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As of Feb 09, 2024, 40 customers have reviewed this business and rated it 4.6 Star out of 5. The following report provides an in-depth analysis of customer reviews collected.

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March 13, 2024

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Allcott Associates Llp's customer reviews analysis

Allcott Associates LLP has received mixed reviews that illustrate both strengths and challenges the company faces in its service delivery. A significant number of customers have praised the thoroughness and comprehensiveness of the surveys conducted, citing detailed documentation that includes estimated costs for repairs, which is indicative of the value placed on strong and objective reporting. Customer service is frequently highlighted as a positive aspect, with staff being described as friendly, helpful, and responsive. The firm's ability to deliver reports within a reasonable timeframe and at a reasonable cost contributes to customer satisfaction. However, there are notable instances of dissatisfaction, particularly with regard to the discovery of issues post-survey that were not reported, potentially pointing to gaps in thoroughness or oversights during the survey process. Additionally, concerns around communication, mainly when it came to the fulfillment of obligations and the handling of disputes, have been expressed negatively by a business owner. These accounts suggest opportunities for Allcott Associates LLP to improve their methods of client engagement and resolution of disputes to uphold their reputation.

Positive Feedback

The strengths of Allcott Associates LLP, as perceived by the majority of the reviewers, include a robust approach to conducting detailed and thorough surveys. The surveyors are recognized for their ability to identify critical issues that may have been missed otherwise, contributing to informed decision-making processes for potential property buyers, as in the case where a purchase was withdrawn based on survey findings. The firm's responsive and accommodating approach to customer queries, alongside their quick comeback on follow-ups, demonstrates an attuned customer service. Furthermore, transparency with regards to costs and the provision of detailed reports with summarized actionable insights has garnered positive feedback, facilitating customers in future maintenance planning. The overall responsiveness, in-depth surveys, and practicality of service are key highlights that reflect positively on Allcott Associates LLP's commitment to providing useful survey information and customer experience.

Concerns and Threads

However, Allcott Associates LLP is not without criticism. Some customers have reported frustration due to significant issues being omitted from survey reports, which consequently led to unexpected expenses and safety concerns. This suggests that the thoroughness of the surveys may sometimes be inconsistent. Moreover, one customer experienced poor communication and a misunderstanding related to the survey process and charges incurred, culminating in an unpleasant transaction dispute that was unfavorably compared to the commendable service provided by a competing firm. This underlines the importance of providing clear and unequivocal terms of service, as well as the need for improved custumer communications and dispute resolution mechanisms. These negative interactions indicate that there is room for Allcott Associates LLP to enhance certain operational aspects to ensure consistency in the quality of their surveys and customer service.

Frequently asked questions about Allcott Associates Llp

How detailed are Allcott Associates LLP's property surveys?

Reviews suggest that Allcott Associates LLP generally provides in-depth and detailed surveys, often with a comprehensive report that includes a summary of actionable items and estimated costs for potential repairs. Customers commend the level of detail and thoroughness, though there have been instances where some major issues were reportedly overlooked.

What is the customer service experience like with Allcott Associates LLP?

Many customers have reported positive experiences with Allcott Associates LLP's customer service, describing staff as friendly, responsive, and helpful. Follow-ups to customer queries tend to be swift, and the firm is seen as accommodating. However, some reviews highlight weaknesses in communication and transaction dispute resolution.

Can I trust the survey results from Allcott Associates LLP for decision-making on property purchases?

Based on reviews, Allcott Associates LLP surveys have been instrumental for several customers in making informed decisions about property purchases. Reports have been detailed enough to reveal critical issues that have led buyers to withdraw from purchases, potentially saving them from significant costs. It is advisable to consider the variability in experiences and ensure that your expectations are clearly communicated to the firm.

Recent customer reviews and testimonials for Allcott Associates Llp

Allcott Associates Llp
Sarah Cockman
10 months ago
I am really appalled by the survey we received on the house we purchased and would advise strongly against the increasing levels of cover, having thought if we went for the most detailed we would have more security and knowledge. Having found over the last year dangerous installations and parts of the building deemed ‘unsafe for use’ by various contractors I am shocked none of this appeared on the survey. Being told there were ‘stains to surfaces’ were entirely irrelevant considering the costs we have had to incur to fix problems I would have expected to have know about. The one I had on a prior property through the bank was far superior.
Allcott Associates Llp
Martin S
a year ago
We instructed Allcott to conduct a survey on a house we had made an offer on. The property was around 58 years old and needed quite a bit of updating. What we didn’t know was that under the surface there were a considerable number of issues. Chris the surveyor undertook the most thorough survey we have ever experienced and prepared an exemplary and comprehensive report which clearly, objectively and concisely set out the outcomes of the survey. We withdrew from the purchase as a result which saved us from the considerable cost and inconvenience which we would have incurred had we proceeded with the purchase. The customer service is also second to none with this firm and we can thoroughly recommend them. We will certainly use them again when we find another suitable property to purchase.
Allcott Associates Llp
Kirsty McQueen
2 years ago
Very friendly and helpful from my initial contact through to receiving the report. All done within a good timeframe and at a reasonable cost - I'm really pleased with the service. Follow up from the administrative team was very welcome as I had some queries following the report, to which the Surveyor came straight back without any fuss at all. Would recommend.
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Allcott Associates provides RICS building surveys and RICS HomeBuyer reports across Manchester, and surrounding areas, including Salford, Stockport and Macclesfield.Our survey reports are some of the most detailed in the industry, yet are described in straightforward language with photos throughout. Our local surveyors are happy to meet you on site and will be on hand with fast responses to any questions.We are unique in that our team comprises both surveyors and structural engineers, giving you access to a breadth of expertise and in-depth knowledge of structural building defects. This means that we can offer a complete survey package, providing professional advice on any structural issues, eliminating the need for referrals.