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Published on
February 9, 2024
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March 13, 2024

What do customers think about Rox Diamonds & Thrills?

The overall company reputation of ROX - Diamonds & Thrills, as reflected in the customer reviews, can be characterized by a commitment to exemplary customer service and a personalized, pressure-free shopping experience. Staff members such as Kevin, Giulia, Natasha, Chelsea, Archie, Wiktoria, and Lauren receive special mention for their outstanding support. Employees are praised for their deep knowledge of products, ability to elucidate the finer points of jewelry selection, and for providing consistent communication and updates throughout the purchase process. The attentiveness of the staff seems to create a sense of ease and confidence among customers, many of whom appreciate the warm hospitality, including complimentary drinks and a considerate atmosphere. The service is frequently described as above and beyond, with customers highlighting responsiveness outside standard hours and assistance with custom design requests. The reviews suggest that the overall customer experience at ROX is marked not just by the quality of the merchandise, but significantly by the quality of customer care.

Positive Feedback

Key positive aspects of customer feedback for ROX include the high level of personalized service received, with staff members repeatedly commended for their approachability, expertise, and patience. The knowledge of employees, particularly regarding diamond classifications and ring features, is highlighted as a distinguishing factor that aids customers in making informed decisions. Numerous reviews express gratitude for the non-pressurized environment and the staff's willingness to accommodate customer needs, such as answering queries after hours and keeping them updated on their purchases. The shopping experience at ROX is often associated with a sense of luxury and care, underscored by the offering of complimentary drinks and a relaxed atmosphere. This contributes to making the process of selecting and purchasing jewelry enjoyable and memorable. Furthermore, the efficient communication and follow-through on services, such as crafting custom rings and timely delivery, have resulted in high customer satisfaction and the intention to return for future purchases.

Concerns and Threads

While the reviews provided do not express significant negative feedback, it can be inferred that the sophisticated ambiance of the store initially intimidated some customers, suggesting the importance of maintaining an approachable atmosphere. The mention of feeling overwhelmed upon arrival implies that first impressions are critical and must be managed to ensure an inclusive environment for all clientele. Moreover, one review references delays encountered with a financing service (V12), indicating that while the staff's response was commendable, operational processes such as partnerships with third-party services should be monitored to ensure they do not detract from the overall positive customer experience. Such isolated instances of misgivings, although minor and effectively addressed by the staff, remind the company to continually refine the customer's journey from the outset and across all touchpoints.

Frequently asked questions about Rox Diamonds & Thrills

Can I expect guidance in choosing the right jewelry for my needs at ROX?

Absolutely. According to customer testimonials, ROX staff, including both sales and service teams, are known for their extensive knowledge and patience, guiding prospective buyers through the intricacies of jewelry selection without pressure.

What kind of post-purchase support does ROX offer?

ROX seems to excel in post-purchase support, as evidenced by reviewers praising the consistent communication regarding status updates, timely responses to inquiries, and assistance with any follow-on services, like ring resizing.

Is the in-store experience at ROX welcoming to all customers?

While the ambiance of ROX is often described as sophisticated, the reviews suggest that the initial impression of exclusivity is quickly balanced by the friendly, personal approach of the staff, which aims to make all visitors feel at ease.

What are customers saying about Rox Diamonds & Thrills

Rox Diamonds & Thrills
Marcus Svedebo
3 months ago
Me and my now fiancée visited the Edinburgh store in April while on holiday. Kevin took great care of us and showed us a wide array of options for engagement rings, explained everything we wanted to know about lab vs natural, diamond certifications, cuts, colour etc., it was a fantastic experience! I called Kevin to arrange for a ring to be made and sent to London, and his service was impeccable throughout. He sourced the very best diamond within my budget, and was very responsive, answering emails at off hours (11pm on a Sunday as I recall!). He really went the extra mile and that is something I truly appreciated. The ring looks fantastic and has been the source of a lot of praise! Thanks Kevin!
Rox Diamonds & Thrills
Jo Richardson
a week ago
Where do I start! My now fiancé proposed to me in November & decided we chose the ring together. From the moment we walked into Rox in Edinburgh and were greeted by Giulia I knew we were in good hands. We were sat down & very quickly offered a drink from the bar - a beer for him and a glass of Moët for me! Giulia started by explaining the 5C’s when it came to choosing the diamond for my ring and brought over an array different shapes and styles of ring for me to try on. We spent around an hour looking at all of the different rings before deciding on creating one from scratch. A top up of champagne was given whilst we continued to delve into the finer details of the ring I wanted. There was no pressure to purchase and certainly no pushy sales pitch at any point. We explained we had another appointment & would be back if we decided to go ahead with the purchase - the truth is I felt overwhelmed so needed to come out of the situation, have a glass of wine and relax before saying yes to the ring. Within 30 minutes we were back and yet again greeted warmly by Giulia who again say us down & gave me yet another glass of champagne. My partner placed the order for the ring which we were told would take roughly 8-10 weeks. Throughout the waiting period Giulia has stayed in touch via email, answered any questions we have had and kept us updated until she was finally able to let us know the ring was in store! We opted to have the ring posted out to us as we live around 150miles away. I received my ring, beautifully packaged, before 12pm the very next day and my oh my is it exactly what I wanted! I cannot recommend Rox enough and we will absolutely be back to try on wedding bands for our upcoming wedding! Thank you so much for the service you have given us Giulia - your knowledge and patience was absolutely second to none!
Rox Diamonds & Thrills
Mason Black
2 months ago
I can’t thank Kevin enough for all of his help and advice when picking out an engagement ring. His in depth knowledge made choosing a ring much easier, and he couldn’t have done enough to help. His communication throughout the purchase of the ring was perfect. He consistently kept me up to date with the progress, spoke me through each step of my purchase and answered every question I had - putting my mind at ease. The all round experience of Rox was enhanced by Kevin, he really epitomised what buying an engagement ring was all about. He was patient, knowledgeable, reassuring and true to his word throughout. Outstanding service, before during and after my purchase. My fiancé and I couldn’t be happier, the ring is perfect. Thanks again Kevin.
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ROX - Diamonds & Thrills is an award-winning British luxury jeweller producing some of the UK's most spectacular jewellery, engagement rings, and retailing the world’s most sought-after luxury watches. ROX Edinburgh, in the heart of the New Town, offers a magnificent shopping experience. Browse in-style for exceptional diamond engagement rings, designer jewellery, and Hublot luxury watches. Inside this classy boutique, you’ll also find the ROX Thrill Room with an exclusive Moët & Chandon Champagne bar.