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Published on
January 17, 2024
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March 13, 2024

What do customers think about Raquel Britzke?

The reputation of Raquel Britzke's clinic appears to be positive, reflecting customer satisfaction with the personalized services and the efficacy of the dietary regimens provided. Clients have praised the knowledge and care from the staff, with specific commendations to dietitians Giovanna and Lucia, attributing significant weight loss and lifestyle transformations to their guidance. Accessibility and responsiveness, particularly via a supportive app, have also been noted as strengths of the team. Customers have highlighted the clinic's capacity to identify individual dietary tolerances and genetic compatibility, suggesting a comprehensive approach to nutrition that extends beyond standard practices. While the reviews underscore successful outcomes and professional service, there is at least one instance of initial dissatisfaction, although it was proactively addressed with a complimentary follow-up session. Overall, trends within the feedback further point to an emphasis on sustainable habits over fad diets, with frequent mentions of personalization in meal planning.

Positive Feedback

Reviews for Raquel Britzke's clinic depict a very positive image with several impressive aspects of customer experience. One hallmark of the clinic's success is the personalized and informed approach to weight loss and nutrition. Customers appreciate the tailor-made diet plans, which take into consideration individual dietary preferences, genetic profiles, and health conditions. The ability to access professional support via an app has been lauded for its convenience and efficiency. Equally significant is the weight loss success narrated by clients, often highlighting the transformation as life-changing and empowering. Patients value the guidance towards establishing sustainable dietary habits and the avoidance of ineffective, restrictive diets. The staff's professionalism, patience, and attentive listening have been complimented and are evidently pivotal in the positive outcome of their services. Furthermore, clients recommend the clinic's services unequivocally, reinforcing the perceived value and effectiveness of the clinic's offerings.

Concerns and Threads

Despite the predominantly favorable reviews, the feedback for Raquel Britzke's clinic does not suggest perfection. There is an isolated mention of initial disappointment pertaining to the first consultation, specifically relating to the perceived depth of the meal planning process. However, this was quickly addressed by the clinic as they offered a complimentary session to resolve the concerns, demonstrating a commitment to patient satisfaction and quality of service. While this incident appears to be an outlier in an otherwise exemplary set of testimonials, it does suggest room for improvement in ensuring the thoroughness and client understanding during initial consultations. This instance may also point towards the importance of setting realistic expectations and providing clear, complete information from the outset.

Frequently asked questions about Raquel Britzke

What type of services does Raquel Britzke's clinic offer?

Raquel Britzke's clinic specializes in personalized nutrition and diet planning, providing services such as genetic compatibility assessments, dietary tolerance identification, weight loss programs, and management of dietary restrictions due to health or aesthetic reasons.

How accessible are the dietitians at the clinic for follow-up questions or concerns?

The team at Raquel Britzke's clinic is reported to be highly accessible, especially through a supportive app that allows patients to ask questions and receive advice regarding their dietary plans whenever needed.

Is the clinic equipped to handle specific dietary issues, such as food intolerances?

Yes, the clinic conducts food intolerance and DNA tests to create custom meal plans tailored to individual needs and to address dietary issues like reflux, IBS, gluten and lactose intolerance.

What are customers saying about Raquel Britzke

Raquel Britzke
Miss Bains
a week ago
A caring and knowledgeable team who understand the needs of their patients. Giovanna has been a delight to work with and is accessible via app whenever I need to ask anything relating to my diet and more. Finding out what my body tolerates and genetically works with has further helped my diet become tailored for me and I am enjoying the journey to a better lighter me!
Raquel Britzke
Archna Sharma
2 weeks ago
Lucia Braz and the Britzke clinic changed my life. This is not hyperbole. Lucia gave me back control over my body with truly transformative weight loss. I lost over 12 kg. But perhaps what is even more important is that Lucia empowered me to essentially control the switch to enable me to lose weight whenever I feel I need to. For me, Lucia guiding me to keto really worked. Her intelligent insights about body mechanisms and nutritional science were wonderful. I really looked forward to each of my sessions with her. I would recommend the clinic and Lucia hands down.
Raquel Britzke
celene wedemann
6 months ago
It is a clinic specialized in serving people who need, for health or aesthetic reasons, to change their eating habits by offering good follow-up and a delicious menu. I really recommend Raquel and her entire team. They are responsible professionals who promptly offered me excellent service. Thank you very much.
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Looking for a Nutritionist or Dietitian in London? Britzke Nutrition, based in Harley Street, specializes in weight loss and food intolerances. Our expert team of London-based dietitians and nutritionists, led by registered dietitian Raquel Britzke, has helped over 16,000 patients achieve their health goals. We offer personalized programs, using reliable food intolerance and genetics testing, for a success rate of over 95%. We provide consultations in multiple languages, making us an inclusive choice for your nutritional needs. Join us in transforming lives through nutrition.