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What do customers say about American Best Garage Doors?

As of Apr 29, 2024, 352 customers have reviewed this business and rated it 4.9 Star out of 5. The following report provides an in-depth analysis of customer reviews collected.

did a great job

very professional

highly recommend

guys are awesome

pricing is great

polite and helpful

very happy now

beautiful new garage door

completed the job in a timely manner

communication magnificent

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April 29, 2024
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April 29, 2024

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American Best Garage Doors's customer reviews analysis

American Best Garage Doors has built a commendable reputation based on the accumulated reviews from clients in Philadelphia. Customers consistently praise the professionalism, knowledgeability, and politeness of the technicians, particularly Ibrahim and Abraham. From the mentioned feedback, the company excels in various areas including installation and repair of garage doors, prompt and same-day services, and fair pricing strategies. Moreover, the reviews suggest a strong sense of reliability and customer support, as reflected in the readiness to answer questions and provide competent service. There is a notable emphasis on the company's ability to deliver improvements in the functionality of garage doors, specifically in reducing noise and enhancing overall satisfaction. Nonetheless, a sole report of a customer who was hung up on by the original installation company (not American Best) serves as a contrasting backdrop, emphasizing American Best’s customer service excellence by comparison.

Positive Feedback

The predominant positive aspects evident from customer feedback include the technical proficiency and courteousness of the service personnel, specifically Ibrahim and Abraham, who receive multiple commendations across the reviews. Clients report high satisfaction with both the quality of workmanship—stating their garage doors now operate smoothly and quietly—and the service experience, highlighting prompt responses, efficient job completion, and thoughtful customer interaction. The affordability and competitiveness of the company's pricing are also pointed out as strengths, contributing to the value perception among consumers. The capacity to handle both simple tasks, such as minor repairs and remote installations, and more complex projects, like complete door replacements, positions American Best as a versatile service provider.

Concerns and Threads

While the majority of the feedback is overwhelmingly positive, there is a negligible aspect of customer dissatisfaction that is external to American Best Garage Doors. A single customer experienced poor service from a different company which initially installed their door. This customer's situation improves upon contacting American Best, indicating that the negative experience is not reflective of American Best Garage Doors' service but rather serves to enhance the contrast with their high-quality customer service. No intrinsic negative feedback about American Best Garage Doors themselves is available from the provided reviews.

Frequently asked questions about American Best Garage Doors

Can I expect American Best Garage Doors to handle both minor repairs and complete installations?

Yes, American Best Garage Doors offers a range of services from minor repairs to complete new garage door installations, as consistently reported by satisfied customers in the reviews.

How does American Best Garage Doors price their services compared to competitors?

According to customer testimonials, American Best Garage Doors offers competitive and fair pricing, often more affordable than quotes customers received from other service providers.

Do technicians from American Best Garage Doors offer timely and professional service?

Yes, technicians like Ibrahim and Abraham are frequently praised for their professionalism, punctuality, and swift response in addressing service calls, as well as for their respectful and customer-oriented approach.

Recent customer reviews and testimonials for American Best Garage Doors

American Best Garage Doors
Betsy vasquez
2 months ago
Ibrahim did a great job and answered all my questions. I love the work he did. I will call this company every time I need a repair in my garage. Also good price. Ibrahim was very professional. i love that my garage doesn’t make noise anymore.
American Best Garage Doors
Marvin Hunt
a month ago
This company did a great job installing our new garage door. Ibrahim, Fadi and Mohammed were professional and polite. I would recommend this company to anyone needing a garage door. Great job fellas.
American Best Garage Doors
Iris Bermudez
a week ago
I had Ibrahim install a garage remote for me, then months later he installed a complete new garage door. He is a professional and very knowledgeable with the service that he provides. I highly recommend this company and Ibrahim.
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Looking for beautiful, long-lasting garage door replacement services? In need of a quick garage door repair? We’ve provided efficient, convenient and quality services to Philadelphia garage doors and openers for over ten years. When we first started out in the garage door installation, repair and replacement business; we were a small and mobile company. When customers saw our professionalism, quality and speed of work, the company became one of the market leaders in the repair and installation of garage doors. We offer our clients a convenient showroom for garage doors of all kinds in Philadelphia. Order our services by phone or visit our showroom at 2322 Margaret Street, Phila, PA, 19137! Call now!