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As of Jan 25, 2024, 3827 customers have reviewed this business and rated it 4.3 Star out of 5. The following report provides an in-depth analysis of customer reviews collected.

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Becco's customer reviews analysis

Becco's reputation, derived from the provided customer reviews, conveys a generally positive experience, with a few minor criticisms. The company appears to have a strong and favorable position in the dining industry, particularly noted for its all-you-can-eat pasta service, accommodating staff, and delicious food, which customers associate with a 'fun type of experience' and a 'familiar atmosphere.' Regular praises include the quality of service, which is often described as attentive, the ambiance, and the wide selection of wines. However, some guests found the ambiance to be too crowded and noisy, which although expected in a city setting, impacted the overall experience. The feedback indicates that Becco has successfully cultivated a loyal customer base, with patrons referring to memorable past experiences and the intent to return, reinforcing its status as a recommended and reputable dining destination. Nevertheless, isolated instances of dissatisfaction with service pace and the expectation versus reality of traditional Italian dishes suggest areas where customer experience could be improved.

Positive Feedback

Reviews of Becco present numerous positive attributes, with customers frequently applauding the all-you-can-eat pasta service, which is distinctively popular. The food's taste and quality, as evidenced by multiple mentions of enjoyable dishes such as the Caesar Salad, spinach ravioli, and the trio of pastas, are repeatedly highlighted, suggesting a consistent culinary standard. Service excellence is also a recurring commendation, with staff being described as 'impeccable,' 'friendly,' 'very kind,' and 'attentive but not annoying.' The dining ambiance contributes positively to the restaurant's charm, with several guests finding it comfortable and 'cozy,' enhancing the overall dining pleasure. Additionally, patrons appreciate the comprehensive and high-quality wine selection, adding to Becco's appeal as a venue for a range of social occasions, from Thanksgiving dinners to pre-theater meals.

Concerns and Threads

While Becco is met with much enthusiasm, there are noteworthy negatives mixed among the reviews. A significant number of customers find the atmosphere to be too crowded and boisterous, which, for some, detracts from the dining experience by contributing to a noisy environment. Although the experience is largely positive, service-related issues have been pointed out, such as a delayed clearing of plates and the resulting clutter on the table. This could signify either staffing or efficiency concerns during peak hours. Additionally, there is mention of a limited beer selection, which could disappoint diners who prefer beer over wine. Critiques also extend to the authenticity of dishes, with some patrons expecting more traditional Italian offerings as opposed to what they perceive as Americanized versions. This could potentially misalign with diners' preconceived expectations of Italian cuisine.

Frequently asked questions about Becco

Does Becco offer options for unlimited dining?

Yes, Becco is known for its all-you-can-eat pasta service, which has been highly praised by customers for its taste and quality.

Can I expect a traditional Italian dining experience at Becco?

While Becco offers a variety of Italian dishes and is generally appreciated for the food quality, some customers feel that the dishes can be more Americanized than traditional Italian cuisine.

Is the restaurant able to accommodate diners without reservations?

Becco seems to be quite accommodating as there are instances where guests have been graciously offered tables without reservations; however, due to its popularity, reservations are recommended to ensure seating.

Recent customer reviews and testimonials for Becco

a week ago
Went here for dinner, even though there were no reservations available, and the hostess graciously gave us the last table. We got the all you can eat pasta service and it was quite delicious. The Caesar Salad to begin was also tasty. Service is relatively attentive. Ambiance is crowded, as to be expected for the city, but comfortable. On the whole, would recommend for a fun type of experience.
David Arrimadas
2 months ago
Amazing place for Thanksgiving dinner. Very familiar atmosphere. All the staff is very kind and the food is delicious. Super complete menu including soup, salad, three different types of pasta and meat. Highly recommended if you do not want to cook. I am traveling around Americas and Europe. If you want to know interesting places and restaurants follow me in Google.
Christobel Gomez-Garcia
4 days ago
Delicious food and impeccable service! I had a great experience here and would love to come again soon. I had the opportunity to sample a bit of everything from our table and enjoyed every bit of it.
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About Becco

Italian Restaurants

The name Becco is derived from the Italian verb, beccare, which means to peck, nibble or savor something in a discriminating way. Lidia Bastianich & her son, Joe, opened Becco in 1993 & since then, it has been providing the New York community with outstanding service for over 20 years.Located on New York’s famed Restaurant Row in the heart of the theater district, Becco is open 7 days a week for both lunch & dinner. Becco is most famous for its’ innovative pasta tasting menu & extensive $31 wine list.