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What do customers say about Arizona Event Rentals?

As of Apr 28, 2024, 160 customers have reviewed this business and rated it 4.5 Star out of 5. The following report provides an in-depth analysis of customer reviews collected.

Highly recommended!

They have been great to work every single time!

perfect for our wedding!

Fast quotes easy to read

Definitely the best service I've experienced

Made for a beautiful night.

Would give zero stars if I could.

Highly dissatisfied.

not happy at all.

Terrible experience with this company.

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April 28, 2024
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April 28, 2024

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Arizona Event Rentals's customer reviews analysis

Arizona Event Rentals has received mixed reviews that indicate a varied experience for customers. Positive feedback highlights the company’s ease of use, transparency in pricing, helpful staff, and the condition of the rental items. Customers appreciate the online browsing and booking process, comparable to a shopping experience, as well as the professionalism, kindness, and promptness of the staff. However, significant negative experiences are also noted, with a recurrent theme of poor communication. Several reviews mention difficulty in making contact to confirm reservations or make payments, and some report last-minute cancellations, which suggests a possible issue with inventory management. The disparity between the positive and negative reviews suggests that while some customers have had excellent experiences, others have faced challenges that impacted their events adversely.

Positive Feedback

Many customers have had highly positive experiences with Arizona Event Rentals, particularly praising the company for its user-friendly website that allows for clear pricing and easy selection of rental items. Clients find the pricing competitive and appreciate the direct communication from the company, noting fast quotes and responsive customer service. The professionalism and friendliness of the staff, especially individuals like Chris and Michael, have been recognized as exceptional. Moreover, the quality of rental items is frequently commended, with items being in 'perfect condition'. Clients who had their needs met experienced punctual delivery and set up, as well as this attention to detail has earned the company hearty recommendations to others planning events.

Concerns and Threads

Despite positive aspects, there are consistent negative experiences related to customer service, particularly concerning communication and reliability. A number of customers report reaching a roadblock after receiving initial quotes, with follow-up calls, emails, and voicemails going unanswered, preventing them from confirming reservations or making payments. This has led some to seek services elsewhere. Additionally, there are alarming instances of last-minute cancellations and notifications of unavailable inventory, contributing to significant stress and inconvenience. These negative experiences highlight areas where Arizona Event Rentals could improve, specifically in its communication channels and inventory management to ensure that confirmed orders are fulfilled as promised.

Frequently asked questions about Arizona Event Rentals

How does Arizona Event Rentals ensure the availability of items after I receive my initial quote?

Arizona Event Rentals typically provides an initial quote and aims to communicate inventory availability promptly. However, given recent feedback, we recommend verifying the item availability directly with the company as soon as possible after receiving your quote, to avoid any last-minute issues.

Can I trust that the quoted delivery fees will not change after placing my rental order?

While Arizona Event Rentals provides initial quotes that include delivery fees, there have been instances reported by clients where delivery costs changed. We advise customers to get a written confirmation of the delivery fee at the time the order is placed to prevent misunderstandings.

What is Arizona Event Rentals' process for setting up and taking down rental items for events?

Customers report that Arizona Event Rentals typically delivers and sets up rental items the day before the event and collects them the day after. However, to ensure a smooth process, it is recommended to discuss and confirm the setup and takedown timings directly with the company when placing the order.

Recent customer reviews and testimonials for Arizona Event Rentals

Arizona Event Rentals
Wayne Turner
a month ago
When my (new!) wife and I decided to throw a little wedding party in our yard and started looking around at what it would take to do so, I am SO glad we stumbled across this company. What made us realize that it was affordable was because we could look right on their website and SEE how much it would be for a tent, for some tables and and chairs, for a couple food tables and all the draperies to make it look so nice. You literally just pick what you want like you're shopping on Amazon, and you can immediately know the cost. As for how it all worked it, it was perfect. They got the tent setup the day before (we were having a late morning party), dropped everything off, and picked it all up the day after. Highly recommended!
Arizona Event Rentals
Melynda King
a year ago
I have been using this company to rent tables and chairs for years! They have been great to work with every single time! Chris is kind, friendly and always helpful! I highly recommend!
Arizona Event Rentals
Kassie Kirkland
5 years ago
Arizona Event Rentals was perfect for our wedding! They had great prices and they communicated very well. All the rental's were in great condition and they even set up our dance floor for no extra charge! I would recommend them for any event and will use them again!!
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Established in 2010. A full service party rental company from tables and chairs to tents and lighting. Some of the best customer service to the most affordable pricing in the valley. Flexible and accommodating to your schedule and a 5 star reputation across the board. We are here to serve all of your rental needs. Arizona Event Rentals, events made easy.