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As of Jan 10, 2024, 112 customers have reviewed this business and rated it 5 Star out of 5. The following report provides an in-depth analysis of customer reviews collected.

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Alarms R Us's customer reviews analysis

Evaluating the corpus of customer testimonials for Alarms R Us reveals a predominantly positive ambiance surrounding the company's reputation and the customer experience it delivers. The laudatory feedback emphasizes a multitude of factors contributing to customer satisfaction, which include the professionalism, reliability, and knowledgeability of the technicians, as well as the responsiveness of customer service. The sentiment shared by long-term customers denotes a sustained quality of service over years of engagement, bolstering the portrayal of Alarms R Us as a trustworthy and consistent security service provider. However, there is an isolated account that details an instance of unsatisfactory customer support experience, denoting a lapse in service which, after a period of managerial intervention, was rectified. This suggests the company's capacity for receptiveness to customer grievances and further implies a commitment to maintaining service quality by addressing and resolving customer issues.

Positive Feedback

The affirmative aspects of the feedback for Alarms R Us encompass proficient technical service, prompt responsiveness, and an experienced, courteous staff. Clients extol the company's ability to customize security solutions to individual requirements and extoll the technicians' proficiency and efficiency in installational and repair tasks. Emphasis is also placed on the aesthetical considerations during installation, as they ensure that the setup is tidy with no visible, unsightly wiring. The personable nature of the company as a local, family-owned business is appreciated, contributing to an impression of personal investment and continuity in service that customers find reassuring. Positive reviews consistently highlight the professional demeanor of personnel, the high-quality security products provided, and the cleanliness maintained during and after service appointments.

Concerns and Threads

Critical feedback for Alarms R Us is most notably encapsulated in a single incident where a customer experienced a deficiency in customer service. The customer reported a recurring issue with false alarms, and the initial response from the representative was seen as dismissive and unhelpful, casting a temporary shadow on the company's customer service reputation. Moreover, there was a delay in follow-up communication which exacerbated the customer's frustration. While the issue was eventually rectified through managerial involvement, this indicates potential areas of improvement for the company, such as initial customer support response times and proactive issue resolution. This stresses the importance of consistency in customer service quality to avoid tarnishing the otherwise stellar reputation of the company.

Frequently asked questions about Alarms R Us

What can I expect in terms of service responsiveness if I encounter an issue with my alarm system?

Alarms R Us is renowned for their prompt response to service requests and issues. As highlighted in customer reviews, technicians have been noted to be dispatched and resolve issues within the same day of reporting, ensuring minimal disruption to your security system's operation.

Are the technicians from Alarms R Us detail-oriented and professional?

Customer testimonials frequently commend the technicians from Alarms R Us for their professionalism, attention to detail, and efficiency. Installations are meticulously executed, and complex technical matters are managed with skill and care.

How does Alarms R Us handle customer service and technical support?

Alarms R Us typically receives high praise for their customer service and technical support, marked by availability and reliability. Although there has been a reported case of service dissatisfaction, the company demonstrated a commitment to resolving the issue, suggesting they value customer feedback and strive to maintain excellent service standards.

Recent customer reviews and testimonials for Alarms R Us

Alarms R Us
Darian Costello
6 days ago
Highly recommend Alarms R Us! Very competent, knowledgable, friendly and trustworthy. It was a pleasure working with them.
Alarms R Us
Gregory Oommen
a month ago
I have had Alarms r Us for over 8 years now. They have been good and service has been good until recently. I spoke to Alicia on 11/6 regarding a false tamper alarm that has been going on multiple times. I told her i was concerned that i could notnset the alarm when the house was emoty because a false alarm can be triggered.She was not helpful at all. She seemed liked she could.not be bothered. She stated that she could have someone come out to see what was going. I told her that this was ongoing issue and i had the company come out multiple times over the years(once replaced other time stated it was in good working order but still had to pay the service fee each time.She was very dismissive over the phone and was not helpful at all. I told her i wanted a solution to this issue. She stated that somewould reach out. I still have not heard from the company for a solution to this issue. I chose to stay with this company when i bought the house because i wanted tomsupport small bussiness but after this latest conversation and how dismissive the staff was I am planning on switching companies. UPDATE i want to say thank you to Bob for correcting the situation. He reachee out to me and was able to fix the issue. I am appreciative to him and his team for fixing the issues. I look forward to staying with rhis family owned company.
Alarms R Us
James Bonavita
4 months ago
Alarms r us are very patient and very reliable company. I have them for 5 years. Their staff are respectful and professional. I highly recommend them.
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About Alarms R Us

Security Systems

Alarms R Us protects homes and small businesses in the Brooklyn area with top-of-the-line security systems. We offer alarm systems and surveillance for those in need of extra security. As a family-owned and operated company, we value the relationships with our customers and put their needs first.We also provide medical alert systems to give peace of mind to those living alone or with a threatening medical condition. For a free quote on any of our services, give us a call today!