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Published on
January 27, 2024
Last updated
March 13, 2024

What do customers think about Anthony Ward Thomas Removals?

The cumulative reviews of Anthony Ward Thomas Removals suggest a strong, positive reputation with consistency in delivering high-quality moving services. Customers express a high level of satisfaction with the professionalism, efficiency, and care shown by the company's staff. A recurring theme across the feedback is the company's attention to detail and thoroughness in tasks such as packing, labeling, handling, and transporting items. Notably, customers appreciate the proactive measures taken by the staff, such as arranging parking suspensions and handling complex moving situations like navigating multiple flights of stairs without elevators. There is also an emphasis on the staff's demeanor being friendly and helpful, which contributed to the stress reduction during the move. Despite the higher price point when compared to competitors, reviewers clearly indicate a perceived value in the service quality, with many stating that the experience justified the cost. Customers who experienced less satisfactory services with other movers seem to particularly appreciate the contrast with Anthony Ward Thomas's superior service.

Positive Feedback

Key positive aspects highlighted by customers of Anthony Ward Thomas Removals include exceptional professionalism and affability of staff. The company is praised for its efficient and quick packing, with commendable attention to detail, such as appropriate labeling and proper handling to prevent damage. The ability to execute complex moves, including dealing with high temperatures, lack of elevators, and disassembly and reassembly of furniture, stands out. The efficiency of the teams was consistently mentioned, enabling customers to unpack and settle into their new homes rapidly. The reliability of the service, punctuality, and the company's role as a stress reliever during the typically strenuous moving process are heavily underscored. The staff's respectful, hardworking approach, paired with their efforts to leave spaces clean by removing rubbish, reinforces the positive customer experiences.

Concerns and Threads

While there were overwhelmingly positive reviews, there seems to be little to no explicit negative feedback regarding Anthony Ward Thomas Removals directly mentioned in the provided reviews. However, the high cost of the service is repeatedly noted. The implication is that although customers feel the service quality justifies the expense, the pricing may still be a barrier or point of consideration for potential clients. Moreover, due to the lack of negative comments, it is challenging to provide a balanced view on the downsides of the service without additional customer feedback that specifically addresses any shortcomings or areas for improvement.

Frequently asked questions about Anthony Ward Thomas Removals

How do Anthony Ward Thomas Removals handle complex moving situations, like a lack of elevator access?

The company is experienced in managing challenging moves, including situations such as multiple floors without elevator access. They employ professional techniques and adequate manpower to ensure safe and efficient handling and transportation of items under such conditions.

Is Anthony Ward Thomas Removals considered a cost-effective moving service?

While not the cheapest option, customers consistently note that the value provided by Anthony Ward Thomas Removals justifies their higher pricing. The company is known for its exceptional service quality and attention to detail, which may offer greater overall value for your moving expense.

Can Anthony Ward Thomas Removals help with the packing and unpacking process?

Yes, the company offers comprehensive packing and unpacking services. Their staff is noted for packing items quickly and professionally, with careful labeling and handling. Customers also appreciated the removal of packing materials and rubbish following the unpacking process.

What are customers saying about Anthony Ward Thomas Removals

Anthony Ward Thomas Removals
Andrew Gaya
4 months ago
Excellent experience, can’t recommend highly enough. Not the cheapest by far but the service is fantastic. Superbly professional. Very affable staff. We have moved 5 times in 6 years it’s always stressful but this was our best experience. The lads took all the stress and pressure away. Packing was completed by Eddie and his colleague very quickly and professionally. Nothing got broken or lost. Boxes were properly labelled so we knew exactly what was inside and not overpacked. Nothing was too heavy. On the day we had 6 or 7 chaps to load the van. It was 32C and they were sweating buckets as we moved from a 4th floor flat with no lift. Getting the furniture down was a huge challenge but so professionally done. They had also arranged the parking suspensions in advance for us. Unloading was done in less than 2 hours with 7 guys and all boxes left in the right rooms too! As a result we’ve been able to unpack most stuff within 24 hours! Matt the handyman was also a godsend to dismantle and reassemble the beds, wardrobes, dining table etc. all in all an excellent experience in fact our best move ever.
Anthony Ward Thomas Removals
d g
5 days ago
From Charlie at office to the crews, everyone has been really helpful and understanding! Super punctual and reliable - 3 moves in 18 months including a small shipment abroad and would definitely recommend
Anthony Ward Thomas Removals
Arrelle von Hurter
a month ago
Best most reliable movers in the biz. I’ve used others who are considered top of the line and 10 times more expensive. G&W. Their staff were rude, they broke several pieces of precious art without any remorse. Ward Thomas stepped in and saved the day. Lovely people who are kind, professional and careful with every piece of furniture as if were their own. Cannot recommend them highly enough.
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Leading Storage & London Removal CompanyWere an acclaimed removals and storage London based company made up of bright, professionally trained and friendly people who are as comfortable moving a Matisse as they are a mattress, in-fact were comfortable with any kind of moving job that a client might need. Here at Anthony Ward Thomas Removals London, we provide a moving solution for all needs, whether its domestic house removals, house/home moves, including the tricky bits of moving house like piano removals or archive storage for business and office relocation. It all adds up to making our removal services one of the most reliable and trustworthy moving and removals companies in London.