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Published on
January 12, 2024
Last updated
March 13, 2024

What do customers think about University of London?

The University of London's online education program exhibits a dichotomy in its reputation, based on the customer reviews provided. On one hand, students appreciate the quality of teaching and the breadth of resources, such as the library's extensive collection of texts and the beauty of its architecture. There is also a recognition of the program's potential to have a significant global impact, with the positive learning environment and exposure to diversity being highly valued by students. However, on the other hand, there are pronounced concerns regarding the administrative support provided to online students, with repeated feedback highlighting significant communication issues. Delays in response time to enquiries, the resulting logistic complications such as prolonged waits for module results, and an unsatisfactory grievance addressing system are recurrent themes that tarnish the overall customer experience and raise questions about the institution's efficacy in managing online programs.

Positive Feedback

The University of London earns commendations for several aspects of its educational offerings. Students have expressed high satisfaction with the quality of teaching, revealing a strong foundation for academic development. The wealth of resources, particularly the library’s array of historic and modern texts, alongside small exhibits, is lauded as exceptional and enriching to the learning experience. The scenic online study halls add to the positive learning environment, and the school's dedication to diversity and self-discovery is reflected in students' academic journeys. The good organization and availability of facilities further enhance the experience, suggesting that the university lays out a solid groundwork for effective learning.

Concerns and Threads

Several significant challenges mar the online student experience at the University of London. A recurring theme is the apparent deficit in the student liaison department's efficiency, with students experiencing prolonged processing times for requests and issues surrounding the issuance of diplomas. Communication breakdowns are evident, with an enquiry system that is criticized for being slow and unresponsive, and a disconnected response protocol that leaves students feeling unsupported. International and long distance students, in particular, suffer from a lack of direct contact with appropriate departments to resolve issues, leading to delays and stress. The absence of timely assistance and perceived disregard for student feedback, especially from those on scholarships or from developing countries, contribute negatively to the university's reputation amongst its online student body.

Frequently asked questions about University of London


How effective is the University of London's support system for online students?


According to recent reviews, the University of London's online support system faces criticism for being inefficient and non-responsive. Students have experienced delays in receiving module results and insufficient communication, particularly in student liaison and administrative services.


Does the University of London offer a conducive learning environment?


The reviews suggest that the University of London offers high-quality teaching and a wealth of resources, including a well-stocked library and scenic online study halls. The environment is seen as conducive to learning with an emphasis on diversity and personal growth.


Are there any issues with enrolling in online programs at the University of London?


Prospective students should be aware that there have been reported issues with enrolling and managing administrative tasks in the University of London's online programs. Feedback indicates that the administrative system may not be well designed for long distance students, causing potential distress and inconvenience.


What are customers saying about University of London

University of London
Ruzica Radovanovic
3 months ago
I registered for a master degree in organizational psychology for an online course. I was really disappointed by the way the university is communicating with students. I waited for a results of my last module for 8 months without being able to contact someone directly at the university to get information on what was happening, it is all through platform where you wait for weeks to get an answer. I could not register for my next module without receiving my results of the previous module. It delayed all my master program. It is really not worth the money. I do not recommend that university.
University of London
Mr. Govorov (Nikitochka221)
2 months ago
Teaching is good, but the student liaison department leaves much to be desired. Requests are processed for 3 months. I paid all the bills and they stopped responding at all about the diploma issue.
University of London
Joanne Walker
a week ago
There is the potential for the university to recognize how effective it can be globally by treating relevant feedback received with respect and urgency.
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