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What do customers say about Alert Protective Services Llc?

As of Feb 29, 2024, 137 customers have reviewed this business and rated it 4.3 Star out of 5. The following report provides an in-depth analysis of customer reviews collected.

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February 29, 2024
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March 13, 2024

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Alert Protective Services Llc's customer reviews analysis

An objective examination of the provided customer reviews for Alert Protective Services, LLC reveals a mixed reputation of the company, with customer experiences ranging from highly satisfactory to problematic. A notable number of customers have expressed dissatisfaction pertaining to the reliability of the alarm systems, which seem prone to false alarms due to environmental factors or sensitivity. Another significant concern is the customer service, especially in regards to billing issues and the difficulty in canceling services. There are multiple accounts of ongoing billing despite clear attempts to terminate services, resulting in frustration and perceptions of company's negligence or mismanagement. Conversely, there are also positive experiences where customers commend the company for professional, speedy assistance, and years of reliable security service. The reviews collectively highlight the company's strengths in initial sales consultations and some experiences with responsive customer service but denote significant weaknesses in post-sales support, accounting practices, and technical reliability of the products.

Positive Feedback

Several reviews outline positive aspects of Alert Protective Services, LLC, underscoring the company's strengths. Customers have appreciated the professional behavior and swift responsiveness of some staff members in resolving problems. The knowledgeable and friendly interactions during the sales process have been highlighted, as have the professional demeanor and punctuality of the installation teams. Long-term customers have voiced satisfaction with the enduring functionality and reliability of security products, such as security cameras and alarm systems, spanning over a decade of use. Moreover, the ease of operating the security system and the ability to monitor it via smartphone are aspects that customers find convenient and satisfactory. Additionally, instances of immediate follow-up by Alert Protective Services when customers accidentally set off their alarms have instilled confidence and a sense of security for some clients.

Concerns and Threads

The negative feedback for Alert Protective Services, LLC primarily pertains to two major facets: technical issues with the security systems and post-sales customer service, particularly billing and account cancellation processes. Customers describe the alarm systems as overly sensitive, leading to multiple false alarms triggered by heavy doors closing or adverse weather conditions, compromising the sense of security the system is supposed to provide. Customer service is repeatedly criticized for being unresponsive and indifferent to urgent customer concerns. Multiple reviewers have recounted ongoing billing despite having canceled their services, with some being billed for years after discontinuation. These issues seem to be exacerbated by a subcontracted billing system, incapable of rectifying obvious mistakes, which hands off responsibility and lacks customer focus. This not only creates financial strain but also diminishes trust in the company's ability to manage accounts appropriately.

Frequently asked questions about Alert Protective Services Llc

What steps should I take to ensure a smooth cancellation of services with Alert Protective Services, LLC?

To cancel your service with Alert Protective Services, LLC, it is advised to follow the cancellation procedure carefully. This typically includes submitting a written notice of cancellation in accordance with the contract terms, ensuring you receive a confirmation of cancellation, and keeping detailed records of all correspondence and transactions relevant to the cancellation.

How responsive is Alert Protective Services, LLC in case of a false alarm?

Based on customer experiences, the response to false alarms may vary. While some customers report immediate follow-up from the company, others express dissatisfaction with the lack of prompt communication. It is important to discuss and understand the expected response times and protocols for dealing with false alarms before choosing Alert Protective Services.

Can I expect long-term reliability from the security systems installed by Alert Protective Services, LLC?

Long-term reliability has been reported positively by some customers, with cases of security systems remaining fully functional for over a decade. However, other reviews indicate technical sensitivity issues. Prospective customers should consider asking the company for references and evidence of long-term satisfaction from existing customers.

Recent customer reviews and testimonials for Alert Protective Services Llc

Alert Protective Services Llc
Renée Gabbett
2 months ago
We had a wonderful experience with the sales person who walked us through the alarm system process and was recommended by a trusted neighbor. Unfortunately the alarm itself was pretty faulty and touchy as it went off regularly, when we closed a door too hard or dropped something. The glass break went off every time there was a strong wind. When you are dealing with something such as an alarm system to protect your home and loved ones, you rely on quick and helpful customer service, this is not the company. Over and over again we had issues with customer service. Then we thought we were done with Alert Protective for good, we sold our home and moved out of state over 2 years ago, followed all the protocols of canceling online through the online portal and followed up with a Word.doc per recommended by Noor the rep I spoke with. They suggested a follow up email stating the day of the closing and I set the date for the very same day with the attachment. Cut to last Friday, after received a bill every single month for two years, and having them say "sorry, we will document that you have closed your account" for two years. We had $754.00 debited from our account, for past due amount. They refuse to allow me to talk to accounting and are "investigating the case". We made the mistake of getting an alarm system after we had a bad break-in, and would have done more research but just didn't know what was normal or not. THIS IS NOT NORMAL. Your alarm company should alert you as soon as the alarm goes off, which as I stated, went off numerous times in strong winds and when we called they were very apologetic no one called us to see if it was a false alarm, which does not help if you are in danger. They should also offer to tune up a touchy system if it is not working. Save yourself the hassle and go with a bigger name company that actually has the resources and customer service to handle customers and emergencies.
Alert Protective Services Llc
Paul Phelps
a week ago
This is perhaps the worst home security service around. We signed on with them since the previous home owner. However, after 24 hours and talking with several of the team members, I severely regretted this decision. The company only had very limited times they could come to start my service and had a "too bad buddy, those are the only times we've got" attitude. So then I cancelled my services at that point. It had been less than 72 hours and per the contract I was not obligated to them in any way and could cancel without giving a reason within that timeframe for a full refund. Well, its now a year later and some customer disservice representative named Patrice is coming after me for more than $900 despite them never providing services for me. What a dishonest terrible company!
Alert Protective Services Llc
V Mam
a week ago
Luis carrion was very professional he helped me with my problem in a speedy manner. Good company to be with
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Every home & business is unique. Therefore, we feel home & commercial security systems should be uniquely customized to meet specific security needs. At Alert, we make sure that happens. We carefully select state-of-the-art home and commercial security equipment and combine it into a package designed to fulfill the goals of each family and business owner's unique needs.Our highly qualified and skilled technicians at Alert Protective Services give you the power to protect your home or business. Equipment options may include an alarm system of your choice or any combination of wireless alarms, a fire alarm and a burglar alarm, depending on your specific needs. We also provide wireless monitoring so you can see what is going on at anytime.