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Published on
January 25, 2024
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March 13, 2024

What do customers think about P.S. Kitchen?

P.S. Kitchen has built a favorable reputation as a vegan restaurant with a philanthropic angle, as denoted by the positivity in recent reviews. Patrons frequently commend the restaurant for its altruistic practice of donating profits to charity, which not only enhances the dining experience but also adds an emotional appeal that aligns with the values of socially conscious customers. The quality of both food and service seems to be the primary pillars of P.S. Kitchen's positive image. Non-vegan customers also report satisfaction with the food offerings, indicating that the menu has a broad appeal. However, the restaurant is not without its criticisms. Some customers have found fault with the portion sizes relative to price, occasional lack of variety in meat substitutes, and certain flavor profiles, such as the overuse of specific ingredients like cilantro.

Positive Feedback

Customers frequently express their enjoyment of P.S. Kitchen's culinary offerings, favorably reviewing dishes such as the Alfredo, burgers, hot wings, crab cakes, lasagna, and the chicken pot pie. These dishes are considered delicious by both vegans and non-vegans, signifying a high level of culinary proficiency capable of transcending dietary preferences. The atmosphere of the restaurant is consistently described as cozy and welcoming, with special mentions of the lighting and outdoor seating. Service is often highlighted as impeccable and friendly, contributing significantly to the customer experience. Additionally, the restaurant's mission to donate all profits to charitable causes deepens customer satisfaction, presenting P.S. Kitchen as not only a dining establishment but also a socially responsible entity.

Concerns and Threads

While the general sentiment towards P.S. Kitchen is overwhelmingly positive, there are noteworthy criticisms. Some patrons have expressed disappointment in the limited selection for those who are not fond of meat substitutes, suggesting a need for a more varied menu that accommodates diverse tastes within the vegan spectrum. The dining experience is somewhat marred by the apparent mismatch between certain dish portion sizes and their corresponding prices, leaving some customers feeling that the value was inadequate. Specific culinary preferences also came into play when mentioning an overuse of cilantro in a dish, reflecting the subjective nature of flavor and the challenge in meeting every customer's palate. Additionally, the space is described as small, which could potentially affect comfort and ambiance during peak times.

Frequently asked questions about P.S. Kitchen

Does P.S. Kitchen offer options for those who don't like meat substitutes?

While P.S. Kitchen focuses on vegan cuisine including meat substitutes, there have been some concerns regarding variety in their offerings. However, they also provide options such as salads and are generally accommodating when it comes to dietary restrictions, so customers can inquire with the waitstaff about alternative dishes that do not feature meat substitutes.

Is P.S. Kitchen suitable for non-vegan diners?

Yes, non-vegan diners have found the menu at P.S. Kitchen to be enjoyable and reminiscent of traditional flavors, indicating that the restaurant caters well to a variety of dietary preferences and is capable of satisfying customers who typically consume meat and dairy products.

Does dining at P.S. Kitchen contribute to any social causes?

Absolutely. P.S. Kitchen donates 100% of its profits to non-profit social organizations, thus eating at the restaurant not only provides customers with a vegan dining experience but also contributes to a broader social impact.

What are customers saying about P.S. Kitchen

P.S. Kitchen
a month ago
Giving this 5 stars as it's a vegan restaurant and profits go to charity. Our server was amazing! So friendly and helpful and our 12 year old loved him. Lovely place. Nice lighting and atmosphere. Loved the warm cider! (Non Alcoholic) my partner and son said they had the best burgers ever here. I don't like meat substitutes and struggled to get anything decent to eat so opted for a salad and truffle fries. Not great but OK. Would have been great to have something like a pasta or veggie style burger.
P.S. Kitchen
Tiffany Rupp
a month ago
We aren't vegan but we're allergic to cow's milk. It is nice to not have to worry about it when coming to places like this. The food was solid. The Alfredo was fantastic. The Colombia potato soup was good but way too much cilantro for my taste. The cheesecake was too small for the price. The taste was decent but nothing I'd come back for. Small space but cozy.
P.S. Kitchen
Vyara Dobrotina
a month ago
One of my family's favorite vegan restaurants in the city! We get take out and dine-in often. Food is always fantastic, service is impeccable, the ambiance is lovely and warm. Highly recommended!
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Place for vegan plates and bar snacks, donating all of its profits to charity.