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Published on
January 15, 2024
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March 13, 2024

What do customers think about Silver Saints?

Silver Saints has recently received mixed customer feedback that suggests fluctuations in their service quality and customer experience. The company had initially built a reputation for satisfactory services, as indicated by customers who praised their punctuality, politeness, and high-quality work. However, recent reviews reflect a significant number of negative experiences. Customers have reported subpar workmanship, damage to property, poor communication, and an apparent disregard for resolving issues promptly and effectively. Instances of technicians causing damage and leaving without resolving the situation, charging for work not performed, and failing to follow up on promises have notably tainted the company's reputation. Patterns also suggest a lack of transparency in dealing with complaints and difficulties in booking and executing specialized services.

Positive Feedback

Positive customer experiences with Silver Saints highlight the convenience of their booking process, the professionalism of their technicians, and satisfaction with the completed work. Some customers have noted that the technicians are always polite and finish work to a high standard. The company has been commended for its communication, particularly when there are delays in service. Long-term customers and those requiring straightforward repairs or installations have generally reported favorable experiences, pointing towards a foundation of reliable and respectful service when all variables align.

Concerns and Threads

On the downside, customer feedback indicates several critical areas of concern. There have been alarming reports of property damage, such as a shattered stove, with customers left without remedy or appropriate response from the company. Workmanship also comes into question as reports of unresolved issues post-service and poorly performed jobs have emerged, leading to frustration and distrust. Some customers have faced difficulties with specialized requests; one, in particular, highlighted the inability of the company to provide a bespoke service they advertise. Moreover, the company's response to such grievances appears subpar, with customers citing poor communication and accountability, including charges for incomplete or unperformed services. These issues collectively create a negative outlook regarding the company's reliability and customer care.

Frequently asked questions about Silver Saints

What should I do if the Silver Saints technician causes damage to my property?

If a Silver Saints technician causes damage to your property, document the damage, and immediately report it to their customer service department. It's important to request their insurance details and understand the procedure for claims. The company should then provide you with a resolution to repair or compensate for the damage caused.

How reliable is Silver Saints for specialized custom work?

Silver Saints has received mixed reviews regarding specialized custom work. While they advertise these services, there have been instances where they were reportedly unable to fulfill such tasks. It is recommended that you discuss your specific requirements in detail with Silver Saints and confirm their ability to carry out the work before proceeding.

What should I expect in terms of communication and problem resolution from Silver Saints?

While some customers have praised Silver Saints for good communication, others have faced challenges, especially when issues arise. You should expect clear and timely communication, but be prepared to actively follow up with their customer service in case of unmet promises or disputes. It's advisable to have a clear understanding of their service guarantees and issue resolution policies.

What are customers saying about Silver Saints

Silver Saints
Sarah Gotts
a week ago
The first few times I used them they were great the last few not so good and the last was horrendous. Needed a replacement loo seat fitted. It was not a standard fitting so I called in Silver Saints. Not only was the loo seat not fitted properly they made a complete hash of the job. This resulted in them having to take out my loo and fit it back in. The mastic job that they then had to do was beyond appalling. They came back for another try, making it marginally better. It still looks a total mess and i’m still really angry about it!
Silver Saints
a month ago
PROPERTY DAMAGE: I TODAY used Silver Saints Ltd for a kitchen light repair, and the outcome was unacceptable. During the repair, the technician accidentally damaged my stove, causing it to shatter. What was most distressing was that he left the scene without providing any contact or insurance information. My requests for damage compensation were met with false accusations from the company. This situation became particularly alarming as I have small children at home, for whom the broken stove poses a great danger. I expect an immediate resolution to this issue and a responsible approach from the company.
Silver Saints
Иван Иванов
a month ago
Terrible service. The male master was rude and broke the ceramic surface of the kitchen stove. After causing damage to my property, he ran away and did not fix what he came for. And the company had the great audacity to issue an invoice for work not performed after that! horror! I do not advise anyone to contact them. Pass by so you don't get into trouble!
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