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What do customers say about Beacon Management Services?

As of Mar 14, 2024, 716 customers have reviewed this business and rated it 4 Star out of 5. The following report provides an in-depth analysis of customer reviews collected.

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March 14, 2024
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March 14, 2024

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Beacon Management Services's customer reviews analysis

Beacon Management Services has elicited mixed reviews from its clientele, suggesting that the company's reputation is marred by serious concerns regarding their management practices, customer service, and ability to effectively resolve issues. A significant portion of feedback indicates poor experiences, with customers detailing frustrations over unresolved maintenance issues, such as water damage and mold, which in some cases, have been reported for years without satisfactory resolution. The complaint of discriminatory treatment, negligence, and financial harm due to inability to resell or rent units further undermines customer confidence. Additionally, the company's communication practices seem to be lacking, with reports of difficulty in reaching representatives and unresponsive behavior. However, amidst the negative reviews, Beacon's staff members, particularly Kobe and Michelle S. in customer service, as well as Dennis White and Yvonne Reyes in property management, have been praised for their responsiveness and professional conduct. This indicates that individual employee performance may be a positive differentiator within the company.

Positive Feedback

While the overall sentiment toward Beacon Management Services is challenging, there are isolated instances of positive feedback which highlight certain strengths of the company. Kobe, in customer service, has received commendation for his responsivity and sense of responsibility. Similar praise has been directed toward Michelle S., who has been described as helpful and quick in addressing billing issues. Dennis White has been recognized for his exceptional customer service, expertise, and approach in dealing with a flooding incident, and Yvonne Reyes is praised for her professionalism and responsiveness in a real estate project context. These positive experiences suggest that when Beacon's staff members are effectively engaged, they can deliver a high standard of service that meets the expectations of customers.

Concerns and Threads

The negative aspects of customer feedback primarily pertain to recurring themes of inaction, poor communication, and unsatisfactory maintenance management. Customers have reported severe issues like mold growth and structural damage due to water leaks, which have allegedly persisted for extended periods. Complaints cite poor customer service, with difficulties reaching representatives by phone and email, and receiving generic responses or no reply at all. There are also indications of systemic shortcomings in property maintenance, such as the failure to conduct routine inspections or address repeated landscape concerns. Furthermore, the feedback alludes to a lack of empathy from certain staff members and inconsistency in handling responsibilities, undermining trust in the company and causing emotional distress and financial difficulties for the customers affected.

Frequently asked questions about Beacon Management Services

What kind of support can I expect from Beacon Management Services in the case of maintenance problems?

Customer experiences vary, but there have been reports of unresolved maintenance issues and difficulty in communicating with the management team. However, some staff members have been praised for their prompt and professional support. It's recommended that you discuss the support and escalation process before entering into an agreement.

Are there positive testimonials about Beacon Management Services' staff and their customer service?

Yes, certain individuals within Beacon Management Services, such as Kobe in customer service and property managers like Dennis White and Yvonne Reyes, have received positive feedback for their responsiveness and professionalism.

How responsive is Beacon Management Services to billing and insurance claims?

There are mixed reviews on this matter. Some customers have praised the company for handling claims and billing issues efficiently, thanks to specific employees, while others have faced challenges regarding response times and follow-up on insurance and repair claims.

Recent customer reviews and testimonials for Beacon Management Services

Beacon Management Services
Advise VO
7 months ago
I would not recommend this company to anyone and strongly advise against using their services. Their work is unsatisfactory and leaves many questionable concerns. I decided to write to you and ask for help in the never-ending nightmare with my HOA at Carlyle Heights and the Property Management company in charge of these condo units: Beacon Management Services. I want to report my frustration regarding an ongoing water damage and mold  issue in my home which is managed by BEACON Management Services. After endless complaints and 200+  emails to the board members and Kevin - the on-site property manager employed by Beacon Management Services, not only the situation is unresolved, it is now worsen, and we now have 100% mold in our home! Today, closing on 5 years after the inception of the first time reporting the problem, it's nothing but a duck-taping repair (they so-called "cost-effective solutions") that failed to address the core problem. No routine inspection and maintenance of the sump pumps, and when there's thunderstorms, water surfaced from under our floors and walls. At the current state of my home, the dining room and master bedroom are contaminated with mold, and the foundation now has leveling problems. This place is in a condemnation condition with almost 100% mold. I have pictures, documented communications and official reports to proof the act of negligence how our living environment has become a health hazard and unsafe living quarter. The discriminatory treatment, the lack of concerns and the negligence of the individual in charged has resulted in extreme stress, health issues and emotional depression. Beacon Management Services at Carlyle Heights is responsible to maintain the property, and has failed epically to uphold its responsibility by employing Kevin as an irresponsible and incapable of carrying out his duty as property manager. Additionally, due to the current condition, the unit cannot be resale, or rented, causing significant financial harm, especially during COVID in 2020 and to top it off, the irony is that the HOA increased monthly HOA to $700 per month, after recent assessments which was to "improve" and "restore" the condition of the homes in Carlyle Heights. The discrimination treatment and terrible attitude of the Property manager are unacceptable and undeserving, and the HOA board not only  failed to take the necessary steps to resolve the matter, they are enabling the abrupt behavior. As an HOA payer, I have the right to live in a safe and healthy environment, and the association has a responsibility to ensure that my unit is adequately maintained and free from hazards like mold and other common areas and structures problems. As mentioned, I've documented all communications, and also have proof photos, mold report on file. Please see below for the sequence of events. Beacon Management Services: keep your “reputation management software” OFF for replies !
Beacon Management Services
Samar Salehi
a month ago
I can’t tell they have the best services. The reason I am giving 5 star is for one person and his name is Kobe. He is in customer service and I just needed to express myself of how responsible and responsive was Kobe. I am so glad that I was able to get in touch with him. I have tried multiple other reps and no one felt the urge of the matter
Beacon Management Services
Jiping Zhang
a month ago
I reached Michelle S. at ATL office today and addressed my pending billing issue passed from previous management company that I fought in the past 6 months. Michelle helped me out and collected all documents I have and handled the waiver request submission for me. I really appreciated her expertise and quick response for this matter. Thank you.
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Beacon Management Services is one of Atlanta's leading property management companies specializing in homeowner associations, high rise condominiums, mixed use developments, commercial condominiums and other properties of distinction. We were named one of the Top Ten Management Companies by The Atlanta Business Chronicle and are an A+ rated company by the Better Business Bureau. We work with your Board of Directors to concentrate on the big picture – setting policy and strategic planning – while the day-to-day operations are cared for by licensed association professionals. We are experienced in all facets of operations, staffing, technology, GAAP standard financial analysis, budgets, and capital projects. Be Sure with Beacon.