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Published on
January 12, 2024
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March 13, 2024

What do customers think about Starling Bank?

The reputation of Starling Bank is mixed based on the latest reviews. While some customers praise the bank for its robust app features and excellent customer service during emergency situations, there are notable issues particularly with the bank's treatment of international and large-sum transactions. Customers express frustration with the bank's apparent policies that lead to delayed access to their funds. The complaints of slow and unhelpful customer service, especially in resolving urgent financial matters, suggest that customer satisfaction is inconsistent. The negative experiences largely stem from account management practices, such as interrogative questioning for deposits and business account handling, as well as issues with the current account switch service. These experiences point to potential operational inefficiencies and a lack of swift resolution mechanisms which could significantly impact the company's reputation over time.

Positive Feedback

Key positive aspects of Starling Bank as indicated by customer feedback include praise for the streamlined and secure mobile app which is particularly lauded for its convenience during international travel. Customers have reported that currency exchange rates when moving funds between different currency accounts are competitive. The app's quick locking feature and responsive customer support in cases of theft are also highlighted as favorable. Moreover, some customers recount experiences of exceptional service with friendly, polite, and patient staff, especially when troubleshooting issues are needed. These positive experiences contribute to the perception of Starling Bank as a modern and customer-oriented bank.

Concerns and Threads

On the negative side, customers of Starling Bank have reported significant issues related to the handling of business and international payments. Clients experience delayed crediting of funds, and some describe the bank's inquiries about the nature of payments as excessive, especially after the initial business information has already been provided. There have been instances of funds being held for weeks without adequate explanation, leading to operational disruptions and financial stress. Additionally, the customer service response is criticized for being slow, unhelpful, and at times insensitive, along with a malfunctioning live chat system. The challenges faced by customers during crucial times, such as theft or the need to rely on physical bank cards, indicate substantial room for improvement in the bank's customer support infrastructure.

Frequently asked questions about Starling Bank

Is Starling Bank reliable for international business transactions?

Based on customer reviews, some international business users have experienced delays and rigorous questioning regarding their transactions, which suggests potential issues with reliability. Prospective customers should consider their international dealings frequency and the possible impact of any delays on their operations before choosing Starling Bank.

Can I expect responsive customer service with Starling Bank?

Customer experiences with Starling Bank's service responsiveness are mixed. While some users report positive interactions with patient and helpful staff, others have faced challenges with slow responses and unhelpful support, particularly in urgent situations. It's advisable to weigh these varied experiences when considering Starling Bank for your banking needs.

How does Starling Bank handle theft and loss of cards?

Starling Bank offers a feature to quickly lock cards via the app, and it also auto-blocks suspicious transactions. Customer service can issue a new card number to be used with digital wallets while a physical card is dispatched, though the efficiency and experience may vary based on individual reports.

What are customers saying about Starling Bank

Starling Bank
4 weeks ago
Great App and some staff are good too. However if you are a business or have international payments, they sit on your funds for weeks not minding the account is a business account. I have had to ask my clients severally if they have paid only to find out it's with starling bank but they dont credit me on time. Instead of releasing the funds into the account, they were asking what the payment was for after receiving payment from the same client about 7months now. They also collected detailed information about business at account opening. So why is Starling holding on to its customer's funds and asking such questions at this stage They said they will review my payment 7 working days meanwhile the client has since paid over 7days ago meaning I will not get funded by my bank after 2.5weeks. Please think carefully if you have international business. I am thinking of changing bank.
Starling Bank
Francesca De Angelis
5 days ago
The customer service experience is quite frustrating. While the bank serves well for daily transactions, resolving issues can be a significant challenge. I faced a distressing situation when my phone and wallet were stolen, and it took months to get it resolved. Representatives were unresponsive to emails, and the help chat had lengthy response times. Unfortunately, when they did respond, the experience was unpleasant, as I felt treated like a criminal for reporting a £5 transaction made by the thieves.
Starling Bank
Jennifer Mulholland
a month ago
This has the best customer service, I have ever dealt with. I have had a reason to contact them on 3 occasions now. Each time, I have been impressed with the people I spoke to. They were all friendly, polite and patient. Even when I didn't understand something, They stayed calm and looked for another way to help. Each of them did this, until the issue was resolved and I was satisfied with the help I had received. Seriously, you couldn't ask for better service.
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