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What do customers say about Antep Turkish Cuisine?

As of Apr 11, 2024, 1304 customers have reviewed this business and rated it 3.8 Star out of 5. The following report provides an in-depth analysis of customer reviews collected.

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April 11, 2024
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April 11, 2024

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Antep Turkish Cuisine's customer reviews analysis

Antep Turkish Cuisine has a mixed reputation based on the customer feedback provided. Key elements influencing company reputation include inconsistencies in food quality, concerns over pricing and portion sizes, and overall dining experience, which ranges from the physical state of the restaurant to the staff's service quality. Food offerings, particularly platters and starters, receive both praise and criticism; flavor and freshness are sometimes noted as excellent, while in other instances, customers report the food as being too salty, poorly prepared, or lacking in flavor. Service experiences vary greatly, from attentive and professional to slow and seemingly indifferent, with some staff members lacking polish in customer interactions. Cleanliness and restaurant ambiance are recurring negative themes, with multiple reviews mentioning unclean, sticky tables and an overall considerably congested and tired interior. These issues appear to detract from the positive aspects of the cuisine itself.

Positive Feedback

Positive customer feedback for Antep Turkish Cuisine often highlights the high quality and authentic taste of the food. Many patrons enjoy the various dishes served, particularly praising the freshly flavored platters and dips, well-cooked meats, and complimentary items like bread, salad, and Turkish tea. A notable positive attribute includes generous portion sizes that sometimes exceed customer expectations, especially in group settings. The familial platters, for instance, are consistently mentioned as substantial and satisfying. Additionally, instances of excellent service are noted, with staff demonstrating professionalism and attentiveness, especially under challenging circumstances such as being understaffed or managing large groups without prior booking.

Concerns and Threads

Several significant issues negatively impact the customer experience at Antep Turkish Cuisine. First and foremost, cleanliness is a prevalent concern; reviews repeatedly mention unclean seating, sticky floors, and worn menus, which diminish the overall appeal of the dining environment. Financial transparency is another critical issue, with some customers feeling misled by pricing discrepancies and inconsistent discounts. Furthermore, mentions of slow service, lack of fresh ingredients, and inadequate portions in some dishes suggest operational challenges. These negatives, combined with the lack of essential amenities such as tap water and functional tableware (e.g., receiving plastic instead of standard cutlery), portray a potentially unwelcoming and inconvenient dining environment for future patrons.

Frequently asked questions about Antep Turkish Cuisine

Are the portion sizes at Antep Turkish Cuisine suitable for large groups?

Yes, Antep Turkish Cuisine offers generous portion sizes, particularly the family platters which are often highlighted as being sufficient for large groups, sometimes serving more than the recommended number of diners.

Does Antep Turkish Cuisine offer any complimentary items with meals?

Yes, the restaurant provides complimentary items such as bread, salad, and Turkish tea with certain meals

Are there any concerns related to cleanliness and the physical state of the restaurant?

Yes, several reviews have pointed out issues related to cleanliness, such as sticky floors and tables, and the general interior has been described as 'congested' and 'tired', which could detract from the dining experience.

Recent customer reviews and testimonials for Antep Turkish Cuisine

Antep Turkish Cuisine
S Adeel
5 months ago
Food was so salty. Prices was too much. Put the bread first and it got cold. Plater size was good. In plater lamb bits was raw can’t bit. Not recommend this place.
Antep Turkish Cuisine
Sweet Food
9 months ago
Food is highly priced and small portions. Starter mix hot food was sickly they need to add more variety. Main meal was nice but overpriced. Best item was the bread and there was no tap water
Antep Turkish Cuisine
3 years ago
Food was really good here, starter was definitely my favorite, the platter was nice however felt as though it was lacking flavors. There was an issue with the table itself as the texture of it was very sticky, upon asking the waited to clean it he explained that the tables were a few years old and had become like this and offered to put tissues on the table, it was wobbling throughout the whole meal as well so annoying. Staff were very friendly, however the younger staff do need to improve their customer service, it’s not very appealing hearing “what do you want” when a customer wants to place their order. Came here after seeing that they were doing the eat out to help out, but they excluded all the mocktails and weren’t even serving any deserts although they were displaying these menus on the tables so felt as though my experience here wasn’t so good because I wanted to try more of the menu, as well as that total bill came up to £50 meaning the 50% off would decrease it to £25 but instead they charged £30, asked the waiter why they only took off £20 and his excuse was “it’s whichever works cheaper for the government it’s £10 off per person” which was a bag of lies as all the places I’ve been to have taken off 50% but I wasn’t going to argue over £5, it’s run by Asians so just be careful because a lot of them are doing this especially on ladypool road, always check the receipt. Experience would’ve been a lot better if it wasn’t for excluding half the menu and lying to the customer when it came to the bill 👍🏻
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