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Published on
April 2, 2024
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April 2, 2024

What do customers think about Planet Curls?

Planet Curls appears to have cultivated a strong reputation by delivering satisfying haircuts and educating customers on curly hair maintenance. The salon has garnered positive feedback for its skilled stylists, with specific accolades for Katie, Charlie, and Gerri, who have been praised for their expertise, patience, and the ability to provide tailored hair care routines. Clients have expressed pleasure in discovering new techniques to manage their curls and have noted improvements in the health and appearance of their hair. Despite these positive comments, one notable criticism addresses a lack of diversity in the staff, pointing out an absence of Black or Latina hairstylists, which is perceived as a significant oversight for a salon specializing in curly hair. This criticism suggests a mismatch between the salon's client demographics and staff representation that could potentially impact the comfort and service quality for clients with varied hair textures.

Positive Feedback

The collective feedback for Planet Curls presents a predominantly positive customer experience, emphasizing the salon's ability to transform and maintain curly hair with exceptional skill and knowledge. Stylists like Katie, Charlie, and Gerri are repeatedly commended for their personalized approach, from walking clients through each step of the cut to teaching post-visit hair care techniques. Moreover, the positive transformations have led to multiple clients scheduling return visits and expressing satisfaction, evident in the receiving of compliments and improved hair health. The salon creates a positive atmosphere with a clean, easy-to-find location, and attentive front-desk service, enhancing the overall appeal of the customer experience. Additionally, the provision of recommended hair products post-visit is seen as a thoughtful touch, contributing significantly to customer education and empowerment.

Concerns and Threads

Despite many positive reviews, Planet Curls has faced criticism regarding the diversity of its staff. A recurring concern is the absence of Black or Latina stylists, which poses a discomfort for clients seeking a stylist with experience in diverse curly hair textures. This deficiency in representation suggests a potential drawback for individuals with coarser hair types or for those who prioritize ethnic diversity in their choice of salon. Furthermore, there is an indication of friction between the salon's public relations approach and customers raising this issue, as one review mentions a less than satisfactory response from the salon, escalating the client's decision not to return. The feedback implies a need for the salon to address representation and inclusivity more effectively, to cater to the broader spectrum of its clientele.

Frequently asked questions about Planet Curls

Does Planet Curls have a diverse team of stylists who can work with all curly hair types?

Feedback indicates that some clients feel there is a lack of diversity among the stylists, particularly a shortage of Black or Latina hairstylists. Prospective clients are advised to inquire directly with the salon for the most current information about staff expertise and backgrounds to meet specific hair care needs.

What should I expect during my first visit to Planet Curls?

Clients generally report a collaborative experience, where stylists engage with them about hair care routines and cut techniques, culminating in a tailored curly haircut. First-time visitors can expect product recommendations and, in some cases, a selection of complimentary items like a bonnet or pillowcase.

Are the hairstylists at Planet Curls skilled at educating customers on maintaining their curly hair?

Many customers have praised the salon's stylists for their ability to educate on curly hair maintenance. The stylists share valuable insights and techniques during the appointments, which clients can implement at home to manage their curls effectively.

What are customers saying about Planet Curls

Planet Curls
samantha OFarrell
4 months ago
Love, Love, Love my hair!!! Katie hooked me up and taught me through the process. I hadn't known really how to care for my curly hair prior to getting my first curly cut. She used some amazing products, which were discounted for purchase, that make my hair look and feel amazing! I booked a 3 month because I was so pleased. I am very impressed with the salon and services offered. My hair is an extension of who I am, so having it this soft and sexy helps me be the best version of myself. I highly recommend going here if you're needing assistance with your curls.
Planet Curls
Emily Mabrouk
a month ago
My experience at planet curls as a POC with 3B curls, I had a great first hair cut here! Charlie cut my hair and I felt like I’d never had a stylist talk to me about my curls the way he was able to! I really liked that throughout the hair cut he was like this is how your hair should feel and look at each step of my routine. My hair ended up being a little shorter than I was hoping for, but he did a great job of explaining to me exactly why he needed to take off the length and ultimately that was exactly what I wanted for a stylist here in Houston! Overall my hair looks and feels healthier than it has in years and after styling it myself no triangle head or mullet vibes which if you have curly hair you know is the biggest fear when getting a hair cut especially at a new place. The salon was super cute, clean and easy to find.
Planet Curls
Cathy Steinberg
3 weeks ago
Katie cut my hair for the first time a month ago. It was one of the best cuts I have ever received. My hair is curly and it is difficult to cut. Friends I have known for a long time noticed my hair and told me how much they liked my hair. I got my second cut from Katie today and it looks awesome!
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