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Published on
January 8, 2024
Last updated
March 13, 2024

What do customers think about Mount Carmel?

Mount Carmel's overall company reputation is notably positive, with a recurrent narrative of life-changing experiences facilitated by the center's treatment programs and staff. A common theme throughout the customer feedback is profound gratitude for the life-saving help received, emphasizing the effectiveness of the support and care in combating addiction issues. Testimonials consistently mention personal transformations, sustained sobriety, and an improved outlook on life attributed to the time spent at Mount Carmel. Long-term post-therapy support is also recognized as a critical element in maintaining the progress achieved during residency. Despite the preponderance of commendations, there is an isolated report suggesting dissatisfaction tied to the center's approach, hinting at religious overtones and a negative personal experience. This outlier underscores the subjective nature of individual experiences but does not overshadow the overwhelming tide of positive outcomes expressed by former residents.

Positive Feedback

Customers consistently report extraordinarily positive experiences at Mount Carmel, referring to it as a life-changing facility with a significant impact on their journey towards sobriety. The testimony of sustained abstinence and the acquisition of a new perspective on life are profound endorsements of the center's effectiveness. There is a notable appreciation for the compassionate and professional staff, emphasizing the role of personalized care in the recovery process. Additionally, the continued support provided by Mount Carmel, even years after the completion of the programs, is praised as a critical aspect of the facility's service, ensuring the durability of their rehabilitation efforts. These aspects collectively highlight Mount Carmel as a specialized institution that provides more than just temporary relief; it is a beacon for many seeking a lasting solution to addiction issues.

Concerns and Threads

While the feedback for Mount Carmel is overwhelmingly positive, there are isolated remarks from a customer who experienced dissatisfaction, marking a stark contrast to the glowing reviews. The critique focuses primarily on a perceived excessive emphasis on religious content, which the individual found irrelevant or off-putting, and a general sense of misery during their stay. This specific feedback suggests that the center's approach may not resonate with all individuals, possibly due to personal beliefs or preferences concerning the treatment methodology. Such feedback, although rare, highlights the importance of aligning personal values and expectations with the care philosophy and environment offered by the rehabilitation center.

Frequently asked questions about Mount Carmel

Does Mount Carmel offer long-term support after the completion of their treatment programs?

Yes, Mount Carmel is noted for providing continued support to its residents even years after they have completed their treatment programs, as evidenced by the testimonials from past residents.

Is the treatment at Mount Carmel specific to alcohol and drug addiction?

Based on customer feedback, Mount Carmel appears to specialize in treating individuals with alcohol and drug addiction, helping them to achieve and maintain sobriety.

How do residents typically perceive the staff at Mount Carmel?

Residents typically describe the staff at Mount Carmel as amazing, professional, and caring, playing a crucial role in their recovery and the overall positive experience at the center.

What are customers saying about Mount Carmel

Mount Carmel
Kenny Brown
3 weeks ago
Saved my life this place. More than that, it showed me a new way of life. 6 months from May to November 2005 Still Abstinent.🙏
Mount Carmel
Sarah Hall
2 months ago
Thank you, you taught me so much, And mostly important friends who understand and will always be there 🙏
Mount Carmel
Cheryl Fuller
6 years ago
My daughter was a resident at mount Carmel and I can honestly say, they saved her life. The care mentally and physically they gave her was amazing. Don’t get me wrong, whatever support and help they gave her; she had to work a hundredfold on herself - it is hard. Nearly 3 years down the line they are still supporting her. We have our daughter back - thank you. THANK YOU......
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Based in a leafy South London street, our main Centre is a CQC regulated alcohol treatment centre, where we provide residential and day treatment for those suffering from alcohol addiction.We offer 3 and 6 month residential treatment as standard but other lengths of stay when appropriate and our day treatment programmes are of any suitable length, decided at assessment.Our addiction treatment programme consists of intensive group therapy and one-to-one counselling sessions. Specific groups for life skills, food, yoga, drama therapy, acupuncture and meditation are included. All clients have an individualised care plan devised with their key-worker.