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Apb Security Systems, Inc. Reviews Summary

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January 25, 2024
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March 13, 2024

What do customers think about Apb Security Systems, Inc.?

The customer reviews for APB Security Systems, Inc. paint a highly positive picture of the company, consistently reflecting customer satisfaction with both the security products provided and the service quality. Customers appreciate the professionalism, courtesy, and expertise exhibited by APB’s employees—including named individuals such as George, Jim, Frank, and Chris—indicating a personalized approach to customer service. Technical proficiency is repeatedly noted, with mention of neat, unobtrusive installations, and high-quality hardware that functions as promised. The company’s commitment to maintaining a comfortable and respectful interaction during home service visits is also frequently highlighted. Positive experiences span over both short-term interactions and long-term relationships, with some customers confirming over two decades of continued satisfaction. Such enduring loyalty suggests a company that reliably upholds high standards in its services and customer care.

Positive Feedback

Key positive aspects drawn from the customer feedback for APB Security Systems, Inc. include a high level of professionalism and expertise during installations and service calls. Installers like Jim, Frank, and Chris receive acclaim for their respectful conduct and tidy workmanship, ensuring installations are conducted with care and leave no visual disruptions. Longevity of customer relationships, as indicated by clients who have utilized APB’s services for over 20 and even 35 years, showcases the company’s ability to foster trust and satisfaction consistently. The reference to APB’s ability to provide up-to-minute technology and 24-hour service contributes to an image of a company that is technically advanced and responsive to customer needs. Feedback specifically highlights the competence of personnel such as Joe and the leadership provided by figures like George, projecting a business that values knowledgeable staff and engagement at all levels.

Concerns and Threads

The customer reviews provided do not directly present any substantive negative aspects of APB Security Systems, Inc.'s services or customer interactions. Without negative reviews, it is not possible to objectively analyze or report on this facet of customer feedback. However, such absence of criticism within the selected reviews should not imply that there are no areas for improvement, but rather that they are not represented in the data provided. Nonetheless, the company should remain cognizant of the vast and varying needs of its clientele to continue improving and adapting its services.

Frequently asked questions about Apb Security Systems, Inc.

How neat is the installation process with APB Security Systems?

APB Security Systems has received acclaim for its neat and professional installation process. Technicians ensure cables are out of sight and that the work area is left tidy, with no marks on walls or ceilings.

Can I expect long-term reliability with APB’s security services?

Yes, APB has demonstrated consistent reliability, with some customers reporting satisfaction with their security services for more than two decades. APB aims to provide sophisticated and up-to-date technology coupled with dependable 24-hour service.

Does APB offer personalized service and attention to detail?

Customers highlight the personalized and respectful service provided by APB, citing professional and courteous treatment. Individual employees are named for their exceptional service, indicating strong attention to detail and personal care in their interactions with clients.

What are customers saying about Apb Security Systems, Inc.

Apb Security Systems, Inc.
Julian Saul
4 months ago
From the first time George came to our home, we were confident with the system we chose. Once the mechanics showed up, Jim, Frank and Chris, we were very comfortable with them in and out of our home. They have full respect for your home as if it's their own. The job went perfectly without and spot on the walls or ceiling. Wires were all tucked away and the cameras function as they were described. Competitively priced and very happy we chose APB. If you're looking for a system and a company you can trust, this is it. It stops here. Thank you APB for a great job. 👍
Apb Security Systems, Inc.
Alan DeMaso
9 months ago
I have been a client of APB Security Systems for over 35 years for my home and office alarm systems. I sold my building today and am sadly turning off my APB service. But I want to say that I have recieved excellent service from APB over all these years, right from the outset. They offer sophisticated up to the minute technology, with fantastic service 24 hours a day. I espically appreciated the professional and courteous way I've been treated by their employees during the few times I had need to call. And I have appreciated their excellent and professional service personnel, especially Joe, during the times I needed at home service or upgrades. On top of that, one time my wife and I stopped in at APB at the Teleport and recieved a personal tour of the facility from George...it was an immense and very impressive facility. I would not hesitate recommending APB to anyone looking for a sophisticated security system, and at very affordable pricing. I am very sorry to be terminating my contract after all these years. Great people... great service.
Apb Security Systems, Inc.
Jerry Bernholz
a year ago
Frank and Jimmy of APB security did a superb job installing the CCTV at my house. The installation turned out great. I am so pleased with how the cabling is entirely out of sight except for where it comes out of the wall plate so neat, orderly, and well managed. The system works perfectly with excellent features. The quality of the job and the product is very high. Frank and Jimmy were a pleasure to deal with. I am entirely pleased and I definitely recommend.
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