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What do customers say about Castle Craig Hospital?

As of Apr 10, 2024, 109 customers have reviewed this business and rated it 4.6 Star out of 5. The following report provides an in-depth analysis of customer reviews collected.

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April 10, 2024

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Castle Craig Hospital's customer reviews analysis

Based on the array of reviews provided, Castle Craig’s overall reputation emerges as generally positive, with a strong emphasis on the professionalism of its staff, the beauty of the facility's location, and the effectiveness of its treatment programs. Many reviewers praise the care and support provided by the medical, nursing, and therapy staff, drawing attention to their expertise, friendliness, and dedication. The wide array of treatment outcomes and high patient satisfaction levels are consistently highlighted as key strengths. Additionally, the aesthetic and functional aspects of the treatment centre, including well-maintained grounds and comfortable accommodations, are frequently noted. However, there are some concerns regarding certain aspects of the program such as perceived favoritism and breaches of confidentiality. These issues, while not widely reported, are serious and could undermine the trust in the institution's professionalism and ethical standards.

Positive Feedback

Positive feedback for Castle Craig is abundant and centers on a few key areas. The professionalism and dedication of the facility’s staff are commended, often in conjunction with the high efficacy of the treatment programs. Many reviewers specifically acknowledge the friendly and knowledgeable nature of the team, which includes medical personnel, therapists, and administrative staff. Several reviews also vouch for the effectiveness of the programs in achieving long-term abstinence and healthy lifestyle choices. The serene location and the maintenance of the grounds significantly add to the therapeutic value of the facilities, imparting a sense of peace and aiding in recovery. The CEO and senior staff’s accessibility, as well as the additional comfort provided by homely accommodations, good food, and the presence of domesticated animals, are cherished aspects that complement the patient experience. The organisation's reputation also benefits from the word-of-mouth recommendations by satisfied clients and medical professionals alike.

Concerns and Threads

Despite the ample positive feedback, Castle Craig has some areas of concern that have surfaced in customer reviews. A noteworthy negative aspect relates to the experience of perceived favoritism and breaches of confidentiality, which can significantly impact patient comfort and trust. The suggestion that staff have been biased towards wealthier clients could raise questions about the fairness and consistency of the treatment offered. There is also a specific complaint regarding therapists in potential ethical conflicts, as indicated by one review discussing therapists driving luxury cars owned by a patient's family member. Moreover, criticism of certain elements of the program, such as repetitive sessions or components of the treatment that respondents found less beneficial, suggests that the program may not cater perfectly to individual patient preferences or expectations. Lastly, allegations of inaccurately reported drug test results could raise major concerns about the institution's integrity and communications with patients and external parties.

Frequently asked questions about Castle Craig Hospital

What types of addiction treatments are available at Castle Craig?

Castle Craig offers a comprehensive range of treatments for various addictions. The specifics of the treatments are tailored to individual needs but they generally focus on promoting long-term abstinence and healthy lifestyle choices. The 12-step program is a core part of the treatment, and the staff includes medical professionals, therapists, and support personnel.

What amenities can I expect during my stay at Castle Craig?

Patients at Castle Craig can expect comfortable and homely accommodations set in a peaceful and scenic location. The grounds are well-maintained and provide space for therapeutic walks and interactions with domesticated animals like pigs, horses, sheep, and alpacas. Dining options are reported to be good, varied, and served in clean and pleasant dining rooms.

Is Castle Craig's treatment program suitable for all types of patients?

While Castle Craig has many positive reviews and is generally well-regarded for its professional staff and effective treatment outcomes, the program may not appeal to everyone. As some reviews note, repetitive sessions or extended care units may not meet all patients' needs, and there have been concerns about favoritism and confidentiality. Prospective patients are encouraged to consult with the facility directly to ensure the program is a good fit for their individual situation.

Recent customer reviews and testimonials for Castle Craig Hospital

Castle Craig Hospital
4 weeks ago
Castle Craig is a place of healing for everyone that has come here for help with their addictions. It’s a well put professional unit of staff, therapists, doctors who ensure people make the most of their second chance at life. I would recommend this treatment centre to anybody who is going through a tough time regarding their addiction.
Castle Craig Hospital
2 months ago
I think the place set in beautiful grounds , the accomadation is nice however the sessions are repetive, involves3 12 step programme. Victoria hardman was the best therapist in my opinion However its different strokes for different folks , If you have money you are favouritist Still a worthwhile place to go
Castle Craig Hospital
Paul G
6 months ago
My stay at castle craig was nt what i expected. A relative of mine had already been through the program and on his discharge wanted to staet a rehab of his own. Money no issue. Anyway i felt like a few of the therapist were reporting to him about me and he would turn up at midnight and go off talking to staff. This made me feel very uncomfortable and had an effect on the way i conducted myself in there. I went to as many classes as i could stand and often fell asleep in there.. i knew that everything i did was reported to him. One day i was outside in the car park when i saw a range rover similar to one that was in our family fleet upon.a closer look i discovered that it was indeed ours but being driven by one of the head therapist. The next day once again i saw a Bentley and that to was one of ours but being driven by another therapist, so now it was clear to me that they had been head hunted by my family member but on the quiet. I wasnt even told, i worked it out myself. By now i had done my detox and was put on the extended care unit which i thought was a wasre of time and i decided to discharge myself. I never brought drugs into the clinic and didn't use any when i was there but in the report sent to .y doctir they said that i failed a drug test thet also told some of the other patients this because they phoned me and told me.. I just thought that the whole experience was ruined by all that went on which was wholly unprofessional ans greedy. The clinic had nothing positive to say about me and given that i was aet up to fail seemed unfair to say the least. I got clean at castle craig and have remained so some 15 or so years later, but now i see that the therapist assigned to me has been caught drink driving and one of the therapist who left to work for my family member is now back there made me post this review
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About Castle Craig Hospital

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Castle Craig is a UK-leading private addiction rehab clinic in Scotland. Since 1988, we have been dedicated to helping individuals overcome various addictions, including alcoholism, drug addiction, gambling addiction, and prescription drug addiction, along with associated mental health issues. At Castle Craig, we believe in a holistic approach to recovery. All programmes offered are tailored to the unique needs of every individual. With over 10,000 success stories, our treatment approach integrates medical detoxification and proven methods such as the 12 Steps, as well as specialised therapies. Consider Castle Craig today if you are looking for compassionate care for your loved one struggling with addiction.