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Shepherd Chartered Surveyors

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February 9, 2024
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March 13, 2024

What do customers think about Shepherd Chartered Surveyors?

Shepherd Chartered Surveyors exhibits a mixed reputation based on recent customer reviews. On one hand, clients express satisfaction with prompt and professional services. Surveyors are noted for their punctuality, courteous conduct, and provision of reports in a timely manner. On the other hand, significant concerns are raised regarding the accuracy and thoroughness of services. Instances of failing to identify serious issues like asbestos, inaccuracies in home reports, and mistaken identification of invasive species such as Japanese Knotweed are alarming. Furthermore, some clients find the customer service unprofessional and unhelpful, with complaints of untidiness and lack of response to grievance escalations. These factors contribute to a divided perception of the company’s reliability and professional integrity.

Positive Feedback

Positive customer experiences with Shepherd Chartered Surveyors highlight attributes such as quick action, helpful staff, and efficient report preparation. The ease of use of the company’s online system and professional demeanor of the surveyors are repeatedly commended. Clients appreciate the company’s responsiveness and the staff's courteousness during surveying processes. Additionally, long-term professional relationships with Shepherd Chartered Surveyors reflect consistent knowledge and expertise in conducting home reports and in-depth surveys that are seen as invaluable by real estate professionals.

Concerns and Threads

Negative feedback for Shepherd Chartered Surveyors underscores several critical areas of concern. Reports of a failure to detect clear instances of asbestos and other inaccuracies severely impair trust in the surveying services provided. Unprofessional behavior by some staff and the management's failure to adequately address customer complaints exacerbates dissatisfaction. The company's inconsistency in standards is further evidenced by reports of disrespectful treatment of clients’ properties and urgency issues post-service, highlighting a lack of emphasis on customer care and meticulousness in their surveying practices.

Frequently asked questions about Shepherd Chartered Surveyors

What steps does Shepherd Chartered Surveyors take to ensure the accuracy of their home reports?

Shepherd Chartered Surveyors claims to employ experienced and knowledgeable surveyors to deliver accurate home reports. However, if you have concerns about accuracy, it's recommended to discuss their quality assurance processes and the qualifications of the personnel assigned to your case.

Can I rely on Shepherd Chartered Surveyors to identify issues like asbestos when purchasing a property?

While Shepherd Chartered Surveyors should be able to identify such issues, there have been instances where customers experienced oversights. It’s advisable to inquire directly about their protocols for inspecting hazardous materials and consider getting a second opinion if needed.

How does Shepherd Chartered Surveyors handle customer complaints and grievances?

The company's policy should be to investigate and resolve customer complaints thoroughly. However, reviews suggest that the response to grievances varies. As a potential customer, you may wish to understand their complaint resolution process before engaging their services.

What are customers saying about Shepherd Chartered Surveyors

Shepherd Chartered Surveyors
Maureen Foley
4 months ago
First class service. Surveyor arrived on time, conducted the survey in a professional manner and my draft report was ready for approval within 24 hours.
Shepherd Chartered Surveyors
Mark Johnstone
5 months ago
Failed to identify copious amounts of asbestos in the house I purchased. Loose asbestos boards were lying around the garden and should have easily been identified by a chartered surveyor in addition to exposed areas within the home. Numerous other inaccuracies in the home report. Unsure what level of visit was made to the property. I was told photos were taken of the areas in question but none could be produced. I found Graeme Stewart, managing partner to be particularly unprofessional and rude in dealing with my complaint. Internal inquiry found no wrong-doing which is hardly unsurprising. Requested information on how to raise my complaint further with ombudsman or regulatory body but communication was ignored.
Shepherd Chartered Surveyors
ian thompson
4 months ago
I am quite satisfied with the service provide by messers Shepherd. Very quick to act and staff most helpful in dealing with any enquires made by myself.
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