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Published on
January 15, 2024
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March 13, 2024

What do customers think about Ole & Steen?

Ole & Steen appears to be a polarizing establishment based on customer experiences reported in the recent reviews. Patrons have consistently highlighted the quality of vegan options, coffee, pastries, and the overall array of delectable treats, which suggests that Ole & Steen has a reputation for offering a diverse and satisfying menu. Positive comments about the atmosphere being inviting, warm, and accessible for wheelchairs and prams enhances the company’s reputation as a welcoming establishment for a wide range of customers. However, recurring negative feedback pertaining to cleanliness, tidiness, and customer service — particularly regarding uncleared tables and insufficient staffing — has tarnished the customer experience for some. This inconsistency in service delivery, alongside the positive aspects of food and environment, forms the dual-faceted nature of Ole & Steen’s current customer experience and overall reputation.

Positive Feedback

Customers often express great satisfaction with Ole & Steen’s food quality and variety, specifically praising the vegan options, pastries, and coffee, which are described as delicious and satisfying. The ambiance is frequently characterized as pleasant, modern, and welcoming, contributing positively to the overall customer experience. Accessibility is noted positively, with easy wheelchair access and a family-friendly environment that accommodates children and prams. Specific staff members have also been commended for being friendly and helpful, leaving a lasting positive impression on patrons. Additionally, the breadth of offerings, including freshly baked bread and an array of sweet treats, is appreciated by those in search of variety.

Concerns and Threads

Despite some strong points, criticism emerges in the realm of cleanliness and service at Ole & Steen. Several reviews highlight the presence of dirty dishes on tables and the lack of staff to address this issue promptly, leading to a perceived degradation in the quality of the experience. Complaints about uncleared tables not only affect the appeal of the space but also suggest operational inefficiencies. Additionally, criticisms around the preparation of beverages like hot chocolate and the presentation of food items suggest a neglect of details that tend to enhance the customer experience. Lower than expected service, particularly for the prices charged, stands as a notable area of contention for some customers.

Frequently asked questions about Ole & Steen

Does Ole & Steen offer options for vegans and other dietary requirements?

Yes, based on customer feedback, Ole & Steen offers a variety of quality vegan options for both food and coffee.

Is Ole & Steen suitable for customers with disabilities or those with children?

The reviews suggest that Ole & Steen is accessible, with easy access for wheelchairs and a spacious environment catered to prams and children.

How do Ole & Steen’s food offerings compare to other coffee shops?

Customers frequently praise Ole & Steen for delectable pastries and a diverse menu that sets it apart from typical chain coffee places.

What are customers saying about Ole & Steen

Ole & Steen
Moritz Kemper
2 weeks ago
Great vegan options for the coffee - variations and also the food. I visit London for the Christmas holidays and so far me and my girlfriend have been visiting for breakfast every possible morning. Taking a seat is also quiet nice.
Ole & Steen
2 months ago
Great music. Great Wi-Fi but u hv to log in with fb. Great food and tarts. So delicious!! At least it looks good and appetising. Americano and my brunch options were also perfect. Easy excess for wheelchairs. Inside and outside seating. Kid-friendliness: Spaciousness for prams and children too Wheelchair accessibility: Downstairs seating and no steps
Ole & Steen
Sven Reisinger
a month ago
Exceptionally poor. Not enough staff to clear the tables leaving mess and dirty cups and plates piled up all over the place. With no one clearing the dirty dishes away, they offer you you order in takeaway cups because all the dishes are strewn across the tables. They're charging premium prices. Not even asking for premium service here.
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Home of the Cinnamon Social, Ole & Steen St James features an in-store bakery, baking day and night to bring you only the freshest breads and pastries. Ole & Steen lovingly make award winning breads, pastries and cakes every day in their London bakeries. Using only the best quality ingredients, artisanal techniques and highly skilled bakers. Handmade breads, slow roasted and hand crafted coffees, freshly baked pastries and cakes, nourishing salads, sandwiches and focaccia toasties.