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What do customers say about Aztec Events & Tents?

As of Apr 28, 2024, 185 customers have reviewed this business and rated it 4.3 Star out of 5. The following report provides an in-depth analysis of customer reviews collected.

eased my stressed mind

staff are very kind and helpful

Easy, affordable, quick, and always available

had an easy time

Aztec is quality, effectiveness, attention and very reasonable prices

rentals...looked beautiful

Absolutely would use this company again and again

efficient truly cared


extreme lack of communication

very disappointed in their customer service

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April 28, 2024
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April 28, 2024

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Aztec Events & Tents's customer reviews analysis

Aztec Events & Tents, as extracted from the latest reviews, has established an overall reputable standing for providing quality event rental items and exhibiting genuine customer service in select interactions. Notably, an employee named Yolanda receives commendation for her attentive and accommodating approach, guiding customers with tailored quotes and flexible payment options. Clients praise the company for its broad selection and the ease of the rental process, citing affordability and swift service, especially for those with time-sensitive needs. However, the company's reputation is not without blemish; there are pronounced complaints regarding unresponsiveness and communication gaps, particularly in lead-up to significant events. Discrepancies between online representations and actual product offerings also surface, implying a need for website enhancements. Moreover, issues with rental item condition, like unwieldy dance floors and wrinkly linens, mar the customer experience, pointing to operational hiccups in logistics and quality assurance.

Positive Feedback

Positive feedback highlights the strength of Aztec Events & Tents in the realm of customer interaction and inventory range. Customers spotlight the patience and helpful demeanor of staff, particularly with helping clients navigate their event planning, as exemplified by Yolanda's customer service. The flexibility in payment is additionally appreciated, offering relief from financial pressures. Reviewers also laud the company for the ease and rapidity of the rental process, encompassing everything from last-minute bookings to straightforward pick-up and drop-off logistics. Affordability and the breadth of options available, inclusive of a wide variety of event items, further amplify customer satisfaction. Additionally, favorable remarks attest to the company's role in enhancing event aesthetics, with compliments extended by event guests over the rental items provided.

Concerns and Threads

On the flip side, critical views of Aztec Events & Tents often center on customer service shortcomings, notably in the aspects of professionalism and accountability. Certain personnel, including one named Alli, are called out for failing to follow through on commitments, such as providing quotes and communicating in a timely manner. Operational inefficiencies are also a recurring grievance; cases involving poorly assembled dance floors and extended setup hours reflect negatively on the company. Moreover, the quality and state of products, such as battered tables and wrinkled linens, detract from the otherwise positive rental experience. Reviews also signal a potential disconnect between the product portrayals on the company’s website and the reality, suggesting a need for clearer, more accurate online information.

Frequently asked questions about Aztec Events & Tents

Can I get a tailored quote for my event and are there flexible payment options available?

Yes, Aztec Events & Tents offers personalized quotes and provides flexible payment plans, allowing clients to make payments up until the date of the event.

How reliable is the condition of the rental items from Aztec Events & Tents?

Most customers are satisfied with the quality of rental items, yet some have reported receiving products that were not up to expectations, including battered tables and wrinkly linens. Inspecting items upon pickup is recommended.

What should I expect in terms of customer service and communication from Aztec Events & Tents?

While many clients have praised the helpfulness of staff, there are reports of unprofessionalism and lack of timely communication from some representatives. It is advisable to establish clear lines of communication early on.

Recent customer reviews and testimonials for Aztec Events & Tents

Aztec Events & Tents
veronica lopez
2 months ago
The way Yolanda speaks just eased my stressed mind. I've never had a party of 150 people. She never pushed me on spending more than what I actually needed. She gave me several quotes. The most relief I felt was when she told me I can pay it in payments whatever I wanted to give , until the date of my daughter's quinciñera. With this rental out of my way I feel so much better! Thank you so much. Great quality on items , so much to choose from. Just beautiful!
Aztec Events & Tents
Andi Montgomery
a month ago
The staff are very kind and helpful. The only thing I’ll say is make sure you’re willing to iron out all of your napkins you rent because they’ll be washed but wrinkly. So, if you’re renting cloth napkins be sure to pick up your order EARLY bc you don’t want to be stuck ironing 100+ napkins last minute.
Aztec Events & Tents
a year ago
This is my second year in a row to rent from this company. Easy, affordable, quick, and always available. I had a last minute reservation, it took all but 20 mins from walking in picking our chairs and getting loaded.
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