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Turning Point Scotland North East Edinburgh Recovery Service
Turning Point Scotland North East Edinburgh Recovery Service

Turning Point Scotland North East Edinburgh Recovery Service Reviews Summary

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Published on
February 16, 2024
Last updated
March 13, 2024

What do customers think about Turning Point Scotland North East Edinburgh Recovery Service?

Turning Point Scotland Edinburgh serves its community with a focus on addiction and recovery support, with several reviewers sharing positive experiences about overcoming their habits due to the full help and amazing support they received. The organization is commended for being particularly helpful for those struggling with addiction, providing guidance and tools for managing recovery even at the lowest points. However, a recurring concern among some clients relates to an apparent narrow focus on substance abuse, potentially neglecting other mental health issues. Additionally, criticisms include experiences of poor follow-up, a lack of personalized care, and instances where professionalism was questioned, such as a breach of confidentiality. These contrasting experiences suggest that Turning Point's effectiveness may vary significantly depending on individual circumstances and staff interactions.

Positive Feedback

Turning Point Scotland Edinburgh has garnered favorable reviews from several clients who have successfully managed their addictions with the organization's help. Clients praise the professional staff for their guidance through the recovery process and for providing the necessary support during challenging times. The organization's role in the community is highlighted as crucial, offering a laudable service for those in need. Moreover, the social aspect of meeting new people and learning skills for life management in recovery groups is seen as valuable for individuals working towards sobriety. The collective feedback emphasizes the organization's strong reputation for its commitment to helping individuals regain control of their lives.

Concerns and Threads

Despite the positive feedback, Turning Point Scotland Edinburgh has received criticism in some areas. A few reviewers expressed dissatisfaction with a perceived one-size-fits-all approach, particularly regarding mental health issues not directly related to substance abuse. In these instances, the focus on addiction as the root cause was seen as dismissive of other complex needs. There are concerns about staff members' professionalism and empathy, including instances of breached confidentiality and unsupportive attitudes which undermined trust. The organization was also criticized for not providing adequate personalized attention, with one client feeling abandoned after not receiving the expected diagnostic services. These negative experiences raise concerns about the organization's consistency in servicing clients with diverse needs and highlight the importance of holistic and nuanced care.

Frequently asked questions about Turning Point Scotland North East Edinburgh Recovery Service

Does Turning Point Scotland Edinburgh provide support for mental health issues other than addiction?

Turning Point Scotland Edinburgh primarily focuses on substance abuse and addiction recovery. While they may address some related mental health issues, some clients have reported a lack of support for mental health concerns unassociated with addiction. Prospective clients with such issues may want to consider additional or alternative mental health services.

Can I trust the staff to keep my personal information confidential?

Confidentiality is a key aspect of Turning Point's services, although there have been isolated reports of confidentiality breaches. It's important for clients to discuss privacy concerns directly with staff to ensure their information is handled with the utmost care.

What kind of recovery support can I expect from Turning Point Scotland Edinburgh?

Turning Point Scotland Edinburgh provides a range of support for recovery, including one-on-one guidance, group sessions, and assistance with managing addiction. These services are generally well-regarded by clients, who find them helpful for overcoming addiction and integrating with a community of individuals facing similar challenges.

What are customers saying about Turning Point Scotland North East Edinburgh Recovery Service

Turning Point Scotland North East Edinburgh Recovery Service
Michael Pomietlarz
3 days ago
This place really help me with my habits. I am in controll now, thanks to the people that work there. I got full help and an amazing support. If you feel that you are loosing it, visit Turning Point. There is nothing bad that can come out from this. Only good things, I am talking from experience.
Turning Point Scotland North East Edinburgh Recovery Service
Stewart Sinclair
3 days ago
Fantastic organisation especially for recovery, staff are very helpful & guide you through managing addiction/recovery even when I was at my lowest ebb. Thanks great service.
Turning Point Scotland North East Edinburgh Recovery Service
Calum Robb
3 years ago
I went to Turning Point seeking a diagnosis for suspected Attention Deficit Disorder and being mildly obsessive (I have trouble keeping attention and can’t let small things ‘go’). My first meeting was with a woman who’s speciality is clearly housing and she basically insisted that I join the council housing list despite me being in a stable private rented home. After lecturing me about the virtues of joining a two year waiting list she then left me alone in an empty room. I left after 20 minutes of being abandoned. I went back and spoke to other members of staff and eventually got an appointment with their psychiatrist. Two weeks after speaking to them I had my second appointment where I was told that i’m not hyperactive (I presented with possible ADD, not ADHD) and that I don’t have Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (I presented as mildly obsessive). I was then told that all of my problems are caused by me drinking more than the government’s suggested 14 units per week and that I should reduce to this level. Due to my mental health situation this is not possible as I use alcohol as a coping distraction strategy and sober me is prone to violent episodes involving damage to property and my self. I was told that they had to see that I had reduced my alcohol consumption. In the past few years I have, by myself stopped drinking; whiskey, gin, strong lagers and strong beers. In the past I felt physical effects of drinking too much , loss of appetite, nausea etc so reduced my alcohol intake to manageable levels. I’m now physically healthy. Turning Point, being primarily a substance abuse service understandably focused on this despite it not being the root of my problems. I’ve had the same problems since I was at school, long before I started drinking but they turned a deaf ear and un helpfully decreed that my only coping strategy was the problem. In short, they told me to throw away my crutch to treat a broken leg. If you have substance abuse or housing problems, go to turning point. If you have unrelated mental health problems, go elsewhere. Eventually I was abandoned by Turning Point. I literally said I was not hyperactive or compulsive at the first opportunity.
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