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Published on
January 29, 2024
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March 13, 2024

What do customers think about Upper Street Handyman?

An analysis of recent customer reviews for Upper Street Handyman Ltd. reveals a generally positive reputation built on professionalism, quality of work, and strong communication skills. Many clients have reported satisfaction with the efficiency, courtesy, and timeliness exhibited by the team, from management to the tradespeople executing the tasks. The company's ability to handle a wide array of services—from water damage repair to general construction—enhances its reputation. Furthermore, the firm is applauded for its fair pricing and its staff's willingness to provide trustworthy advice and adapt schedules to the client's needs. Nonetheless, an isolated incident involving subpar cleanup and miscommunication regarding cost suggests that there can be inconsistencies in service delivery and expectations management.

Positive Feedback

Upper Street Handyman Ltd. has garnered commendable feedback for its excellent communication, which is emphasized as a notable strength compared to other similar firms. Clients have highlighted this as an outstanding aspect alongside their professional work ethic and the high standard of completed projects. Satisfied customers have expressed appreciation for the timely manner in which services are delivered, polite and respectful staff, and how the company is willing to accommodate client schedules. Across several reviews, their reasonable pricing, quick response times, and a general propensity for going above and beyond—such as offering to resolve additional issues within prepaid service times—are recurrent positive aspects that reflect the company's dedication to customer service.

Concerns and Threads

While the majority of the feedback for Upper Street Handyman Ltd. is positive, there has been an incident of dissatisfaction where the level of professionalism and post-service cleanup was found lacking. In this case, improper handling of the area by a plumber, an unexpected price increase after the job's completion, and a failure to repair caused damages highlights a concern regarding the consistency in delivering quality service. This isolated review suggests there may be room for improvement in handling unforeseen complications and ensuring that subsequent customer care is maintained throughout the entirety of the service process, including the necessary repairs and tidiness post-job.

Frequently asked questions about Upper Street Handyman

Can I trust Upper Street Handyman Ltd. to handle a range of different handyman services?

Yes, Upper Street Handyman Ltd. is well-reviewed for their professionalism and ability to manage a wide variety of tasks, including general construction, plumbing, and electrical services, due to their skilled workforce.

Is Upper Street Handyman Ltd. known for good communication with clients?

Yes, many reviews highlight Upper Street Handyman Ltd.'s exceptional communication skills as one of their strong points, setting them apart from other firms in the industry.

Does Upper Street Handyman Ltd. provide accurate quotes and stay within budget?

Generally, customers report Upper Street Handyman Ltd. offers fair prices and reasonable quotes. However, it is recommended to discuss potential additional costs in the event of unexpected complications, as there has been at least one review mentioning an issue with post-job charges.

What are customers saying about Upper Street Handyman

Upper Street Handyman
Sarah Lockwood
a month ago
First time I've used Upper Street Handyman and won't be the last. Really courteous, efficient and well organised- really impressed with them. The guys were all really polite and respectful. Thanks very much.
Upper Street Handyman
Nicki Lewis
2 months ago
Upper Street Hardware has done a variety of work for me over the past six years and they are always excellent. The team are professional, polite and always on time. Their work is great and at a reasonable price. I wouldn't use anyone else. Services: Water damage repair, Paint indoors
Upper Street Handyman
Richard Holborow
3 months ago
Excellent work, fair price, outstanding communications. I have used a lot of building firms over the years in different UK locations, for business and private work. and for large and small jobs. Some have been very good but, even with the best, communication has often been an issue. Not so with Upper Street Handyman Ltd. who must be the easiest and most efficient communicators I have ever encountered in the building trade, with the help of the excellent Parez and her office colleagues and with the experienced professional oversight of Eli. The firm has recently completed an extensive refit of an Islington flat for me, including the installation of a new central heating system and new internal wall insulation, followed by roofing work to deal with occasional water ingress and the emergency remediation of a sudden leak. It was all very well done, to an exceptional standard, at a fair price. I was given trustworthy advice throughout. The business is a bigger enterprise than the name implies, with a workforce that includes a wide range of skilled trades. All of the workmen I met were friendly, courteous and careful to protect the communal parts of the building. This is a very well run business that deserves to do well.
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Upper Street Handyman service is one of the reliable and trustworthy service provider in Highbury & Islington area. Our Handyman service is disciplined and time-tested with home repairs and property maintenance. We do plumbing,Electrical, Painting, Tiling,Decorating,Carpentry, Fixing bathroom leaks, fixing electrical sockets and many other odd jobs.