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Published on
March 20, 2024
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March 20, 2024

What do customers think about Retro Fitness?

The compilation of recent reviews for Retro Fitness indicates a mixed overall company reputation, with the overall customer experience showing both commendable strengths and notable weaknesses. Positive remarks are consistent about the breadth and quality of equipment, with customers appreciating the variety that includes multiple squat racks and the consistent introduction of new machines. The gym's cleanliness and competent management received repeated praise. Furthermore, remarks about friendly staff, great amenities, and the gym being more reasonably priced than competitors contribute to an appealing image for potential gym-goers. Negative feedback, however, centers around issues of overcrowding, with multiple reviewers experiencing frustration with gym congestion and equipment availability during peak hours. Additionally, customer feedback reveals concerns with cancellation policies perceived as 'predatory,' including difficulties with terminating memberships and unexpected fees that taint the overall experience.

Positive Feedback

Retro Fitness garners substantial approval regarding its gym facilities and equipment. Customers frequently express satisfaction with the amount of equipment available, spotlighting the number of squat racks and the steady introduction of new machines as particularly positive attributes. The gym's cleanliness and active management are regularly highlighted, suggesting an environment that is both welcoming and well-maintained. Customer reflections also emphasize the value offered by Retro Fitness, describing it as a cost-effective option with a 'best weight per dollar ratio'. Complimentary comments about staff friendliness, the quality of smoothies offered, and additional amenities such as the sauna and therapy options indicate a positive perception of the gym's atmosphere and a serious commitment to fitness among its clientele.

Concerns and Threads

The customer experience at Retro Fitness is marred by recurring grievances concerning crowded spaces and membership cancellation difficulties. Overwhelmingly, the reviews point to congestion being a persistent inconvenience, with the gym described as 'INSANELY overcrowded' during all hours and members experiencing frustration with fellow gym-goers occupying equipment for extended periods. This hints at a potential oversubscription of memberships, lacking adequate crowd control measures. Moreover, several customers reported an arduous cancellation process, with one member facing challenges that escalated to threats of collections despite following the specified procedures. Hidden fees, such as a unilateral 'Retro Annual Rate Guarantee Fee', enhance the sentiment of distrust among members. This combination of logistical and administrative issues casts a shadow over the overall customer satisfaction.

Frequently asked questions about Retro Fitness

What are the peak hours at Retro Fitness and how does it affect gym accessibility?

Reviews suggest that peak hours can lead to overcrowding, making it difficult to access equipment. Peak times are often around 6pm, but the gym can be busy at various hours. Prospective members should consider their schedules and if they are willing to navigate potential wait times for equipment.

Is Retro Fitness membership cost-effective compared to other gyms?

Many customers find Retro Fitness to be more reasonably priced than its competitors, offering a good value for the quality and range of equipment provided. The gym's facilities cater to serious fitness enthusiasts, which adds to its cost-effectiveness for those dedicated to weightlifting and bodybuilding.

How straightforward is the cancellation process at Retro Fitness?

Several reviewers have experienced difficulties with the cancellation process, citing requirements to cancel in person or via mailed letter and encountering unexpected fees. Prospective customers should be aware of the cancellation policy details and potential hurdles they might face should they choose to terminate their membership.

What are customers saying about Retro Fitness

Retro Fitness
Amira Brahimi
a month ago
Lovely gym, I enjoy the amenities. Staff is very nice and talkative. Always clean. Can get very crowded. Could provide more plates (weights) during peak hours. Could provide more kettle bells, there is only ONE pair of 10kg, definitely a popular weight and not enough. I love the "turf" area... For weighted ball slams or throws, could provide something to bounce it off the walls IN THE TURF area to not make so much noise. (There are wall panels in the room behind the Trainers area. However, med balls are not located there for use.) I only wish it was open later on weekends!!! I hate rushing to get there before 7. I'm a night gym person. All in all its the best gym in the area I think. Just really crowded at peak hours.
Retro Fitness
Matiny Louis
2 months ago
Amazing gym. It was recommended to me a couple years ago as the best weight per dollar ratio. With 7 or 8 squat racks available, that's absolutely the case. As a bonus, the gym seems to attract people who are dead serious about lifting, which is inspirational. I'll be taking this gym seriously as well going into 2024. 🤝🏾
Retro Fitness
Ben Coyote
8 months ago
Great gym to get a workout in. Good variety of equipment to choose from and they just added a couple more machines. Staff is friendly and the smoothies are bomb. Gets really busy around 6pm but what gym doesn't
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