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As of Jan 18, 2024, 2117 customers have reviewed this business and rated it 4.9 Star out of 5. The following report provides an in-depth analysis of customer reviews collected.

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72SOLD's customer reviews analysis

Analysis of customer reviews indicates that 72SOLD is experiencing a strong positive reputation based on the testimonials provided by various Program Directors partnering with the company across the United States. These professionals, often having backgrounds with established real estate agencies such as Keller Williams, consistently applaud 72SOLD for its innovative approach to selling homes. The key elements bolstering the company's reputation include the ability to secure top dollar for clients—which is quantified at 8-12% more than traditional methods—the speed of selling homes, and the implementation of unique marketing and sales strategies that adapt to the changing market. The recurring themes in the reviews suggest that 72SOLD provides a competitive edge, leveraging modern sales psychology and marketing techniques, while simultaneously offering training for real estate agents to transition from traditional sales models. Additionally, the agents express gratitude for 72SOLD's supportive staff and the company's recognition as America's leading Home Selling Program.

Positive Feedback

Review analysis reveals an array of positive aspects associated with 72SOLD, as narrated by its partners. First and foremost, the potential for sellers to earn a premium on their home sales is consistently emphasized, with figures suggested to be 8-12% higher than the norm. Additionally, the innovation of the program is commended for providing sellers with a decisive competitive advantage. The speed of sales is another pivotal positive aspect, coupled with the ease and white-glove service that heightens the customer experience. Agents express a sense of excitement and honor in their affiliation with 72SOLD, and the staff are regularly described as ‘awesome’ and ‘helpful’. Furthermore, the enthusiasm to abandon traditional sales methodologies in favor of 72SOLD’s approaches signifies a transformative praise for the program's efficacy and impact on both the real estate market and the agents' practices.

Concerns and Threads

Despite the overwhelming positive feedback, since there are no explicitly negative reviews provided by the Program Directors, an in-depth analysis of potential drawbacks is limited. However, based on the data available, it can be implied that some caution may be necessary for the lack of diverse voices and experiences from the consumer’s side in these reviews. The testimonials are all from 72SOLD affiliates and do not directly reflect customer experiences, which are crucial for a comprehensive evaluation of the service. Therefore, while these director reviews are promising, they may not encapsulate the full spectrum of customer experiences, including any challenges, issues, or dissatisfaction that a prospective client may face. An analysis that includes actual customer testimonials would provide a more balanced understanding of the potential negative aspects.

Frequently asked questions about 72SOLD

How does 72SOLD differ from traditional home selling processes?

72SOLD provides an innovative home selling program which, according to our partners, offers clients the ability to sell their properties faster and for a higher price—typically 8-12% more—than traditional methods. The program is touted for its unique sales and marketing techniques that cater to the dynamic demands of the modern real estate market.

What advantages does the 72SOLD program offer to sellers?

Sellers using the 72SOLD program are reported to benefit from a competitive edge in the market, receiving top-dollar offers for their homes with a quicker sale process. The program promises to maintain seller leverage and provides a premium customer experience with 'white glove service'.

Is there training available for real estate agents who partner with 72SOLD?

72SOLD provides training to real estate agents, equipping them with modern sales and marketing psychology. This enables agents to transition from traditional sales models to the innovative approach of 72SOLD, enhancing their ability to serve clients effectively in the current market.

Recent customer reviews and testimonials for 72SOLD

Stephen Milo
7 months ago
I am honored to partner with 72 Sold as a Program Director and experienced Keller Williams agent in locations Long Island, NY and Palm Beach County, Florida. I am excited to offer my clients the truly best Home Selling Program in America that gets sellers Top Dollar, 8-10% more vs. the traditional selling process. I am confident in the Top Level Results that this Program will provide to Home Sellers , and I am confident in my future to continue to partner with such a Dynamic, Business minded, & Caring Team as 72 Sold is. If your interested in learning more about how this program can benefit You, then please contact me .It would be an honor to discuss the program with you. Sincerely, Stephen M 72 Sold Program Director NY/FL
Lian Sergeant
8 months ago
As a Keller Williams Riverside agent, I am delighted to partner with 72SOLD as Program Director for the Inland Empire area, in California. 72SOLD is an exciting program nationally recognized for being a leading Home Selling Program. It is truly a game changer in the industry! 72SOLD is exactly what our sellers need and I am thrilled to bring this service to our area. I have been working with the 72SOLD system for the past several months and I can see the incredible results it has given for my clients and myself. My clients are selling their homes faster and for more money than I have seen in the past. This program gives my clients a competitive advantage in the ever-shifting market. With this program in play, I am prepared to get away from traditional sales models and adopt a modern sales and marketing psychology that will work so well for you, my future client!
Tadesse Habetyes
a year ago
As a Keller Williams Realty Phoenix agent, I am so excited and honored to partner with 72SOLD as Program Director for the greater Metro Phoenix, area. Nationally Recognized American’s leading Home Selling Program is a big game changer in the industry! The program is brilliant & exactly what our sellers need! What I love so much about this program is that it incorporates unique client experience and marketing techniques that we can provide to our clients as agents. 72SOLD is giving home sellers a competitive advantage in this ever-changing and challenging market and giving great training to the real estate agent to prepare for a new journey to get away from traditional sales and adopt modern sales and marketing psychology. By partnering with 72SOLD I learn a lot. The staff members are awesome and helpful. It is a great company to partner with
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