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Published on
January 9, 2024
Last updated
March 13, 2024

What do customers think about The Cosmetic Skin Clinic?

The Cosmetic Skin Clinic (CSC) receives mixed reviews from its clientele, indicative of a polarized customer experience. On a positive note, profiles of an expert named Magda and Dr. Matt stand out, with customers authentically praising their professionalism, skill, and the clinic's CoolSculpting services. Satisfaction is also evident from clients noting natural and flawless results across multiple treatments, highlighting the clinic's potential to drive impressive outcomes. However, prominent negative sentiments express concerns over specific specialists, including Dr. Lee, and treatments like Ultherapy, raising red flags about inconsistent quality of care and possible integrity issues with review management. Additionally, customers have noted being discouraged by experiences perceived as sales-driven rather than outcome-oriented, painting a picture of a clinic where the customer journey may starkly differ based on the professional encountered.

Positive Feedback

Several positive customer testimonials focus on the expertise and effectiveness of practitioners such as Magda and Dr. Matt at The Cosmetic Skin Clinic. Magda, in particular, earns accolades for her work in CoolSculpting treatment, with clients detailing impressive physical and psychological outcomes. Dr. Matt is celebrated for delivering natural and flawless results, enhancing the clinic's image as a source of professional and quality care. The clinic and its reception staff are also commended for offering a welcoming and comfortable environment, further contributing to a positive client experience. Overall, when the expertise and customer approach align, the clinic demonstrates a strong capacity to deliver satisfaction and positive results to its clientele.

Concerns and Threads

On the flip side, several customers have expressed dissatisfaction with certain aspects of The Cosmetic Skin Clinic's offerings. Criticism has been directed towards specific practitioners such as Dr. Lee, who is accused of lacking thoroughness and carrying the wrong attitude, contributing negatively to the clinic's reputation. Moreover, some treatments like Ultherapy have been linked to regretful experiences, with customers warning others about potential adverse effects and questioning the integrity of the clinic's review management. The recent edit of a review reinforces the notion of inconsistent practices and consultative quality, suggesting that not all customer experiences align with the clinic's premium positioning in the market.

Frequently asked questions about The Cosmetic Skin Clinic

What CoolSculpting results can I expect from The Cosmetic Skin Clinic?

While individual experiences may vary, many customers report significant improvements in target areas post CoolSculpting treatments. Clients praise the work of practitioners like Magda for achieving impressive results and providing personalized care.

Are there any treatments at CSC that customers advise against?

Some customers have shared negative experiences, particularly with Ultherapy, and recommended caution when considering and consenting to treatments. It is advised to thoroughly discuss risks and expectations with a practitioner.

What should I do if I have concerns about a recommended treatment at CSC?

If you have doubts about the suitability of a recommended treatment, seeking a second opinion from other dermatologists or medical professionals is a wise decision. Doing personal research and asking detailed questions during your consultation can also aid in making an informed choice.

What are customers saying about The Cosmetic Skin Clinic

The Cosmetic Skin Clinic
Louise Rapacioli
2 months ago
MADGA IS A GENIUS!!! I came to the cosmetic skin clinic a few months ago for coolsculpting on my lower tummy and I was surprised she even said anything can be done with it. It was very very large and not in proportion with the rest of my body. Madga told me to trust her, that I did, and with the results I have, I’d trust her to do my brain surgery! Absolutely wonderful clinic, every single staff member is so lovely, and the results could not have been more perfect. I still can’t believe how amazing my tummy is now looking at the before and after pictures. Madga, if you read this, you have completely changed my life. Thank you so much xxx
The Cosmetic Skin Clinic
Elena Krasnolobova
4 months ago
Some of the worst specialist I have ever experienced. I strictly do not advise to book with Dr Lee. Had no results after a course of BBL treatments. He is not thorough when he does the treatments and has totally wrong attitude. The management is just as awful. The only therapist worth visiting is Magda.
The Cosmetic Skin Clinic
A Rio
a month ago
Had Ultherapy here and it was my biggest regret!!! They will make you sign papers for risks of sagging skin and lose of facial fat and tell you after they can fix it after with fillers and botox. DONT SIGN those papers btw WHATEVER YOU DO. I have previously shared photos of my experience and all the information of proof somehow they manage to keep on removing my reviews here. This place is so sickening removing an honest review from a previous customer. I have attached a receipt from this place as proof. And will keep on sharing my experience to save as many people from this place!
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The Cosmetic Skin Clinic is a leading, independent, multi-award winning medical aesthetic clinic in the UK founded by Dr Tracy Mountford MBBS MBCAM.We offer the latest, gold-standard, non-surgical treatments for face and body for both men and women. We specialise in soft, natural facial rejuvenation that gives skin tightening and lifting results (Ultherapy, Morpheus8), removes brown spots (BBL), volumises and refreshes the face (Dermal Fillers, Non-surgical Facelift). As experts in body contouring procedures (CoolSculpting), including fat loss treatment, we can recontour and redefine the body. Our premium medical devices ensure the highest patient safety and efficacy.