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Amore Ristorante Pizzeria

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February 9, 2024
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March 13, 2024

What do customers think about Amore Ristorante Pizzeria?

Analyzing the customer feedback for Amore Ristorante e Pizzeria provides a comprehensive view of the establishment’s reputation. Customers frequently commend the welcoming atmosphere and aesthetic appeal of the venue. Extending praise to the service, many find it to be excellent, noting fast service and attentive staff, even during crowded times. The diverse menu, including child-friendly options and Italian cuisine classics like pizza and pasta, satisfies a broad customer base, with portions size described as generous and presentation as engaging. However, there are reports of occasional culinary inconsistencies; some diners were disappointed with the texture of certain items like pizza dough and chicken in pasta dishes. The seasoning on starters, such as wings, did not always meet expectations. There are also concerns regarding accessibility for wheelchair users due to the restaurant's stairs and comments on the imposition of a service charge without prior consent. Service speed, while praised by many, was criticized by a customer who experienced delays, suggesting variability possibly dependent on peak times or occupancy rates.

Positive Feedback

Amore Ristorante e Pizzeria enjoys a sizable amount of positive feedback, highlighting its ability to create an inviting atmosphere and provide excellent service. The venue is valued for its child-friendly menu and fast service, ensuring meals are served promptly even when the restaurant is at capacity. The menu attracts a wide range of customers due to its variety and the presence of vegetarian options like the highly praised PACCHERI CACIO PEPE PORCINI pasta. Adding to its charm, visual aids in the menu help diners less familiar with Italian cuisine. Patrons appreciate both the quality and the value for money offered, often mentioning the 'half and half' options and the restaurant's efficiency in managing high demand, suggesting the business is well-regarded for its dining experience.

Concerns and Threads

Nevertheless, certain negative aspects are evident in customer feedback for Amore Ristorante e Pizzeria. One recurring complaint pertains to the texture and quality of some main dishes, specifically instances of tough pizza dough and oddly textured chicken within the pasta, detracting from the overall culinary experience. Furthermore, while services are generally perceived as prompt, there are isolated reports of 'tremendously slow' service. Concerning physical accessibility, the restaurant being upstairs may present challenges for wheelchair users. Additionally, criticism arises regarding the service charge, as some customers are dissatisfied with it being added without prior consultation, suggesting a need for improved transparency in billing practices.

Frequently asked questions about Amore Ristorante Pizzeria

Does Amore Ristorante e Pizzeria have options suitable for children?

Yes, Amore Ristorante e Pizzeria offers a child-friendly menu that provides proper meals for children, avoiding frozen food options.

Is the restaurant wheelchair accessible?

The restaurant has accessibility challenges as it is located upstairs, which may not be the easiest for wheelchair users to access.

Does the restaurant automatically include a service charge in the bill?

Some reviews indicate that a service charge may be added to the bill without prior consultation; it is advisable to inquire with the staff about billing practices when ordering.

What are customers saying about Amore Ristorante Pizzeria

Amore Ristorante Pizzeria
Reiss Adams
3 months ago
Place is welcoming, has a great atmosphere. We ordered mussels and a prawn cocktail for staters, was excellent! Mains: ordered pepperoni pizza and a pasta dish. Honestly wasn’t the best. Pizza dough was quite tough, the chicken in the pasta had a weird texture. The cocktails and drinks were great. Service was tremendously slow. Service charge, not impressed with this, ask before adding it on, very American idea.
Amore Ristorante Pizzeria
a week ago
Lovely place very nice atmosphere . Service is excelent . Range of food and options on menue. Even sutable for kids with a proper food and very yummy. Portions are good size. Great place for a casual lunch or dinner with a big group. Food is service is fast too not a long wait. Kid-friendliness: Kids menue 3 corses for £10 with a proper food no frozen food
Amore Ristorante Pizzeria
a month ago
Had Xmas lunch here with work colleagues and it was absolutely excellent. When my colleagues pizza arrived, I’ll admit I thought I had made a mistake going for the turkey dinner. When my turkey arrived, it wasn’t the most attractive meal in the world but every part of it was perfection. The seasoning on the vegetables was out of this world and deserves a special mention. I had wings as a starter - they were ok but not much seasoning, just the breading. Staff were fast and attentive, especially for such a big table. Would definitely go back. Wheelchair accessibility: It is up stairs so may not be the easiest access for wheelchair users
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Exposed brick decor takes its cues from the look of a pizza oven in this modern Italian dining room.