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As of Mar 30, 2024, 1258 customers have reviewed this business and rated it 4.6 Star out of 5. The following report provides an in-depth analysis of customer reviews collected.

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Ameritex Movers's customer reviews analysis

Ameritex Movers has cultivated a generally positive reputation according to the majority of recent reviews. The company receives praise for its professional and efficient service, underpinned by the professionalism, friendliness, and speed of its moving teams. Customers appreciate the care taken with their possessions and the courteous nature of interactions, commending specific teams for going above and beyond in service, from dismantling and reassembling furniture to offering advice on property care. Despite the preponderance of commendation, there is at least one noted instance of dissatisfaction, spotlighting a severe customer service failure that resulted in damaged goods and a perceived insufficiency in accountability and compensation. This isolated report suggests a need for improvement in quality assurance and customer resolution processes, although the number of positive experiences overshadow this negative reflection on the company's overall reputation.

Positive Feedback

Praise for Ameritex Movers focuses on the movers' punctuality, professional demeanor, and efficiency in handling moves. Customers are impressed by the value provided, often citing that the work completed by the teams exceeded expectations with regard to speed and care, resulting in a hassle-free and time-saving experience. Comments frequently commend the meticulous nature of the movers, be it through careful wrapping of furniture or the thorough final setup at the destination. The amiability and diligence of the movers, alongside a clear commitment to customer satisfaction, emerges as a significant factor contributing to positive customer experiences. Additionally, the company's pricing is deemed reasonable and the pre-move organizational resources, like videos, are appreciated for easing the preparation process.

Concerns and Threads

The principal negative feedback emphasizes a serious customer service flaw regarding the handling of valuable items and post-service accountability. A customer reported the breaking of two valuable televisions with an attributed lack of proper moving equipment, inducing dissatisfaction with the claims and compensation process. This signifies potential gaps in both the mover training regarding the use of appropriate protective measures and the customer support system in effectively addressing grievances and offering satisfactory resolutions. Such incidents suggest that while the company excels in many areas, attention to the quality control of their services is paramount, as is the robustness of their customer service protocol in remedying customer issues to maintain trust and reliability.

Frequently asked questions about Ameritex Movers

What precautions do Ameritex Movers take to protect furniture during moves?

Ameritex Movers is known for carefully wrapping and protecting furniture during the moving process, ensuring that items are secure in transit and free from damage. This includes the use of blankets, shrink wrap, and other protective materials.

How does Ameritex Movers handle moves that involve dismantling and reassembling furniture?

The Ameritex moving teams are skilled in dismantling and reassembling items such as beds and tables. They take meticulous care to ensure that all pieces are properly taken apart, transported, and put back together at the new location.

What should I do if I have a negative experience with Ameritex Movers, such as damaged property?

If you encounter any issues during your move with Ameritex, it is advised to contact their customer service immediately to report the issue. The company should then guide you through the claims process to address the problem and offer resolution.

Recent customer reviews and testimonials for Ameritex Movers

Ameritex Movers
Tenisha Johnson
4 days ago
Jorge, Marcos, and Evan were a blessing to me and my family. They arrived on time and picked up the furniture with 1 additional stop, my family raved about how professional and nice the guys are, and they moved fast to get everything wrapped up and moved. I truly appreciate their hard work as they work well together and moved in a timely fashion to make sure they didn’t waste any time. I truly appreciate them taking down the trash as I received new furniture for my home, and the guys set up the furniture for me and made sure everything was connected well and not damaged. These guys are great, please give them a raise because you do not find great professional people like these guys. Be blessed and thank you for being a blessing to me and my family. I have been using them since 2016 and it has always been a pleasure to have Ameritex moved me and my family. Call them today for a quote that surely won’t be beat with the amazing high service level.
Ameritex Movers
Vincente Zierk
a week ago
Compared to most other moves, mine was relatively simple. My objective with the movers was for them to move the majority of my prepacked boxes and heavy furniture to a one-bedroom apartment. If I were to simply do this on my own with my brother, it would take the entire weekend across multiple trips back and forth. My moving team completed the requested work in under two hours! That includes carefully wrapping my furniture, securing everything in the truck, unwrapping at my destination, and cleaning up at my new place. The time save enabled me to spend the weekend unpacking and settling in, rather than moving. That completely justifies the expense. Overall, I am very happy with Ameritex Movers and my moving team.
Ameritex Movers
De’Stiney Dove
4 months ago
HORRIBLE HORRIBLE HORRIBLE…. If i could rate this company lower i would. After i repeatedly asked them to use tv boxes and they refused to. The movers broke two 65 inch tvs and after contacting the company somehow everything was my fault. I spent over 700 dollars on my tvs and i was only sent a 20 dollar reimbursement check . Also the scratches on my dinner table and scrapes on my couch. This company is a joke and very unprofessional. I recommend everyone to run.
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At Ameritex Movers, we are committed to making moves as hassle and stress free as possible. Moving in general is regarded as tiresome and tedious, but with us, that’s not the case at all! Since 2001, we have been considered amongst the best Houston movers, striving to provide a stress-free moving experience, which is our sole mission. Located in the heart of Houston, we are Houston movers primarily serving the city and its surrounding areas. However, we are also licensed to cover all of Texas. This means our stress free moving service is available for clients in Austin, Dallas, and San Antonio as well!