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Published on
January 12, 2024
Last updated
March 13, 2024

What do customers think about OneCall Travels?

Analyzing the customer feedback provided for OneCall Travels, it becomes evident that the company enjoys a positive reputation among its clientele, particularly for facilitating Umrah pilgrimages. A recurring theme is the comprehensive preparatory support the company provides, including pre-travel seminars, reading materials, and specific prayers. The meticulous organization of itineraries and the personal guidance of a knowledgeable group leader, Brother Yasin, are consistently praised. His ability to impart teachings from the Quran and Sunnah adds significant value to the Umrah experience. Moreover, customers appreciate the stress-free travel arrangements, including seamless transportation, hotel bookings, and detailed briefings. A notable feature in the reviews is the emphasis on educational enrichment throughout the journey, which clients find beneficial for their spiritual growth. These elements combined point towards an overall customer experience that is both fulfilling and spiritually enriching.

Positive Feedback

OneCall Travels is lauded for its provision of a stress-free and spiritually enriching experience. Key positives gleaned from customer feedback include the personalized and knowledgeable guidance offered by Brother Yasin, who is frequently mentioned for his expertise and friendly demeanor. The company's pre-travel preparation is highly valued, comprising online seminars, reading materials, and clear communication. Customers also commend the seamless logistical arrangements, such as comfortable transport and well-located hotels, which help pilgrims focus on their spiritual practices. Another positive aspect is the educational component of the tours, offering deeper insight into the religious significance of the Umrah rituals and historic sites, leading to long-term lifestyle impacts. Overall, the testimonials suggest a consistent delivery of high service quality and valuable religious education.

Concerns and Threads

While the customer feedback for OneCall Travels is overwhelmingly positive, there is a scarcity of negative comments. However, one point of critique pertains to the opportunities for continuous improvement, with a suggestion made to incorporate more group-guided exhibitions or museums into the itinerary. This indicates a desire among clients for an even richer educational component. Additionally, while not explicitly stated as a negative, there is an implicit understanding that some travelers may seek a more autonomous pilgrimage experience. Despite this, the reviews do not point to any recurrent or significant negative aspects that would markedly detract from the company's esteemed reputation.

Frequently asked questions about OneCall Travels

What type of pre-travel support does OneCall Travels provide for Umrah pilgrims?

OneCall Travels offers comprehensive pre-travel support that includes online seminars, reading materials, lists, and information about Janazah prayers to ensure pilgrims are well-prepared for their Umrah.

How does OneCall Travels ensure a stress-free journey for its clients?

The company manages all logistical aspects from transportation and hotel bookings to providing clear itineraries. The guidance from knowledgeable leaders like Brother Yasin also ensures clients have a stress-free experience focused on spirituality.

Can OneCall Travels accommodate the needs of families or individuals with specific requirements?

Yes, OneCall Travails is noted for accommodating the needs of families and individuals with specific requirements, tailoring packages and providing personalized support to address diverse age ranges and unique needs.

What are customers saying about OneCall Travels

OneCall Travels
Hena Aktar
a week ago
STRESS-FREE & FULFILLING UMRAH Alhamdulillah So grateful that we chose to join brother Yasin with One Call Travel for our first umrah! Our family of 8 people range from age 11 months to 50+ years old and found that the travel & umrah experience was made simple and easy for each of us. What made it a 5* experience: - Umrah Prep beforehand (online seminar, lists, reading materials, Janazah prayer info) - Clear Itinerary which we stuck to, making everyday easier to prepare for - All-round support. All we had to focus on was getting to the airport and performing our Umrah on arrival. Everything else was taken care for us (Saudi transport, checking in, local familiarity etc) - Brother Yasin is extremely knowledgeable, teachings from the Quran and sunnah were shared throughout our journey at the airport, on coaches and during our stay at Masjids. We had lots of opportunities to ask our own questions too and brother Yasin always gave us the time to teach and explain to us By the qadr of Allah, Our family members all feel like our imaan has been ‘boosted’! And may he shower his countless blessings on the One Call Travel team for helping us complete our Umrah. May he accept it, Ameen
OneCall Travels
Kamal Kayum
2 months ago
As-salamu alaykum, My 1st time performing Ummrah, as well as my family. Just wanted to say THANK YOU to Yasin and the Tarbiya Tour team for making things smooth, throughout the trip, beginning, middle and an open end. The consistency of peace of mind, the continuous learning, the transparency of everyone being on the same page, was fantastically organised. We (family) enjoyed the experience, and didn’t want it to come to an end, there was no rush or slap-dash attitude. Everything was flowing at a steady pace. Also, Yasin was very supportive in terms of material to look into before the trip, during and after the trip to keep us grounded as ambassadors of Islam. We were also provided with lectures, reading material and prompts while we were there to help us understand the process of Umrah. Going back to my open ending, after the trip is over, Yasin made sure of the remembrance of our actions, good intentions towards a continues flowing iman from our Ummrah. Definitely would recommend, which ever level you are in your deen. “We might not be able to change the world, but you can change the world for one person” Thank you, Yasin.
OneCall Travels
Shah Alam
a month ago
When we decided on going for the umrah trip a friend highly reccomeded. Brother Yasin of one call Travels. I had a range of specific needs as I was planning to travel with my elderly parents as well as my younger children. My initial phone call with brother Yasin filled me with confidence and put me at ease. He was able to answer all my questions and give me upto date information. Prior to the actual trip, I was given useful information on how we could make the trip successful and more importantly how we can preform the umrah, in the way it pleases allah. The zoom. Meeting before travelling was helpful. Again when we got to both Mecca and Madina brother Yasin constantly reminded us of quran and sunnah and how we should preform umrah that was as close as possible to how our beloved prophet completed it. The hotels and locations were as exactly as described, infact the hotel as madina as upgraded to 5 star. During our time at mecca and madina we preformed ziyarah in lovely ac coaches and I personally learned a lot. For those who are thinking that you can book the trip yourself and make a saving. Yes you probably could, but would you rather worry about hotels, travel arrangements etc or fully concentrate on your ibadah. Let brother yasin and tarbiya tours take that burden and just concentrate on achieving closeness of Allah. Having a guide that will take you through all the steps of umrah, ensuring you don't fall into forms of bidah, is something money can not buy. I left the holy city of Mecca with the feeling that I had used my time as best as possible, thanks to brother Yasin. Even after we came back to the uk, brother yasin took the time out to ensure that we put actions into our lives to ensure we spiritually remained close to Allah and his beloved messanger. I would not hesitate to go again and would highly recommend others to travel with him.
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