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As of Apr 23, 2024, 112 customers have reviewed this business and rated it 4.9 Star out of 5. The following report provides an in-depth analysis of customer reviews collected.

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April 23, 2024

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Handyman Manchester's customer reviews analysis

Handyman Manchester appears to hold a strong reputation for prompt service, professionalism, and customer satisfaction, as evident from the overwhelmingly positive reviews. The recurring theme throughout customer testimonials is the company's impressive responsiveness and efficiency in handling tasks. Customers express gratitude for the ability to swiftly attend to urgent jobs, an attribute that elevates the company's trustworthiness in the eyes of the clientele. Friendly customer service is consistently highlighted, alongside skilled workmanship that meets and often exceeds expectations. The company's transparent pricing, without hidden costs, underscores their commitment to fairness and integrity. Furthermore, the flexibility to handle a variety of tasks ranging from emergency door repairs to garden shed assembly demonstrates the company's versatile capability. The pattern of positive feedback indicates that Handyman Manchester is perceived as a reliable option for a wide scope of handyman services.

Positive Feedback

Customers of Handyman Manchester have frequently spotlighted the company's rapid response time and efficient service delivery. Testimonials reflect an appreciation for the company's capacity to handle urgent requests, such as a jammed door, with some jobs being attended to within 20 minutes of initial contact. The company's professionalism is lauded, both in their conduct—described as 'polite', 'friendly', and 'tidy'—and in their workmanship, which is deemed high-quality and thorough. Price satisfaction also emerges as a key positive aspect, with the customers finding the services to be 'pocket friendly' and appreciating the upfront agreement on costs. The handymen's ability to tackle diverse projects, including resealing shower trays, shed roof refelting, and wallpaper stripping, indicates versatility and a broad skill set that further reinforces customer confidence and their propensity to recommend and reuse the service.

Concerns and Threads

While the provided reviews overwhelmingly praise Handyman Manchester, the absence of negative feedback within this selection offers limited insight into areas of potential improvement for the company. It is important to note that the absence of criticism in this data set does not inherently imply a flawless service; rather, it reflects the particular experiences of these reviewers. To maintain objectivity and balance, potential customers should consider seeking additional sources or reviews that might outline less favorable experiences for a more comprehensive view of the company's service quality.

Frequently asked questions about Handyman Manchester

How quickly can Handyman Manchester respond to emergency service requests?

Handyman Manchester has demonstrated the ability to respond exceedingly quickly to urgent service calls, with instances of attending to emergency requests within 20 minutes of being contacted.

Are pricing and costs transparent with Handyman Manchester?

Customers have praised Handyman Manchester for providing straightforward, pocket-friendly pricing. All prices are discussed and agreed in advance, ensuring there are no hidden costs.

Can Handyman Manchester handle a variety of different tasks?

Yes, Handyman Manchester is versed in a broad array of services, including but not limited to door repairs, furniture assembly, construction work, refelting roofs, and stripping wallpaper. They are known to tackle both small and larger tasks efficiently.

Recent customer reviews and testimonials for Handyman Manchester

Handyman Manchester
Ori Shok
2 months ago
I needed a handy man for an urgent job as I could get into my kitchen because the door got jammed. I saw his contact on google and I messaged him & he came to my address after 20 mins to fix my door. I was so impressed because I was almost stranded. Trust worthy people and friendly as well. Did the job so well. I also asked them to assemble my new chest drawers and bedside drawer they did a very good job and pocket friendly price too. Thank you !
Handyman Manchester
Carly Dickinson
2 months ago
Contacted Marc as I needed a small job carrying out. He attended a couple of days later to reseal my shower tray. Quick and tidy worker. Very pleased.
Handyman Manchester
Sam Smith
2 months ago
Messaged Marc on Thursday night as I needed someone to refelt a shed roof for my elderly relatives and had been let down by people saying they would come out and give me a quote. He called round on Friday and went round to to the job Sunday morning! He was polite friendly and they were so pleased with the work he did. I would not hesitate to recommend and will be messaging him with any jobs I need doing .
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