, suggesting that specific individuals or crews have made strong impressions. Customers are also appreciative when their moves are accommodated ahead of schedule or when movers show attention to detail, such as carefully packing art and photo frames. These aspects suggest that when the execution is aligned with the customer's expectations, the experience can be hassle-free and even enjoyable.

Concerns and Threads

Bellhop Moving faces critical feedback regarding unreliable service, particularly concerning scheduling and communication. No-shows and last-minute cancellations have disrupted customers' moving plans, causing inconvenience and frustration. When issues arise, customers report inadequate resolutions and challenges in obtaining timely refunds, leading to a perception of poor overall customer service. Additional complaints include unprofessional behavior from movers, slower than promised moving times, and damage to belongings, which raises concerns about quality control and transparency in service expectations. The trend of outsourced labor also seems to contribute to these negative experiences, pointing towards a possible disconnect between the company and the third-party providers.

Frequently asked questions about Bellhop Moving

What can I expect in terms of reliability and scheduling with Bellhop Moving?

Customer experiences with Bellhop Moving's reliability and scheduling vary. While some customers report satisfactory and punctual service, there have been instances of no-shows and unexpected delays. It's advisable to have a clear and confirmed schedule, but also be prepared for potential changes.

Does Bellhop Moving offer compensation or discounts if there is a service failure?

Bellhop Moving has offered discounts to some customers in the event of service failures. However, the adequacy of these compensations seems inconsistent, and some customers have struggled with getting timely refunds. It is recommended to discuss potential compensation measures before scheduling.

Are belongings safely handled and protected during moves by Bellhop Moving?

Many customers report their belongings being moved safely without damage, with some movers taking extra care to protect items. However, there have been issues with damage and a lack of proper moving mats, so it's important to communicate your expectations for item protection during the initial consultation.

Recent customer reviews and testimonials for Bellhop Moving

Bellhop Moving
Kelly O'Brien
3 weeks ago
Do not use this company!! I had a move scheduled for Sunday morning and had 2 "moving pros" who were supposed to move me. One of the "pros" was a no show. After going back and forth with Bellhops for an hour, they couldn't find a solution or someone else to fill in, and told me they could no longer move me that day and the soonest they could move me would be Tuesday. I told them this was unacceptable as I had to be out of my apartment that day, but they didn't care or offer any solution. In addition to that, they only offered a 10% discount if I "rescheduled" with them. I will never use this company again nor recommend them to anyone! I have been trying to get a hold of a supervisor for 2 days now, but just keep getting passed around their support team who is no help whatsoever. In addition, they're holding all of my money hostage and refusing to give me a full refund even though they provided me with absolutely zero service. Bellhops is literally the worst customer service I have ever experienced.
Bellhop Moving
a month ago
The team did an exceptional job. They were professional, organize, friendly, and worked well together during the moving process.
Bellhop Moving
Chelsie Rogers
2 months ago
HIGHLY RECOMMEND 10/10! Donnell & Vidal were the absolute BEST. This was the easiest move I have experienced. They were prompt from the start of my appointment and went above and beyond for me. Vidal and Donnell were so pleasant, fun, and all around just amazing for my move. They never complained & made my move so easy. They moved every single thing in sight. I can’t recommend these guys enough. Even when mover #3 Myles arrived as reinforcement, he was just as fantastic! These 3 Bellhops are the best I’ve ever seen. 5 stars, & will be using again (& requesting this team!) if I ever move!
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Bellhop is the modern alternative to traditional moving companies in Atlanta, GA on a mission to transform the outdated and frustrating moving industry into an experience that’s more trustworthy, reliable, and fun. We combine our tech-enabled logistics platform with the best Atlanta movers and professional truck drivers to coordinate world-class moving services in the Atlanta area.