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Vivek Sivarajan, Mb, Chb, Mrcs, Md, Frcs(Plast) - Elanic Clinic
Vivek Sivarajan, Mb, Chb, Mrcs, Md, Frcs(Plast) - Elanic Clinic

Vivek Sivarajan, Mb, Chb, Mrcs, Md, Frcs(Plast) - Elanic Clinic Reviews Summary

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February 15, 2024
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March 13, 2024

What do customers think about Vivek Sivarajan, Mb, Chb, Mrcs, Md, Frcs(Plast) - Elanic Clinic?

Elanic Clinic garners a predominantly positive reputation based on the recent reviews, with customers conveying overall satisfaction regarding their interpersonal experiences, surgical outcomes, and pre- and post-operative care. Warm welcomes, thorough explanations, and feelings of comfort are recurring sentiments expressed by multiple clients, signaling a consistent delivery of customer service. The clinic's staff is frequently described as professional, friendly, and empathetic, particularly highlighting the approachability and skill of surgeons, such as Dr. Vivek, and the nursing team. However, there are alarming instances of operational mismanagement reported by a client, including booking complications and a perceived lack of attention post-operation. These inconsistencies in administrative efficiency and communication imply a potential vulnerability in the clinic's customer service systems. Also noted is a severe complaint about post-surgical care leading to health complications, which contrasts with the overwhelmingly positive narratives but is critical to consider amidst the overall customer experience trends.

Positive Feedback

Positive customer feedback for Elanic Clinic often centers around the high standard of patient care, staff friendliness, and the expertise of the surgeons. Patients repeatedly commend the welcoming environment and supportive interactions with the clinic team, indicating an emphasis on creating comfortable experiences. The professionalism exhibited by the staff, coupled with the personalized attention and clear communication regarding procedures, fosters confidence and trust in the clinic. Particularly praised is Dr. Vivek, who is recognized for his exceptional skills and understanding of patient needs, contributing to life-changing surgery outcomes. Patients feeling informed, cared for, and satisfied with their surgical results testify to the clinic's effort to provide high-quality aesthetic services.

Concerns and Threads

Despite the overall positive feedback, Elanic Clinic has faced criticism related to its administrative practices and post-operative support. Customers report experiences of booking difficulties, including unresponsive communication channels, technical issues with payment links, and mismanagement of appointment confirmations. One alarming review details a customer's struggle with post-surgical complications leading to long-term health issues, a concern accentuated by the perception of being dismissed after the problems arose. This particular narrative suggests that Elanic Clinic's care standards may falter in the face of complications, potentially undermining trust in the clinic's ability to manage adverse outcomes. Such negative aspects in customer feedback highlight the necessity for improvement in operational procedures and consistent care, regardless of the complexity of the cases encountered.

Frequently asked questions about Vivek Sivarajan, Mb, Chb, Mrcs, Md, Frcs(Plast) - Elanic Clinic

What can I expect from the pre- and post-operative care at Elanic Clinic?

According to patient testimonials, you can expect a welcoming atmosphere, detailed consultations, and thorough explanations of procedures from qualified professionals. Post-operative care generally includes attentive monitoring, regular check-ups, and compassionate support. However, it's advised to inquire directly about follow-up care protocols, especially for handling potential complications.

How are communication and administrative concerns handled by Elanic Clinic?

The clinic typically receives positive feedback for friendly staff interactions, yet there have been instances of administrative difficulties, such as issues with booking and payment confirmations. While these may not reflect the majority experience, it's important to confirm appointments directly and ensure all communications are clear and received by the appropriate staff.

Are the surgeons at Elanic Clinic experienced and trustworthy?

Surgeons such as Dr. Vivek are frequently commended for their expertise, ability to understand patient desires, and for providing successful surgical outcomes. It's advisable to research the credentials and patient experiences with individual surgeons to gauge trustworthiness and experience relevant to your desired procedure.

What are customers saying about Vivek Sivarajan, Mb, Chb, Mrcs, Md, Frcs(Plast) - Elanic Clinic

Vivek Sivarajan, Mb, Chb, Mrcs, Md, Frcs(Plast) - Elanic Clinic
Sheri Lewis
2 months ago
Went to Elanic for a consultation for breast augmentation. As soon as I arrived, everyone was very welcoming, sat with a cup of tea, the girls at reception went above and beyond I felt, everyone was extremely friendly, I felt comfortable. I met with the surgeon and my consultant, felt comfortable, was given a lot of advice and information about the procedure which I thought was amazing. I feel very comfortable and excited about getting the surgery. The process of booking, paying etc was very smooth. A very good experience, can’t wait for my day!!!
Vivek Sivarajan, Mb, Chb, Mrcs, Md, Frcs(Plast) - Elanic Clinic
Graeme Fish (fishypro)
3 months ago
I recently went under the knife at Elanic. On arrival I was extremely nervous until one of the team of nurses arrived. With a gentle smile and a warm hello, it wasn‘t long before I felt settled. I experienced a very friendly, relaxed yet very professional team. A full explanation was given by each member of the team looking after me. Once in surgery, I was given a small injection into the back of my hand, I answered a few questions and the next thing I knew I had woken up in the recovery room. The care continued with constant heart rate, pulse and blood pressure checks. I was given snacks and drinks and my nurse kept asking me how I felt! I was really well taken care of. So I would like to say a huge thank you to the whole team at Elanic and for anyone reading this, I can highly recommend this company!
Vivek Sivarajan, Mb, Chb, Mrcs, Md, Frcs(Plast) - Elanic Clinic
Paige McGee
2 weeks ago
I recently had breast augmentation and an uplift at Elanic with Vivek, he was absolutely fantastic. I was completely reassured and comfortable through the whole process start to finish. The nurses and surgical team made me feel relaxed as well and everyone was just so incredibly friendly. I really can’t fault them and I’m so glad I went to Elanic for my procedure.
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About Vivek Sivarajan, Mb, Chb, Mrcs, Md, Frcs(Plast) - Elanic Clinic

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Elanic are a consultant led plastic surgeons, offering unique day case surgery at our state of the art clinic. Specialising in all aspects of cosmetic surgery and non-surgical treatments we have skilled practitioners and surgeons in every area. Our aftercare packages are second to none and customer happiness and satisfaction are our priority as well as providing a safe and relaxing environment for our valued customers.