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As of Apr 13, 2024, 566 customers have reviewed this business and rated it 4.6 Star out of 5. The following report provides an in-depth analysis of customer reviews collected.

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April 13, 2024
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Budget Right Handyman's customer reviews analysis

Budget Right Handyman seems to have cultivated a commendable reputation, particularly in line with efficient service delivery and skilled craftsmanship, as evidenced by recent customer reviews. Positive assessments frequently highlight the company's successful execution of a variety of tasks, the professionalism of its handymen, like Miguel and Keri, and their ability to communicate effectively with clients about the requirements and challenges encountered during projects. Negative reviews, while less common, emphasize customer dissatisfaction primarily regarding perceived overcharging, issues with work quality, and lackluster customer service following service shortcomings. These criticisms are substantial, as some customers felt that their needs and expectations were not adequately met, both in the execution and the cost of the services provided.

Positive Feedback

Customers have expressed substantial satisfaction with Budget Right Handyman's service quality, emphasizing the professionalism of workers, efficient task completion, and effective communication. Positive reviews praise the skillfulness of technicians, such as in specialized tasks like tile backsplash work and plumbing fixture installations, including detailed preparatory discussions which enhanced service customization. Return customers and first-timers alike note the company's punctuality, cleanliness, and respectful handling of their respective living spaces. This emphasis on customer-oriented service and adaptability to various project requirements contributes to a clear and consistent pattern of customer approval.

Concerns and Threads

On the negative side, Budget Right Handyman faces criticism for instances of mismanagement and customer service issues. Some reviews describe experiences characterized by billing disputes, subpar work quality, and a lack of responsibility taken for unsatisfactory outcomes. Customers have voiced frustration over being charged for simple tasks that were not completed as per the agreed scope of work and the use of a high hourly rate without delivering the expected standard. Furthermore, the absence of contact with the owner or senior management when issues arise exacerbates the perception of inadequate customer service, suggesting an area for potential improvement.

Frequently asked questions about Budget Right Handyman

Does Budget Right Handyman provide detailed estimates and consultation before starting a project?

Yes, Budget Right Handyman offers initial calls to review tasks, set expectations, and allocate time, ensuring that both the company and the client are on the same page before commencing the work.

Are the handymen from Budget Right experienced with specialized tasks like tile work or plumbing?

The company employs handymen with specific skill sets appropriate for a variety of tasks, such as tile work installation and plumbing, as reported by satisfied customers.

How does Budget Right Handyman address issues if customers are dissatisfied with the service?

While positive reviews indicate effective communication and service, some negative reviews suggest that the company's response to dissatisfaction can be inconsistent. Customers experiencing issues should insist on prompt and direct communication with management for resolutions.

Recent customer reviews and testimonials for Budget Right Handyman

Budget Right Handyman
Jax Methling
3 weeks ago
Really great first-time experience with Budget Right Handyman. I had about 5-7 tasks I needed done for my loft in Chicago that I am preparing to list for sale and the whole process went very smoothly. I really appreciated an initial call with their team to review the tasks so they properly set expectations and time allocation. Their team member, Miguel, was great, too. He did a great job fixing everything efficiently and communicating challenges or issues so I was well informed. Super job!
Budget Right Handyman
Colleen Hardacre
4 months ago
This handyman company put up blinds and Xmas lights for me and replaced a fan. Miguel did a great job! Prior to this Mike set up my couch, put my TV stand together and my new TV on it. He also replaced my showerhead. They both did a great job and were very nice. I would definitely recommend this company!
Budget Right Handyman
Jay Ritchie
3 weeks ago
I normally don’t post negative reviews of the trades. It’s hard work and we need more people doing it. Also you don’t want to burn your ability to hire later. But after a string of just abysmal experiences putting this out there because why should I or anyone accept substandard work? I’m red of being labeled as difficult because I dare to complain about what you see in the photo. I think the photo says it all. No pride in work. No communication. Also be warned this company charges you for everything. Need a small drywall patch? You’re buying a box of screws. I had a simple job that I asked a fixed price for that was 300% the time it actually took and were offended (and insulting) when I challenged them on it. Sent two guys for a 1 man job (where you’re paying $100/hr ea) so I could pay 2 guys to run to the store. I had a really simple scope of work, wrote it down, and they couldn’t even complete it. Apparently their “carpenter” handymen don’t even travel with mitre saw, nails or an oscillating saw. For $100/hr when they’re probably paying the guys doing the work $25-35 I would expect maybe someone to review photos of the work done and correct issues before the customer has to bring it up. When I expressed how frustrated it was owner couldn’t even be bothered to call me. Stay away from these call center type services. Find someone doing the same work and pay them directly. No guarantees you’ll get better work but hopefully there’s a more productive conversation to be had. No more excuses! Edit to original post. I saw the owners response and want to say don’t be fooled. His guys absolutely did that trim. And left the mud all over the side panel. The scope was to reinstall 3 cabinets that came out due to a plumbing repair along with associated drywall repairs. They left without installing the cabinet doors, backsplash or toe kick (guess they don’t have hammers either). I had also asked them to remove the undermount sink as I had noticed a retaining clip had come off and they didn’t do it, so now I would need to pay to have almost everything they did do redone to make that repair. The fact is this could have easily been a one man job and if they were prepared they could have done it in a day. I don’t see how they can complain of my nickel and diming them when they left without doing work I was prepared to pay them for and when I’m paying $100/hr. I routinely work with highly skilled carpenters that charge $50/hr so, yes, I get upset when I have to pay $100 and when issues arise they shift blame, say nobody ever has an issue with their work, etc v taking responsibility, much less apologize. Again, was never contacted by owner, only threatened. Lastly I’ll add that I had written everything out both when hiring them and for the guys on the site because I was not there to supervise and even though they had to know they hadn’t finished everything they got my wife to say it was ok. Which is not ok.
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