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Published on
January 9, 2024
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March 13, 2024

What do customers think about Amber Security Systems?

Amber Security Systems Ltd has garnered positive acclaim from its customer base, echoed through a sequence of favorable reviews. Customers have consistently praised the company for its professionalism, efficiency, and customer-focused approach. Amber Security seems to excel in personalized service, as evidenced by its timely and supportive interactions with clients like promptly sending key fobs, assisting with pairing, and performing on-site diagnostics. They manifest an eagerness to go the 'extra mile' to ensure customer satisfaction. Furthermore, the company is highlighted for its competitive pricing and accurate quoting, distinguishing itself from larger competitors with both reasonable costs and an aura of trustworthiness. Responsiveness and quick problem resolution appear to be pillars of Amber Security's service ethos, with their technical expertise frequently commended. Additionally, mention of high-quality products, such as Pyronix alarms and unnamed but reputed CCTV systems, point towards their commitment to employing reliable security technology.

Positive Feedback

The prevailing positive sentiment towards Amber Security Systems Ltd focuses on areas such as their prompt service, where they swiftly address customer needs, being both proactive and reactive in their approach. The professionalism displayed by the team, particularly an individual named Michal, is repeatedly extolled, suggesting a high level of technical expertise and customer service. A stress on competitive pricing juxtaposed with the quality of work suggests that customers feel they receive considerable value for their investment. The efficiency of the service, including quickly rectified faults and neatly completed installations, showcases a respect for the customer's time and property. The additional touch of providing aftercare service reinforces the message of a dependable post-sale support system. Furthermore, the customization of security systems to fit individual needs indicates adaptability and a customer-centric mentality. Reviews consistently describe experiences with Amber Security as hassle-free, underpinned by a reliable, communicative, and friendly demeanor from the staff.

Concerns and Threads

While the reviews provided are overwhelmingly positive, a comprehensive analysis requires careful consideration of any potential drawbacks that may not have been explicitly mentioned. As no directly negative aspects were delineated in the given reviews, it is essential to acknowledge that the absence of such might imply a limitation in the data available. Consequently, readers seeking a well-rounded understanding of the customer experience should be mindful of the possibility that not all experiences have been reflected in the feedback presented. However, based solely on the existing reviews, the company displays a profile free of attributed customer dissatisfaction

Frequently asked questions about Amber Security Systems

How quickly can Amber Security Systems Ltd respond to service requests or emergencies?

According to customer feedback, Amber Security Systems Ltd is known for their swift response to service requests and emergencies, frequently addressing customer needs promptly and efficiently.

Does Amber Security Systems Ltd offer competitive pricing for their services?

Reviews suggest that Amber Security Systems Ltd offers competitive rates and value for money. Customers have noted that the company provides realistic and accurate quotes, often at a better price point compared to larger companies.

What kind of after-sales support does Amber Security Systems Ltd provide?

Customer testimonials indicate that Amber Security Systems Ltd offers effective aftercare service. The company seems to place a strong emphasis on customer satisfaction, ensuring that any post-installation concerns or issues are taken care of.

What are customers saying about Amber Security Systems

Amber Security Systems
Daniel Earnshaw
4 months ago
I can't speak highly enough of this company. I needed another key fob for my alarm and they sent one out to me the next day. They helped me pair my fob with my alarm, not only that, they came on site to test my alarm was working, ran diagnostics and showed me how it all works. A great customer focused company who does everything they can to help.
Amber Security Systems
Jason Pinnock
4 months ago
Very helpful and charge competitive rates for fire alarm maintenance. They are very efficient and go the extra mile to make sure jobs are completed as soon as possible
Amber Security Systems
Duncan Armstrong
2 months ago
Very professional and hassle-free service. Maintenance of fire alarm was completed and one fault quickly rectified.
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About Amber Security Systems

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We specialise in the design, assembly, modernisation and maintenance of electronic security systems. We make comprehensive installations based on the latest technologies. The devices we offer have certificates of compliance with all BSI (British Standards Institution) standards. We have extremely efficient and discrete assembly crews. The scope of our departments covers the needs of clients as well as medium and large companies in London.