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The Gym Group Leeds Meanwood

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Published on
March 2, 2024
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March 13, 2024

What do customers think about The Gym Group Leeds Meanwood?

The Gym Group Leeds Meanwood generally boasts of a positive reputation, characterized by references to friendly and supportive staff, spacious facilities, and cleanliness. Clients appreciate the personal assistance from staff members like Molly, Josh, and the management including Nigel and Dario, praising their approachability and providing a motivating gym environment. The value for money factor with reasonable pricing is also consistently applauded. On the downside, patrons have voiced concerns about the lack of specialized equipment, particularly for glute-focused exercises, which are becoming increasingly popular. Furthermore, some customers noted operational issues such as broken equipment and inefficient air conditioning, while others mentioned hygiene problems with dust accumulation and a peculiar odor persisting within the premises. Recurring themes include commendations for individual staff members, the physical space the gym provides, but also a critique of equipment variety and facility maintenance.

Positive Feedback

Key positive aspects of The Gym Group Leeds Meanwood include a clean environment and a friendly, supportive staff, praised for their assistance to gym-goers. The gym's spaciousness is frequently mentioned, suggesting a comfortable workout space with ample room for various activities. Clients have highlighted the exceptional service provided by individual staff members, such as Molly, Josh, Nigel, and Dario, who add a personal touch to the experience. Additionally, the 24/7 availability of the gym with amenities like showers, toilets, and car parking facilities further contribute to customer satisfaction. Overall, the gym is described as offering good value for money and creating an inclusive and enjoyable atmosphere for its members.

Concerns and Threads

Feedback has identified several areas needing improvement at The Gym Group Leeds Meanwood. A noticeable concern is the shortfall in equipment variety, especially glute-focused machines, which are sought after by many female clients. The lack of maintenance on broken treadmills and the replacement of essential items like a second punchbag and rope attachments reflect on the efficiency of the facility's response to equipment needs. Hygiene issues have been reported, with descriptions of the gym being unclean, harboring strange smells, and housing outdated equipment. Customer experiences regarding staff have been a mixed bag, with some instances of perceived rude behavior affecting the overall experience. Clients have complained about inefficient air conditioning and the open-plan layout, which lacks privacy during classes and workouts.

Frequently asked questions about The Gym Group Leeds Meanwood

Does The Gym Group Leeds Meanwood offer a range of fitness equipment?

Yes, The Gym Group Leeds Meanwood offers a range of equipment, although some customers feel there is room for improvement in terms of variety and quantity, particularly for glute-focused training machines.

Are the staff at The Gym Group Leeds Meanwood helpful and approachable?

Many reviews commend the staff for being friendly and supportive, with specific shoutouts to staff members who have gone above and beyond in assisting gym-goers. However, there are some isolated reports where the staff interaction did not meet expectations.

Are there any hygiene concerns at The Gym Group Leeds Meanwood?

Some members raised concerns about cleanliness and maintenance, reporting issues like dust accumulation and strange odors. While the gym undertakes regular cleaning, these reviews suggest that there is room for improvement in hygienic standards.

What are customers saying about The Gym Group Leeds Meanwood

The Gym Group Leeds Meanwood
Gill W
3 months ago
The Gym Group, Meanwood Leeds Clean, friendly, spacious and very reasonably priced. I was a bit of a slow starter at the gym..joined about 4 months ago but struggled to get there. Big shout out to Molly for helping me with programming the rower. Also thanks to Josh who helped me so much when I initially visited the gym. Thanks again to those two stars..they get 5 stars from me.
The Gym Group Leeds Meanwood
Bob M
3 months ago
I've trained at over 10 different gyms in Leeds, for over 40 years now, and interacted with dozens of different gym staff, for advice, support and personal training. My decades of experience of other gyms and gym staff give me the perspective to be able to single out Joshua Pickering and Nigel Hicks at Meanwood. They are quite exceptional in their friendliness, knowledge and professionalism. They are always warm and welcoming to new and existing members, and make visiting the gym much more enjoyable. I hope you pass my feedback on to them personally, as they deserve to be acknowledged and recognised. The only negative about the facilities: we've all been waiting for over a month for the 2nd punchbag to be replaced.
The Gym Group Leeds Meanwood
a month ago
Needs more equipment…. Big gym, with friendly staff. However, the size of the gym isn’t utilised and there’s lots of wasted space where there could be more machines or a bigger variety of machines. I think the biggest drawback is the lack of glute focused machines. Many women are interested in training glutes these days and other main stream gyms have noted this acted upon it. For example…in the Leeds area JD gyms are at a similar price point, but have hip thrust machines, glute kickback, reverse hyper etc. It would be nice if these could be introduced, I think it would be a big incentive for women to choose this gym.
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