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What do customers say about Aaron Overhead Doors?

As of Apr 29, 2024, 118 customers have reviewed this business and rated it 4.9 Star out of 5. The following report provides an in-depth analysis of customer reviews collected.

great job

Great service

excellent communication

doing everything quick and easy

Awesome job

workmanship was wonderful

very professional

not pleased with this experience

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April 29, 2024
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April 29, 2024

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Aaron Overhead Doors's customer reviews analysis

The overall reputation of Aaron Overhead Doors Buckhead appears to be predominantly positive, with several customers expressing satisfaction with the professionalism, communication, and quality of work provided by the team. Customers regularly commend specific employees by name, emphasizing the personal touch and expertise demonstrated during the service provision—the positive mentions of Matt, Marco, Asa, Joe, and Gavin indicate that the company has a number of capable and skilled individuals who make a strong impression. Conversely, there is mention of a less satisfactory experience with the sales team, specifically regarding responsiveness and communication post-payment, suggesting an area for potential improvement. The installation of various products, including complete garage doors systems, screens, and components like torsion springs and cables, is described to be both professional and aesthetically pleasing. Nonetheless, an isolated complaint about incorrect billing and unperformed services highlights the need for quality assurance and rectifying errors in service delivery.

Positive Feedback

Key positive aspects from customer feedback include the high level of proficiency and customer service from employees like Matt, Marco, Asa, Joe, and their partners. Several reviews specifically laud their professionalism, punctuality, and the thorough communication provided through each project phase. Commendations for the swift, knowledgeable, and friendly service reinforce the impression of an efficient and customer-oriented business. Moreover, the ability to handle significant assignments, such as replacing 40+ year-old doors and wiring, suggests competence with both simple maintenance tasks and more complex installations. The quality of the workmanship is frequently highlighted, alongside the professionalism displayed, all culminating in strong recommendations for future customers and repeated business intents from satisfied clients.

Concerns and Threads

While feedback is generally favorable, there are notable negative aspects related to Aaron Overhead Doors Buckhead. A recurrent issue in the feedback is the company's sales team responsiveness post-sale, with customers reporting a lack of vital communication about order status and deposit payments. This could indicate administrative lapses or a disconnect between the sales and service divisions. There is also a report of an overcharge and failure to complete all the services paid for, such as the installation of a surge protector. This incident points to a potential oversight in service delivery and can be a cause for concern for customers seeking reliability and integrity in their transactions. It is an area that the company might need to address to maintain their reputation and improve customer experience.

Frequently asked questions about Aaron Overhead Doors

What services can I expect when hiring Aaron Overhead Doors Buckhead?

Aaron Overhead Doors Buckhead provides a variety of services including the installation of new garage doors, replacement of old wiring and controls, and general maintenance such as torsion spring and cable replacement. They offer detailed inspections and multiple repair options tailored to the customer's needs.

How does the company handle customer communication and service updates?

The company has received praise for effective communication and service updates from their technical team; however, some customers reported communication issues with the sales team, especially concerning post-payment services and order status updates. The company is encouraged to work on ensuring consistency in customer communication across all departments.

What is the customers' perception of the staff professionalism at Aaron Overhead Doors Buckhead?

The staff, including named employees such as Matt, Marco, Asa, Joe, and their partners, are frequently commended for their professionalism, knowledge, and customer service. Reviews often mention satisfactory experiences with friendly, punctual, and skilled individuals who perform their duties excellently.

Recent customer reviews and testimonials for Aaron Overhead Doors

Aaron Overhead Doors
Wesley Flowers
8 months ago
Matt and Marco were great. I only had a couple minutes to explain the job before I had to leave for work to Matt. It was a big job to replace 40+ year old doors, however the handle it! New doors, wiring, and controls. Very excited. The whole team from Destin, Brie, Matt. and Marco did a great job!!!! We are happy to recommend you guys anytime! Thanks
Aaron Overhead Doors
Sandra S
a month ago
Mixed experiences, the technician who came out to measure and provide an estimate was very good and professional but since then the sales team has not been responsive. They called to ask for a deposit payment a few days after I had already paid; and there have been no order status updates in over a week even though I was told the product I ordered was in stock. Still waiting on updates and actual product install.
Aaron Overhead Doors
Daphne Lin
7 months ago
Asa did a great job, Great service! Arrived within one hour after we call in for service. Very knowledgeable and friendly. Inspected the door and went over all the stuff that needed to be done. Fast and efficient.Thank you
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About Aaron Overhead Doors

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Aaron Overhead Doors Buckhead is a design & service center for the Buckhead GA community. Buckhead homeowners can see full-size garage doors and accessories. We carry a wide range of high-end garage doors made of wood, glass, aluminum, and steel. We also provide quality repairs on garage doors to get you and your family up and running so the door doesn't disrupt your day. If you're in need of a garage door opener, repair, or garage door installation, Aaron Overhead Doors Buckhead will be honored to be considered.